Shows and Sales Results

Mid-East Summer National Holstein Show
DATE: July 28 & 29, 2012
LOCATION: Columbus, OH
JUDGE: Mark Rueth, Oxford, WI

Spring Calf (19)

1. Triple-T MPH Run For Roses (Dundee), Briar Jeg
2. Highlight Titan Beauty (Titan), Oakvale Farms
3. K-land After Hours (Aftershock), Hawver Crest

Winter Calf (28)

1. Cobequid Goldwyn Bayonet (Goldwyn), Doeberiener & Boulet
2. Starmark Jordan Princess (Jordan), Brandon Sugg
3. Red Carpet KB BRX Twitter-ET (Braxton), Oakvale Farms

Fall Calf (28)

1. Fusion Passions Poision (Dempsey), Cole and Winchell 2. Raelon Goldwyn Pearl (Goldwyn), Doeberiener and Cole
3. Ree-Kay Aftershock Coco (Afterschock), Katelyn Hershberger

Summer Yearling (16)

1. T-Triple-T Paradise (Anigma), Triple-T Holsteins
2. Richman Goldwyn Jade R1137 (Goldwyn), Richman Farms
3. Welk-Shade Sanchez Kate (Sanchez), Elijah Dobay

Spring Yearling (12)

1. JW Aghamona Gold Athen (Goldwyn), Doebriener & Phoenix
2. Starbrite Goldwyn Lady (Goldwyn), Hodglynn Holsteins & Starbrite Holsteins
3. Stan-Mar-Dale Victoria (Braxton), Stan-Mar-Dale/Express

Winter Yearling (13)

1. Springway Sassy Rae (Sanchez), Cole & Olivia Cummings & Colton Thomas
2. Claquato-RH Elicit (Atwood), Doebriener & Iager
3. Trealaynne Aftershock Gracie (Aftershock), Cl-Hersh Holsteins & Janneil

Fall Yearling (9)

1. T-Triple-T Platinum-ET (Goldwyn), Triple-T Holsteins
2. Pentuck Lightning Lea (Lightning), Topp-View Farms
3. Quietcove-W Fancy Lady (Alexander), Quietcove-Wapa Farms

Junior Champion

Springway Sassy Rae (Sanchez), 1st Winter Yearling, Cole & Olivia Cummings & Colton Thomas

Reserve Junior Champion

T-Triple-T Paradise (Anigma),1st Summer Yearling, Triple-T Holsteins

HM Junior Champion

Claquato-RH Elicit (Atwood), 2nd Winter Yearling, Doebriener & Iager

Junior Best Three Females (2)

1. Triple-T Holsteins
2. Stan-Mar-Dale Express

Futurity (23)

1. Quietcove-W TMK Curran Divine (Avalanche), Quietcove, Curran & Koster
2. MS Trplt Rock of Love-Red-ET (Destruction), Richard Green
3. Express SMD Pagewire JC (Pagewire), Stan-Mar-Dale/Express/Broshes

Junior 2 Year Old (15)

1. Brookview American Girl (Durham), Brookview Farms
2. Sha-D-Rick Pronto Edie (Pronto), Ack-Lee Holsteins
3. T-Triple-T I Durham Poppi (Durham), Entourage Farm

Senior 2 Year Old (13)

1. Kingsmill Ashlyns Annisa-ET (Destry), Gene Iager & Triple-T Holsteins
2. Indian Stone San Valerie-ET (Sanchez), Indian Stone Holsteins
3. Indian Stone Explode Gentry (Explode), Indian Stone Holsteins

Junior 3 Year Old (5)

1. Maple-Valie Advent Angel (Advent), Maple-Valle Farm
2. Pine-Tree Spearmint Marie (Spearmint), Logan Trbovich
3. Quietcove-W Durham Future (Durham), Quietcove-Wapa Farms

Senior 3 Year Old (6)

1. C-Shylane Gold Dione-ET (Goldwyn), TK Plain View Farm
2. Donkerdale Paramoung Ray (Paramount), Bucks Pride Holstein
3. Wilanna Damion Carol (Damion), Daniel Montgomery

Intermediate & HM Grand Champion

Kingsmill Ashlyns Annisa-ET (Destry), 1st Senior 2 Year Old, Gene Iager & Triple-T Holsteins

Reserve Intermediate Champoin

C-Shylane Gold Dione-ET (Goldwyn), 1st Senior 3 Year Old, TK Plain View Farm

HM Intermediate Champion

Quietcove-W TMK Curran Divine (Avalanche), 1st Futurity, Quietcove, Curran & Koster

4 Year Old (8)

1. KN&EW Goldwyn Smarty (Goldwyn), Triple-T, Heath & Van Exel
2. Express SMD Velvet Tara (Velvet), Stan-Mar-Dale/Express/Broshes
3. Greenlea Adv Carol (Advent), Quietcove, Phillips & Koster

5 Year Old (9)

1. Ruann Lassiter Anna-70651 (Lassiter), Triple-T, Van Exel & Maddox
2. Brookview-E PT Dillegent (Primetime), Brookview Farms
3. Finn Finely Bash Cassie (Bash), Richlin J Holsteins

Aged Cow (6)

1. Ronlee Mr. Sam Delft (Mr. Sam), Quietcove, Garrison & Zeigler
2. Miley Roy Select Excitement (Roy), Miley Holsteins
3. Markers Dundee Olivia (Dundee), TK-Plain-View Farm

125,000 lb. Cow (4)

1. Shadeline Mariah (Lee), Brook Hollow Farm
2. Miss Express Charlie (Dundee), Stan-Mar-Dale/Express
3. Express SMD LJ Tori (SLinjet), Stan-Mar-Dale/Express & Broshes

Grand & Senior Champion

Ruann Lassiter Anna-70651 (Lassiter), 1st 5 Year Old, Triple-T, Van Exel & Maddox

Reserve Grand & Reserve Senior Champion

KN&EW Goldwyn Smarty (Goldwyn), 1st 4 Year Old, Triple-T, Heath & Van Exel

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