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Mid-East Fall Red and White Show 2013
DATE: November 12, 2013
LOCATION: Louisville, KY
JUDGE: Gus Schwartzbeck of Union Bridge, MD


Junior Champion
Bohnview Barb Ling Ling-Red, 1st Sr. heifer, Ben Buske, WI
Reserve Junior Champion
Lavas Redburst Layla-ET, 1st Jr heifer, Hill, Whittier, Abbot & Pease, MD

Intermediate Champion
Sageser Marquess Elly-Red, 1st Milking Yrlg, Morgan Sageser, KY
Reserve Intermediate Champion
Strans Jen D Taffeta-Red-ET, 1st Sr 3-Yr Old, The Stransky Clan, MN

Senior and Grand Champion
KHW Regiment Apple 2 Red-ETN, 1st 5-Yr old, Premium-Star and KY –Bluegrass Genetics, KY
Reserve Senior and Reserve Grand Champion
Probert D Babette-Red, 1st 4-Yr old, Kate Smith, WI

Class Results

Junior Heifer
1. Lavas Redburst Layla-ET, Hill, Whittier, Abbot and Pease, MD
2. Raequeen Dusck Katelyn-Red, Raequeen Holsteins, IN
3. Cameron Ridge Rizzy Red, Rocco Cunningham & Suton Paulson,WI

Intermediate Heifer
1. Schluter Sandy Lee-Red-ET, Tynnlee Scluter, IL
2. Fourhills RB Jess-Red-ET, Britney Hill, VT
3. Penn-Gate Finelli-Red, Analise, PA

Senior Heifer

1. Bohnview Barb Ling Ling-Red, Ben Buske, WI
2. Milksource LD Teagin-Red-ET, KY-Bluegrass Genetics, KY
3. Roglain Redliner M-Red, Clay Hershberger, OH

Summer Yearling
1. Starmark HP Razzle Red—ET, Starmark, OH
2. Sauk-Valley Runner Kate-Red, Bridges Farm, KY
3. Hemsteads Shrs Cashmere-Red, JaCher Holsteins, OH

Junior Yearling

1. JonLu Shaq McKenzie-Red-ET, Mallory Russell, KY

Intermediate Yearling
1. Krull Larson Dirty Girl-Red, Carley Krull, WI
2. Chupps Deuce Rudolph Red, Raequeen Holsteins, IN
3. Future Manor Mxwl Poppy Red, Alley Dairy, IN

Senior Yearling

1. McWilliams Torch Red, Ken Main and Peter Vale, NY
2. MS GA-IL Picolo Plum-Red-ET, Charlotte Yoder, GA
3. Curt-Co Advent Misty-Red, Stan-Mar-Dale Express Holsteins, OH

Milking Yearling
1. Sageser Marquess Elly-Red, Morgan Sageser, KY
2. Zimbre Redliner Trisha-Red, Kaycia Zimmerman, IL

Junior Two Year Old
1. Beatyview Ruthann-Red-ET, Beatyview Farm, TN
2. Advent Resurrect Robin Red, Blankenship Jerseys, TN
3. Probert C Bree Ella Red, Kate Smith, WI

Senior Three Year Old
1. Strans Jen D Taffeta-Red-ET, The Stransky Clan, MN
2. MS KY-Blue Margarita-Red-ET, KY-Bluegrass Genetics, KY
3. Winterfield Adv Temper Red, Rocky Run Farms, KY

Four Year Old
Probert D Babette-Red, Kate Smith, WI

Five Year Old
1. KHW Regiment Apple 2 Red-ETN, Premium-Star & KY–Bluegrass Genetics,KY