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Mid-West Fall National Holstein Show at the MN State Fair 2015
DATE: September 2nd, 2015 at 9AM
JUDGE: Pat Conroy, IN

The Mid-West Fall National Holstein Show takes place today at the Minnesota State Fair, with Pat Conroy in the center of the ring serving as the official judge. COWSMO coverage of this show is being sponsored by Stranshome.

Senior & Grand Champion

Senior & Grand Champion
Brackleyfarm Chelios Cheerio (Chelios), Milksource Genetics, WI-4 Year Old

Reserve Senior & Reserve Grand Champion
Indianhead Redcarpet Tia-ET (Atwood), Robert Schauf, WI-5 Year Old

HM Senior & HM Grand Champion
Shee-Knoll Durham Arrow (Durham), Shee-Knolls Holsteins, MN-2nd 5 Year Old

Junior Show Champions

Junior Show Senior & Grand Champion
Siemers Braxton Marabel-ET (Braxton), C, J, J, J, C & L Siemers, WI-Senior 3 Year Old

Junior Show Reserve Senior & Reserve Grand Champion
MDF Goldwyn Breezer (Goldwyn), Claire VanDyk, WI-4 Year Old

Junior Show HM Senior & Grand Champion
Winterfield Jen Johanna (Aspen), Fritzy Ullom, WI-5 Year Old

Intermediate Champion

Intermediate Champion
Richman Atwood Shasta R1142 (Atwood), Milky-Way Dairy & Alex Hanten-Sr. 3 Year Old

Reserve Intermediate Champion
Arolene Goldwyn Divine (Goldwyn), Jason Volker & Dan Hovden- Sr. 2 Year Old

HM Intermediate Champion
Arethusa Sid Tess (Sid), Scott Culbertson & Golden Oaks Farm- Milking Fall Yearling

Junior Champion

Junior Champion
Milksource Sid Desire-ET (Sid), Dymentholm Genetics, ON-Winter Calf

Reserve Junior Champion
Kawartha Fever Hailey (Fever), Pfaff, Brazil & Schmidt-Spring Yearling

HM Junior Champion
Siemers RGD Lady-Haya-ET (Reginald), Siemers Holsteins, WI-Spring Calf

Junior Show Junior Champion

Junior Show Junior Champion
Jacobs Windbrook Delay-ET (Windbrook), Cory Schmidt, MN-Spring Yearling

Junior Show Reserve Junior Champion
Siemers C-Vet Haya-Brite-ET (Corvette), C, J, J, J, C & L Siemers, WI-Fall Calf

Junior Show HM Junior Champion
Intrigue Sugar (Apple Jack), C, J, J, J, C & L Siemers, WI-Spring Calf

Spring Calves (17)

1. Siemers RGD Lady-Haya-ET (Reginald), CJJJCL Siemers
2. Miss Brenda Turner (Golden Dreams), Scott Culbertson and Joel LePage
3. Intrigue  Sugar (Apple Jack-Red), Cory Schmidt
4. Cloverhillfm Gold D Adalyn (Golden Dreams), Kourtney A Meister
5. Musicmeadow Dixie (Gold Chip), Trent A. & Travis A. Schafer

Winter Calves (15) (14)

1.Milksource Sid Desire-ET (Sid), Dymentholm
2. Sunnylodge Greenlane Leona (Atwood), Joseph Zach Jerome & Darian Stransky
3. Heatherstone MS Personality (Baccalaureate), Chelsea Holschbach
4. Gildale Atwood Pathmaker (Atwood), Melissa Sprecher
5. L-Maples Armani Catrasha-ET (Armani), Graisson Shmidt Mandy Brazil & Nathan Johnson
6. Macland Doorman Luella (Doorman), Kayla Joshua Jacob & Daniel Brown

Fall Calves (27)

1.Siemers C-Vet Haya-Brite-ET (Corvette), CJJJCL Siemers
2.Lewisdale Cassidy Acura (Cassidy), CJJJCL Siemers
3. Strans-tola Dundee Lisa Rae (Dundee), Joseph Zach Jerome & Darian Stransky
4. Demmers Reginald Parfait-TW (Reginald), Demmer Farms
5. Willows-Edge GD Jasmine (Golden Dreams), Jordan & Claire Van Dyk
6.Crisdhome Atwood Bouquet-TW (Atwood), Crisdhome Farm


