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Mid East Summer National Holstein Show 2017
DATE: July 30th, 2017
LOCATION: Columbus, Ohio
JUDGE: Pat Conroy, Angola, Indiana


Junior Champion 
Arolene McCutchen Atlanta (McCutchen), 1st Summer Yearling, Bowen, Doeberiener, Schilling, West Salem, OH
Reserve Junior Champion
Ty-D Dempsey Lovemmy-ET (Dempsey), 1st Winter Calf, Matt, Kael, Kayson & Stockson Leak, Utah
HM Junior Champion
Jacobs Solomon Louisa-ET (Solomon), 2nd Winter Calf, Garret Havens, Ohio

Intermediate Champion
T Triple T Perfect Storm (Reginald), 1st Sr 2yr Old, Triple T and Entourage, OH
Reserve Intermediate Champion
Triple T Play It Again (Fever), 1st Futurity, Triple T Holsteins, OH
HM Intermediate Champion
MS Windbrook Blair (Windbrook), 1st Sr 3yr Old, √ā¬†Mike Maloney, OH

Senior Champion
Bucks Pride Gold Chip Winie (Gold Chip), 1st 4yr Old, Topp-View and Bucks Pride, OH
Senior Reserve Champion
Budjon JK Atwood Erika (Atwood), 1st 5yr Old, Ack-Lee Holsteins, OH

Grand Champion
Bucks Pride Gold Chip Winie (Gold Chip), 1st 4yr Old, ToppView, OH
Reserve Grand Champion
Budjon JK Atwood Erika (Atwood), 1st 5yr Old, Ack-Lee Holsteins, OH
HM Grand Champion
T Triple T Perfect Storm (Reginald), 1st Sr 2yr Old, Triple T and Entourage, OH

Spring Calf (10)

1. Miss Brook Hollow Suzee Q (Diamondback), Brook Hollow Farms, OH
2. OH-River-SYC JCBY Breez (Jacoby), Victoria and Emily Deam, OH
3. Topp-View Atwood Raquel (Atwood), Topp-View, OH
4. Southern Hills DB Milky-Red (Diamondback), Southern-Hills Holsteins, OH
5. Ack-Lee Dempsey Rida (Dempsey), Ack-Lee Registered Holsteins, OH

Winter Calf (10)

1. Ty-D Dempsey Lovemmy-ET (Dempsey), Matt, Kael, Kayson & Stockson Leak, Utah
2. Jacobs Solomon Louisa-ET (Solomon), Garret Havens, OH
3. Budjon-Abbott DR Addidas (Doorman), Bowen, Doeberiener, & Schillin, OH
4. Kulalan Braxton Trista (Braxton), Tim Cummings, OH
5. Jenneil Beardsly MC Greer (McCutchen), Victoria and Emily Deam, OH

Fall Calf (10)

1. Maple-Dell Gold Indigo (Gold Chip), Bowen, Doeberiener, & Heath, OH
2. Reyncrest Byway Ladonna (Byway), Triple-T & Berry, OH
3. Quietcove Doorman Flicker (Doorman), Quietcove Holsteins, OH
4. Bulldog McCutch Jade (McCutchen), Tim Gunkelman, OH
5. Hodgons Clark Pearl (Clark), √ā¬†Topp-View, OH

Summer Yearling (10)

1. Arolene McCutchen Atlanta (McCutchen), Bowen, Doeberiener, Schilling, OH
2. Ree-Ray Kingboy Cace (Kingboy), Hayden King, OH
3. Jacobs Doorman Mail-ET (Doorman), Megan Brown and Triple T Holsteins, OH
4. Toppglen Diamondback Wanda (Diamondback), Cole Pond, OH
5. Brookview Archriv Polarpop (Archrival), Acklee Holsteins, OH

Spring Yearling (10)

1. Duhibou Doorman Padmay (Doorman), Phillips and Friends, OH
2. Quietcove Foxys Talapeno, Quietcove, OH
3. Quietcove Foxys Lollipop (Archrival), Quietcove, OH
4. Brookview Rocket Queen (Goldwyn), Triple T and Eric Havens, OH
5. Wabash-Way Beemer Anor (Beemer), Wabash-Way Holsteins, OH

Winter Yearling (10)

1. T-Triple-T Pokerface-ET (Pokerface), Triple T Holsteins, OH
2. Wel Chade Sid Kit (Sid), Charlie Gleisner, OH
3. Brookview AR Likable, White Light Holsteins and Laurie Menzie, OH
4. Topp-View Atwood Lisa (Atwood), Topo-View, OH
5. Plainfield Beemer Ginny (Beemer), Plainfield Farms, OH

Fall Yearling (9)

