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Morrisville College Autumn Review Sale 2015
DATE: September 19, 2015 at 11AM
LOCATION: Morrisville, NY
HEAD SHOWN: 121 Lots

The 33rd Annual edition of the Morrisville Autumn Review Sale  was held Saturday September 19, 2015 in Morrisville, NY, and had an average of $2,727 on 90 lots of Holsteins. On-line bidding was available through Cowbuyer, the sale was hosted by the Morrisville College Dairy Club, and managed by The Cattle Exchange. Click on the image below or HERE to view the catalog.

sale Information

33rd Annual Morrisville College
Autumn Review Sale
Saturday, September 19 at 11:00AM
Morrisville, NY

Wendt University Inn…315-824-4400
Colgate Inn…315-824-2300




Sale Staff

Dave Rama, Auctioneer…607-435-0792
Horace Backus, Pedigrees…315-963-7012
Darin Bresett, Sale Co-Chair…585-297-8690
Connor Nesbitt, Sale Co-Chair…585-297-8690
Jessica Currie, Selection Chair…315-729-2861
Don Welk…717-575-4700
Duane Conant…207-320-1410
Kevin Ziemba…315-730-6673