Summer Yearlings (17)

1.Stranshome Sunny Breeze-ET (Windbrook), Joseph Zach Jerome & Darian Stransky
2. Ryan-Crest Wbrk Elliemae-ET (Windbrook), Chad & Amy Ryan and Tim, Barb & Kyle Natzke
3. Larcrest Circadian-ET (Doorman), Jon E. Larson
4. Ar-Line Brady Katey (Brady), Graisson Schmidt
5. MS Stranshome Reginald Rain (Reginald), Joe & Reid Stransky

Spring Yearlings (19)

1.Kawartha Fever Hailey (Fever), Steven W. Pfaff, Mandy Brazil & Graisson Schmidt
2. Siemers EQ Whippin-Good (Equation), CJJJCL Siemers
3. Jacobs Windbrook Delay-ET (Windbrook), Cory Schmidt
4. OCD Gold Chip Eloise-ET (Gold Chip), Anthony Kohls & Jason Steinlage
5. Roswitha Lotus Natalie (Lotus), Roswitha Holsteins
6. RBCC-Xtreme V Sid-Evil (Sid), Rhett Shanelle Wyatt & Garrett D Borth

Winter Yearlings (6)

1. Demmers Amazing Dakota (AltaAmazing), Demmer Farms
2.Stranshome Perses Akayla-ET (Perseus), Claire M. Van Dyk
3. Raylore Atwood Avignon (Atwood), Luke Olson
4. Tower-Ridge Atwood Addie (Atwood), Alex M Hanten & Tower-Ridge Holsteins
5. Miss Demsey Nicole (Dempsey), Dale Rupprecht & Jerry A Muzzy
6. Sonnek Hi-Metro Ivy (Hi Metro), Anders J. Pierson

Fall Yearlings (7)

1.Terra-McCree In The Clutch (Atwood), Meghan K. Connelly
2.KNH-Endres Atlantic Ocean (Atlantic), Tyler Cole & Mikayla Endres
3.Terra-McCree Atwood Oakley (Atwood), T-Spruce Holsteins
4. Mayerlane Gdsun Lipgloss-ET (Goldsun), Rachel Coyne
5. MS Desthaven Avalanche Taka (Avalanche), Steven Debra Danielle & Patrick Heuer

Junior Best 3 Females (1)
  1. Siemers Holsteins, WI

Milking Fall Yearlings (9)

1. Arethusa Sid Tess (Sid), Scott Culbertson & Golden Oaks Farm
2. Holmacres Metal Carlita (Mr. Metal), Holmacres Holsteins
3. Robrook Winbrook Myleigha (Windbrook), Dawson & Kylie Nickels
4. Lindale Sid Ellen (Sid), Jason Volker & Dan Hovden
5.  Liatris Browkaw Toutoune (Brokaw), Milksource
6. Macland Griggs Star (Griggs), Anna K Culbertson

Junior 2 Year Olds (15)

1.Ashview-TG Atwood Lilly-ET (Atwood), Ted Molly & Tom Norling & Tony Galgowski
2. Al-Shar Dempsey Alison (Dempsey), Jordan Zoellner
3. Ashview-TG Atwood Lacey-ET (Atwood), Grace Norling
4. Glenirvine Seaver Lin (Seaver), Heatherstone Enterprises
5. Holmacres Gold Chip Soiree (Gold Chip), Holmacres Holsteins
6. MS Brasilias Barbara-ET (Atwood), Regancrest Holsteins

Senior 2 Year Olds (20)

1. Arolene Goldwyn Divine (Goldwyn), Jason Volker & Dan Hovden
2. Ploegsway Goldwyn Nuts Is U-ET (Goldwyn), Milksource
3.MT-Ararat Goldwyn Ebrill-ET (Goldwyn), Reid Stransky & T&L Cattle Company
4. Sco-Lo-Coons Seav Brenda-ET (Seaver), Scott Culbertson & Joel LePage
5. Holmacres Clark Sage (Clark), Holmacres Holsteins
6. Bulrush Braxton Kennita (Braxton), Bulrush Holsteins