Shows and Sales Results

Mid-West Fall National Holstein Show 2014
DATE: August 27, 2014
JUDGE: Gerald Coughlin, Peterborough, ON


Junior Champion
Ashview-TG Goldsun Leona-ET(Goldsun), Norling & Galgowski, 1st Winter Yearling

Reserve Junior Champion
Tomkins Hztry Sizln Sunshine(Sizzlin), Brodie Bunkelman, 1st Spring Calf

HM Junior Champion
Ashview-TG Atwood Lily-ET(Atwood), Norling & Galgowski, 1st Spring Yearling

Junior Show Junior Champion
Craigcrest Rejoices Reconfirm-ET(Rejoices), Eva Doornink, 1st Fall Yearling

Junior Show Reserve Junior Champion
Bella-View Braxton Allure(Braxton), Kayla Krueger,  1st Summer Yearling

Intermediate Champion
Strans-Jen-D Tequila-Red-ET(Tequila), Stransky & Dingbaum, 1st Senior 3 Year Old

Reserve Intermediate Champion
Tande Atwood Popsie(Atwood), Regancrest Farm, 1st Senior 2 Year Old

HM Intermediate Champion
Macland Dempsey My Button(Dempsey), Anna Culbertson, 1st Milking Yearling

Junior Show Senior & Grand Champion
Klein-Brook Ernie Valley(Ernie), Chris Schulze, 1st 4 Year Old

Junior Show Reserve Senior & Reserve Grand Champion
Macland Dempsey My Button(Dempsey), Anna Culbertson, 1st Milking Yearling

Grand Champion
Strans-Jen-D Tequila-Red-ET(Director), Stransky & Dingbaum, 1st Senior 3 Year Old

Senior & Reserve Grand Champion
Sheeknoll Durham Arrow(Durham), Robert, Kelly, Krista & Andrew Sheehan , 1st 4 Year Old

Reserve Senior Champion
Ouriver Goldwyn Blitz(Goldwyn), Volker & Hovden,  1st 5 Year Old

HM Senior Champion
Dardel Dundee Tiara O-TW(Dundee), Stranshome, 1st  Aged Cow

Spring Calves (19)

1.Tomkins Hztry Sizln Sunshine(Heztry), Brodie Bunkelman
2.Stro-Lane WB Take Me(Windbrook), Cally Strobel
3.Macland Atwood Cinnabon(Atwood), Ana Culbertson

Winter Calves (15)

1.Tower-Ridge Atwood Addie(Atwood), Justin & Lauren Buck
2.Roswitha Aftershock Raven(Aftershock), Roswitha Holsteins
3.Miss Dempsey Nicole(Dempsey), Dale Rupprecht & Jerry Muzzy

Fall Calves(13)

1.Mayerlane-TE Ditzy Devil-ET(Acme), Don & Elizabeth Mayer
2.Comestar Lautaca Mascalese-ET(Mascalese), Regancrest Holsteins
3.Wide Open Sid Talia(Sid), Charlie & Katie Bue

Summer Yearling (16)

1.Sheeknoll Atwood Empres(Atwood), Sheeknoll Farms
2.Stranshome DD Starmaker-ET(Dundee), Joe Stransky
3.Bella-View Braxton Allure(Braxton), Kayla Krueger

Spring Yearling (16)

1.Ashview-TG Atwood Lily-ET(Atwood), Norling & Galgowski
2.Ashview-TG Atwood Lacey-ET(Atwood), Grace Norling
3.Demmers Amazing (Altaamazing), Demmer Farms

Winter Yearling (10)

1.Ashview-TG Goldsun Leona-ET(Goldsun), Norling & Galgowski
2.Da-Mar Thunder August(Thunder), Da-Mar Holsteins
3.Ryan-Geiger GWATWD Reaction(Atwood), Jordan & Whitney Ebert

Fall Yearling (10)

1.Demmers Reginald Delusion(Reginald), Demmer Farms
2.Craigcrest Rejoices Reconfirm-ET(Braxton), Eva Doornink
3.Ms Holmgren Explode May-ET(Explode), John & Rachael Holmgren

Milking Yearlings (3)

1.Macland Dempsey My Button(Dempsey),  Anna Culbertson
2.Holmgren Goldsun Dana(Goldsun), John & Rachael Holmgren
3.HBI Gold Chip Ariel-ET(Gold Chip), Hart & Dykshorn

Junior 2 Year Olds (15)

1.Lida-Acres Reginald Angel(Reginald), Dana & Maria Johnson
2.E&M Acres Goldchip 450-ET(Gold Chip), Volker, Hovden & E&M Farms
3.Regancrest Atwood Barby-ET(Atwood), Regancrest Farm & Sheri Danhoff

Senior 2 Year Olds (12)

1.Tande Atwood Popsie(Atwood), Regancrest Farm
2.Raylore Alexander Avery-ET(Alexander), Luke Olson
3.Hoese Goldwyn Chand(Goldwyn), Scott & Jacolyn Rickeman

Junior 3 year olds (11)

1.Stone Front Applejack Ace(Apple Jack-Red), Volker & Hovden
2.Flower-Brook Damion Giada(Damion), Andrew Stuewe
3.Stranshome Conten Gaysha-ET(Contender-Red), Stranshome

Senior 3 Year Olds (14)

1.Strans-Jen-D Tequila-Red-ET(Director-Red), Stransky & Dingbaum
2.Weeksdale Gold Real Deal(Goldwyn), Roswitha Holsteins
3.MDF Goldwyn Breezer 40-ET(Goldwyn), Clair VanDyk

Four Year Olds (10)

1.Sheeknoll Durham Arrow(Durham), Robert, Kelly, Krista & Andrew Sheehan
2.Klein-Brook Ernie Valley(Ernie), Chris Schulze
3.Birdview Dynasty Demi-ET(Goldwyn), Heatherstone Enterprises

Five Year Olds (9)

1.  Ouriver Goldwyn Blitz(Goldwyn), Volker & Hovden
2.Ms Esperanza-CC Alou Ariel(Alou-ET), Hope Morrison
3.Roswitha Goldwyn Whitney(Goldwyn), Roswitha Holsteins

Aged Cows (8)

1.Dardel Dundee Tiara O-TW(Dundee), Stranshome
2.Shadow-W Astro Bianca(Astronomical), David & Jeremy Hoese
3.C-Hill Durham Emmy(Durham), Tristian & Whitney Lang

150,000 Pound Cow (1)

1.Bri-Mel-Acres Avt Arika-Red(Advent-Red), Heatherstone Enterprises

Best 3 Females

1.Regancrest Farms
2.Scientific Holsteins
3.David Hoese

Product of Dam

1.Scientific Holsteins
2.Hoese Holsteins
3.Raylore Holsteins

Best Bred & Owned–Junior Show

Hup-Bro Goldwyn Fancy-ET, Amelia Kjos

Reserve Best Bred & Owned — Junior Show

Willows-Edge Laurin Minion, Claire Van Dyk, MN