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Minnesota State Fair Guernsey Show 2015
DATE: September 1, 2015 at 10AM
JUDGE: Ted DeMent, IL

The Guernsey Show at the 2015 Minnesota State Fair takes place September 1st at 10:00AM, with Ted DeMent, IL in the center of the ring, sorting the show. COWSMO coverage of this show is being sponsored by Fritsche Farms, home of Whirlwind Acres & PAFarms Guernseys.

Senior and Grand Champion

Senior and Grand Champion
Whirlwind Acres Mint Ember (Mint), Paul Fritsche

Reserve Senior and Grand Champion
City View Aaron Ree (Aaron), Brandon Grewe

Senior & Grand Champion

Senior & Grand Champion

Senior & Grand Champion

Senior & Grand Champion

Reserve Senior & Reserve Grand Champion

Reserve Senior & Reserve Grand Champion

Reserve Senior & Reserve Grand Champion

Reserve Senior & Reserve Grand Champion

Interemediate Champion

Intermediate Champion
Knife Lake Kringle Olympia-ET (Kringle), Cory Salzl

Reserve Intermediate Champion
Bass Val Lynndell Lou-ET (Lynndell), Ryan Bass

Junior Champion

Junior Champion
Valley Gem Patriots Dagger-ET (Patriot), Valley Gem Farm, WI (Fall Yearling)
PAFarms Superman C Spot Run (Superman), Fritsche Farms, MN (Winter Calf)
Honorable Mention
Valley Gem APie Memphis-ET (American Pie), Valley Gem Farms, WI (Spring Yearling)

Spring Calves (4)

1.Kern Farm CF Kaley (Cinbad), James Kern
2. Discos MM Just Dance-ET (Magicman), Brandon Grewe
3. Miss Judgement Lavender-ET (Judgement), Kimberly Olson
4. PAFarms Siesta Carson Jayden (Carson), Paul Fritsche

Winter Calves (6)

1. PAFarms Superman C Spot Run (Superman), Paul Fritsche
2. Tru Lan Marks Jace (Marksman), Emily Hellendrung3. Up The Creek PayDay NikNak (Payday), Donna Anderson
4. Oat Hill King Kobra (King), Kimberly Olson
5. Kern Farm CI Kathy (Cinbad), James Kern
6. Bass Val Achieve Victory (Achieve), Ryan Bass

Fall Calves (6)

1.Up The Creek Casanova Sofia (Casanova), Donna Anderson
2. Jens Gold Dandy Ohumbug (Dandy), Levi Kindschi
3. Knapps Torque Cutie Pie (Torque), Fred Williams
4. Borg-N-Lund Shaggys Maybelle (Shaggy), Up The Creek
5. Valley Gem Shaggys Happy (Shaggy), Brandon Grewe
6. Oat Hill Classic Kabernet (Classic), Kimberly Olson


Summer Yearlings (3)

1.Discos K Lookin D-Vine (Kojack), Jade Jensen
2. Borg N Lund Shaggys Dutchie (Shaggy), Brandon Grewe
3. Kern Farm DH Kira (Cinbad), James Kern

Spring Yearlings (6)

1.Valley Gem APie Memphis-ET (American Pie), Brandon Grewe
2. Oak Leaf Alstar Princess (Alstar), Taylor Jirousek3. Chupps Javelin of UTC (Twister), Up The Creek
4. Oat Hill Fame Kohlrabi (Fame), Kimberly Olson
5. Whirlwind Acres BSpruce Suny, (Spruce), Paul Fritsche
6. Phil Aud Legend Kara (Legend), Emily Hellendrung

Winter Yearlings (4)

Fall yearings (5)

1.Valley Gem Patriots Dagger-ET (Patriot), Brandon Grewe
2. Whirwind Acres Casanova Tyra (Casanova), Paul Fritsche
3. Misty Meadows Adackas Harley-ET (Adacka), Megan Schrupp4.Up The Creek Aaron Satin (Aaron), Donna Anderson
5. Rolling Prairie A Carissa (Aaron), Emily Hellendrung

Junior 2 Year Olds (3)

1.Four Winds DC Disney-ET (Nick), Cory Salzl
2.Oat Hill Altanic Kashew (Altanic), Kimberly Olson
3.Four Winds DC Cinnamon-ET (Aaron), Donna Anderson

Senior 2 Year Olds (6)

1.Bass Val Lynndell Lyndsi- ET (Lyndell), Ryan Bass
2. Valley Gem Rips Rosario (Rip), Brandon Grewe
3. Up The Creek Fame Katniss (Fame), Donnna Anderson
4. Bass Val Lynndell Lou-ET (Lyndell), Ryan Bass
5. Whirlwind Acrew George Eden-ET (George), Paul Frische
6. Whirlwind Acres B Spruce Tree (Spruce), Paul Fritsche

Junior 3 Year Olds (2)

1.Knife Lake Kringle Olympia-ET (Kringle), Cory Salzl
2.Up The Creek Vilter Wasabi (Vilter), Donna Anderson

Senior 3 Year Olds (1)

1.Kern Farm BE Haley (Barney), James Kern

Four Year Olds (3)

1.Moziers Yogibear Irena-ET (Yogibear), Sue Kleingartner
2.Misty Meadows HP A Liza Jane (Adacka), Donna Anderson
3.Bass Val Mint Vixon (Mint), Ryan Bass

Five Year Olds (2)

1.Whirlwind Acres Mint Ember (Mint), Paul Fritsche
2.City Views Aaron Ree (Aaron), Brandon Grewe