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Masterrind Exclusive Auction 2017
DATE: February 22nd, 2017
LOCATION: Niedersachsenhalle, Verden, Germany

Masterrind Exclusive Auction Top Sellers

It was a successful day at the Masterrind Exclusive Auction. With 42 sale entries being cared for by a great team of 70 people, the Sale animals took to the 75 square meter stage and SOLD! 3500 visitors passed through the facility. From embryo’s to fresh calved heifers, the unique offers presented themselves in an exclusive atmosphere and best suited the potential buys. Auctioneer Michael Hellwinkel and Pedigree reader Cord Hormann once again had the right sales pitch for every animal resulting in a superb sales rate of 100% and a Sale average of 6.34euros was achieved.

If there was a Champions League of Genomics today’s Top Seller would dominate them. MHD Ester ET was today’s top seller at the Masterrind Exclusice Auction. For a whopping 25,000euros, a Breeders’ syndicate from Saxony/Bavaria secured the Jedi Daughter from the stable of Milchhof Diera KG from Diera Zehren. What makes MHD Ester different from other cattle? Her unique genomic breeding from Eurpoe draws the expert in. The embryo contracts were negotiated and took the runner up at the auction for 17,500euros.

HHF Istanbul of Hanne-Sustrath Gbr from nearby Pattensen sold next highest for 20000euros, A Maternal sister to Ester, her Kingboy daughter MHD Evoli also claimed victory as a top seller of 11,000euros and will be sent to Italy. To complete the top 4 high sellers is a Red-polled Apollo daughter, British-ET PP consigned by Franz Meyer, Friesoythe. She will continue on her days in Russia. Another international sale was Wilcor Solomon Fancy who will be going to the neighbouring Netherlands. The foreign buyer’s interest shows how unique today’s Auction was. A total of 10 animal will be sent abroad. To see the complete lot sale prices click here