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Minnesota State Fair Jersey Show 2017
DATE: August 30, 2017
JUDGE: Ted DeMent, IL

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The Minnesota State Fair Jersey Show 2017 has concluded in St. Paul, MN. Judge Ted DeMent, IL, selected the winning Component Merit cow, Discoverys Tequila Jewelene, owned by Discoverys Genetics, as  Grand Champion. Jewelene was also selected as Supreme Champion of the entire show.

Thank you to the sponsors of the show coverage:

Demmer Farms
Discovery Genetics
Woodmohr Jerseys
Stadview Jerseys

Woodmohr Jerseys, Sponsors of Cowsmo Coverage of the Jersey Show

Woodmohr Jerseys, Sponsors of Cowsmo Coverage of the Jersey Show

Stadview Jerseys, sponsors of Cowmso Coverage of the Jersey Show

Stadview Jerseys, sponsors of Cowmso Coverage of the Jersey Show

Senior & Grand Champion

Senior & Grand Champion
Discoverys Tequila Jewelene, 1st lifetime production cow, Lisa Demmer, MN

Reserve Senior & Reserve Grand Champion
Woodmohr Dear Fever-ET, 1st aged cow, Woodmohr Jerseys, WI

HM Senior Champion
Woodmohr V Diamond-ET, 1st 4-year-old, Woodmohr Jerseys, WI

Intermediate Champion

Intermediate Champion
Discoverys Tequila Jaguar, 1st senior 3-year-old,  Lisa Demmer, MN

Reserve Intermediate Champion
Woodmohr La-San, 2nd senior 3-year-old, Woodmohr Jerseys, WI

HM Intermediate Champion
M-Signature Tequila Vogue, 1st junior 3-year-old, Anthony Kohls, MN

Junior Champion

Junior Champion
Pfaffsway Showdown Glisten-ET, 1st fall calf, Pfaffsway Farm, WI

Reserve Junior Champion & MN Junior Champion
Discoverys Tequila Lynx-ET, 1st spring yearling, Lisa Demmer, MN

HM Junior Champion & Reserve MN Junior Champion
Discoverys Tequila Panther-ET, 2nd spring yearling, Lisa Demmer, MN

Spring Heifer Calf (9)

1. Stadview Hired Gun Juniper-ET (Hired Gun), Megan Schrupp, MN
2. Meadowridge King Sunflower-ET (King), Roger Riebe Family, WI
3. Meadowridge Vitality Strawberry (Vitality), Roger Riebe Family, WI
4. Denella Fizz Chardonnay (Fizz), Corey Popp, MN
5. Stadview Hired Gun Jamima (Hired Gun), Megan Schrupp, MN
6. Sherdale Roman Fancy (Roman), Seth Rupprecht, MN
7. Brickton Florent Vinette (Florent), Kristin Reiman, MN
8. Marynole Venom Luella (Venom), Sara Nelson, MN
9. Evergreen T Dragon Eucalyptus (Dragon), Julie Klatt, MN

Winter Heifer Calf (17)

1. Meadowridge Fizz Sparkle-ET (Fizz), Kaleb, Cole & Carter Kruse, IA
2. Meadowridge Tristan Stella (Tristan), Roger Riebe Family, WI
3. K&R Roman Jill (Roman), Randy Drinkall, MN
4. Budjon-Vail HP Tequila Madra-ET (Tequila), Calvin Bening, MN
5. Flower-Brook Sapphire-ET (Roman), Andy Stuewe, MN
6. Miss Roman Around Madison (Roman), Andrew Gruenes, MN
7. Rolling River Pontsettia (Tequila), Daniel Brasch, MN
8. Ravenwood Belmont Furor (Belmont), Danielle Heuer, MN
9. Brickton Florent Famous (Florent), Kristin Reiman, MN
10. Brickton Florent Veridian (Florent), Kristin Reiman, MN

Fall Heifer Calf (16)

1. Pfaffsway Showdown Glisten-ET (Showdown), Pfaffsway Farm, WI
2. Bambis-KCCK Tequila Sassy (Tequila), Kaleb, Cole & Carter Kruse and Gene Henderson, IA
3. Discoverys Tequila Jaded-ET (Tequila), Lisa Demmer, MN
4. Pfaffsway Showdown Glimmer-ET (Showdown), Pfaffsway Farm, WI

5. Rosebud HG Ringo-ET (Hired Gun), Nelson Farm, MN
6. Meadowridge Tristan Willow (Tristan), Roger Riebe Family, WI
7. Stadview Gunman Jaylyn-ET (Gunman), Chad Bohn, MN
8. Brickton TQ Vinca (Tequila), Kristin Reiman, MN
9. K&R Verbatim Dorothy (Verbatim), Randy Drinkall Family, MN
10. Meadowridge Broadway Payton (Broadway), Roger Riebe Family, WI