1. Toppglen Defiant Wowwee (Defiant), New Bremen, OH
2. Scratcwell Ladd Rockin RC (Ladd), Matt Oeschle, OH
3. Futurama Brady Nikete (Brady), Jeff Knoop, OH
4. Ren-Bow Savior Pixie (Savior), Steve Bowen, OH
5. Express-SMD Dillon Aida (Dillon), Stan-Mar-Dale Express Holsteins, OH

Milking Yearling (4)

1. Entourage LC Propose, Triple T and Entourage, OH
2. Lake Point Corvette Lindze (Corvette), Kari Michalovich, OH
3. Rosedale Sexy Lexi (Windbrook), Trbovich and Quietcove, OH
4. Express SMD Nikita, Star-Mar-Dale Express Holsteins, OH

Futurity (10)

1. Triple T Play It Again-ET (Fever), Triple-T Holsteins, OH
2. Quiet-Cove-W Fever Whitney (Fever), Quietcove and Trbovich, OH
3. T-Triple Fever Pitch-ET (Fever), Triple-T Holsteins, OH
4. Topp-View Attitude Racey (Attitude), Topp-View, OH
5. Marste Atwwod Dew (Atwood), Topp-View, OH

Junior 2yr Old (10)

1. Trent Valley Sid Ally (Sid), Heath, Cummings and Triple T Holsteins, OH
2. Miss Brookview Scaredycat (Brady), Ack-Lee Holsteins
3. Express SMD Nay Nay, Star-Mar-Dale Express Holsteins, OH
4. T Triple T Pokerchip, Triple T Holsteins, OH
5. Kiko Gold Chip Maddie (Gold Chip), R+P Kiko Farms, OH

Senior 2yr Old (10)

1. T Triple T Perfect Storm (Perfect Storm), Triple T and Entourage, OH
2. Vale-O-Skene Lauthority Kitty (Lauthority), Ack-Lee, Matt Oechsle and Tyler Meyer
3. Cambridge Atwood Ellie (Atwood), Ack-Lee Holsteins, OH
4. Lindlaur Sabathia Aflac (Sabathia), Lindsay Lamoreaux, OH
5. Comstar Hope Goldwyn (Goldwyn),  Stan-Mar-Dale Express , OH

Junior 3yr Old (3)

1. Mar Ste Gold Chip (Gold Chip), Allison McCummins, OH
2. Jenneil PC Heztry Colarado (Heztry), Victoria and Emily Dean, OH
3. Indian Stone Brxton Variety (Braxton), Charlie Henry, OH

Senior 3yr Old (7)

1. MS Windbrook Blair (Windbrook), Mike Maloney, OH
2. Chakelburg Evasion Kaught (Evasion), Ack-Lee Holsteins, OH
3. Juniper-Haven Atwood Doll (Atwood), Doeberiener, Heath and Bowen,OH
4. Del-Ray Garbor Elida (Garbor), Donald Fisher Farms, OH
5. MS Triple T Ashonishing, Triple T Holstiens, OH

4yr Old (9)

1. Bucks Pride Gold Chip Winie (Gold Chip), ToppView Bucks Pride, OH
2. Delcreek Lil Slice of Heaven (Goldwyn), Triple T Holsteins, OH
3. Willdina Atwood Cindy (Atwood), Ack-Lee Holsteins, OH
4. Bucks Pride Gold Chip Sue (Gold Chip), Brandon Sugg, OH
5. Miley Gold Chip Gazella (Gold Chip), Miley Holsteins, OH

5yr Old (4)

1. Budjon JK Atwood Erika, exhibited by Ack-Lee Holsteins, OH
2. Meadow Green Windbrook, exhibited by Triple T and T&L Cattle, OH
3. Aurora Rama Ava, exhibited by Ashley Hawvermale, OH
4. Kokosing Dapper Revlon, exhibited by Kyle Hudson

 Aged Cow (4)

1. Craggon Goldwyn Zing (Goldwyn), Ack-Lee, OH
2. Miley Reality Fortune Gina (Fortune), Miley Holsteins, OH
3. Raygor Alexander Tara (Alexander), Scott Sprunger, OH
4. Kayebrook BMR JoJo RC (Maxwell), Stan-Mar-Dale Express Holsteins, OH

 Cow Produced 150,000 lbs milk  (1)

Steel Lane Laurin Joelle (Laurin), Steel Lane Holsteins, OH

Premier Breeder
Triple T Holsteins

Premier Exhibitor
Ack-Lee Holsteins

Dam and Daughter
Express and Stan-Mar-Dale

Produce of Dam
Triple T Holsteins

Best 3 Females
Triple T Holsteins

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