Summer Yearling Heifer (9)

1. Meadowridge Tristan Charlee (Tristan), Roger Riebe Family, WI
2. Do-N-Joy Roamn Minneapolis (Roman), Anthony Kohls, MN
3. Demmers Tequila Magi (Tequila), Demmer Farms, MN
4. Discoverys Premier Emme (Premier), Lisa Demmer, MN
5. Pfaffsway Imp Good Grascious (Impression), Pfaffsway Farms, WI
6. Denella Roman Lavender (Roman), Corey Popp, MN
7. Esperanza Showdown Renee (Showdown), Aaron Drinkall, MN
8. Big Time Conmans Jackpot (Lexicon), Matthew Linehan, WI
9. Brickton TQ Bahama Breeze (Tequila), Kristin Reiman, MN

Spring Yearling Heifer (14)

1. Discoverys Tequila Lynx-ET (Tequila), Lisa Demmer, MN
2. Discoverys Tequila Panther-ET (Tequila), Lisa Demmer, MN
3. Meadowridge Kasanova Leslie (Kasanova), Roger Riebe Family, WI
4. Denella VR Rosalie (Verbatim), Corey Popp, MN
5. Mi Wil Showdown Zarita (Showdown), Michael Wilson & Valley Gem Farm, MN
6. Rollling River Angel (Tequila), Daniel Brasch, MN
7. Meadowridge Bang Bang Berry (Bang Bang), Roger Riebe Family, WI
8. Sherdale Roman Fiesta (Roman), Seth Rupprecht, MN
9. South Mountain Showdown Reba-ET (Showdown), Nelson Farm, MN
10. Budjon Excitation (Excitation), Ashley Gruenes, MN

Winter Yearling Heifer (6)

1. Meadowridge Bang Bang Hannah (Bang Bang), Roger Riebe Family, WI
2. Do-N-Joy After Hours-ET (Roman), Anthony Kohls, MN
3. Oat Hill Primero Natural (Primero), Oat Hill Dairy, MN
4. Sherona Leak Ana-ET (Verbatim), Nelson Farm, MN
5. Crossbrook Minister Vixen-ET (Minister), Anthony Kohls, MN
6. Budjon-Vail HP Tequila Maggie-ET (Tequila), Janell, Jillian & Joel Koch, MN

Fall Yearling Heifer (5)

1. Sioux-Kota Schlecht Honey (Getaway), Kari Schlect & Andrew Weber, MN
2. Sioux-Kota Secret Vanna (Secret Weapon), Kari Schlect & Andrew Weber, MN
3. K&R Vitality Daphne (Vitality), Randy Drinkall Family, MN
4. Big Time Coming for Vengeance (Comerica), Matthew Linehan, WI
5. Oat Hill Primero Nanette (Primero), Kim & Katie Olson, MN

Junior Best Three (8)

1. Roger Riebe Family, WI
2. Lisa Demmer, MN
3. Pfaffsway Farm, WI
4. Stadview Jerseys, MN
5. Randy Drinkall Family, MN
6. Oat Hill Dairy, MN
7. Denella Farms, MN
8. Kristin Reiman, MN

Dry Cow (3)

1. Klus-Grove Tequila Cinda (Tequila), Evergreen Farm, MN
2. Kunde Applejack Paprika (Applejack), Evergreen Farm, MN
3. Brickton Shrek Cherry Bean (Shrek), Kristin Reiman, MN

Milking Yearling (3)

1. Triple Secret Probation-ET (Comerica), Eric Lang & Jason Steinlage, IA
2. Meadowridge Gold Action Dawn (Gold Action), Roger Riebe Family, WI
3. K&R Beautiful Doris (Beautiful), Randy Drinkall Family, MN

Junior 2-Year-Old (11)

1. THF Tequila Evita (Tequila), Melissa Traiser, WI
2. Meadowridge Kasanova Sara (Kasanova), Michael Riebe & Alleah Anderson, WI
3. Blarney-Schlecht Annabell (Secret Weapon), Kari Schlecht, MN
4. Crossbrook Giller Dashlita-ET (Giller), Anthony Kohls, MN
5. Schlecht Iatola Sunrise (Iatola), Kari Schlecht, MN
6. Pfaffsway Imp Gracious Choice (Impression), Pfaffsway Farm, WI
7. Madam Secretariat (Excitation), Eric Lang, Jason Steinlage & Yarrabee Farms, IA
8. River Valley Colton Mercy Me (Colton), Matt Linehan, WI
9. Stadview Excitation Delila (Excitation), Chad Bohn, MN
10. Holmacres Venerable Furious (Venerable), Mary Franz Stenzel, MN