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Maryland Spring Holstein Show
DATE: April 1st, 2017 at 9:30am
LOCATION: West Friendship, MD
JUDGE: Michael Creek, MD

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The Complete Image Gallery is now available for the Maryland Holstein Spring show 2017 for you to view, share and purchase photos.

Show Information

Judge Michael Creek, MD has just named his Grand Champion
here at The Maryland Spring Holstein Show 2017,
Mor-Yet Goldwyn Faithful (Goldwyn), 1st Aged Cow. Congratulations to Connor & Chase Savage & Cooper Galton. Continue to watch Cowsmo while we bring you photos and results of the show thanks to the Maryland Holstein Association.

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Maryland Holstein Assocation, sponsors of Cowsmo Coverage

Maryland Holstein Assocation, sponsors of Cowsmo Coverage

Junior Champion - Junior Show

Junior Champion – Junior Show
Savage-Leigh Little Lona-ET (Sid), 1st Fall Calf, Chase Savage, MD

Reserve Junior Champion – Junior Show
Md-Maple-Lawn Sid Luxury-ET (Sid), 1st Winter Calf, Katelyn Iager, MD

Junior Champion

Junior Champion
Clayholm Bozeman Millie-Red (Bozeman), 1st Winter Yearling, Glamourview Farm, MD
Reserve Junior Champion
Walk-Legw Atwood Becca (Atwood), 1st Fall Yearling, M&S Hawbaker, MD

Intermediate Champion - Junior Show

Intermediate Champion – Junior Show
Savage-Lee-TM Brita-Red-ET (Ladd P), 4th Sr. 2-Year-Old, Kendall Welsh, MD

Reserve Intermediate Champion – Junior Show
Windsor-Manor Z Heaven-ET (Hero 9701), 4th Sr. 3-Year-Old, Bryce Zepp

Intermediate Champion

Intermediate Champion
Peace & Plenty Gwn Blezann-ET (Goldwyn), 1st Sr. 3-Year-Old, Peace & Plenty Farm, LLC, MD

Reserve Intermediate Champion
Budjon Vail Aftrshk Arya-ET (Aftershock), 2nd Sr. 3-Year-Old, Maple Dell Farms, MD

Senior & Grand Champion - Junior Show

Senior & Grand Champion – Junior Show
Savage Leigh Atwd Lic-ET (Atwood), 3rd Aged Cow, Shelby Iager, MD
Reserve Senior & Grand Champion – Junior Show
Savage-Leigh Gold Lush (Goldwyn), 4th 4-Year-Old, Connor Savage, MD

Senior & Grand Champion

Senior & Grand Champion
Mor-Yet Goldwyn Faithful (Goldwyn), 1st Aged Cow, Chase & Connor Savage & Cooper Galton, MD

Reserve Senior & Grand Champion
Weeksdale Judges Harmony (Judge), 2nd Aged Cow, Glamourview Farms, MB Lucky Lady Farms & Elmer Weeks, MD

Winter Calves (10)

1. Md-Maple-Lawn Sid Luxury-ET (Sid), Katelyn Iager, MD
2. Pheasant Echos willette-ET (Diamondback), Pheasant Echo’s farm, MD
3. Lehigh-View Attic AJ (Attic), Bodey Griffen, MD
4. Pheasant-Echo’s BMR Gemma-ET (Beemer), Blaine Edwards, MD
5. Reinway Verify China 7266 (Verify), Layla Metts, PA
6. Peach & Plenty Bway Blueberry (Byway), Jordyn Griffin, MD
7. Savage-Leigh Avalanch Buffy (Avalanche), Andie Grace welsh, MD
8. Peach & Plenty Millen Razzi (Millennium), Tristan Kiser, MD
9. MD Millstone Mill Grace (Millennium), Amelia Miller, MD
10. Savage-Leigh Byway Mazea (Byway), Breckin Welsh, MD

Fall Calves (16)

1. Savage-Leigh Little Lona-ET (Sid), Chase Savage, MD
2. Ms Tamarac Tavern (Goldchip), Chris & Jen Hill & Chad Umbel, MD
3. Katelyn Iager, MD
4.  Savage-Leigh Avalanche Dac (Avalanche), Andie Grace Welsh, MD
5.  Shelby Iager, MD
6. Locust-Ayr Allaboutit Ally (Allaboutit), Steve & Marisa Little, MD
7. MD-Maple-Dell Gynn Inigo-ET (Goldwyn), Derek Patrick, MD
8. Peace & Plenty Sunfish Ramsis (Sunfish), Peace & Plenty Farm, LLC, MD
9. Coldsprings McCutchen 7112 (McCutchen), Brook Hoff, MD
10. TTM Brash Aceent (Brash), Tom Mercuro, MD

Summer Yearling (13)

1. Kingsway Soloman Elaze (Solomon), Chris & Jen Hill, MD
2. Bulldog McCutch Senorita-ET (McCutchen), Shelby Iager, MD
3. Peace & Plenty Okaliber Kodak (O’Kaliber), Peace & Plenty Farm, MD
4. Savage-Leigh Archival Mercy (Archrival), Kendall Welsh, MD
5. Pheasant Echos Willpower-ET (Corvette), Pheasant Echo’s Farm, MD
6. Coldsprings McCutchen 6970 (McCutchen), Alicia Hoff, MD
7. Coldsprings Drsopen 6946-ET (Doorsopen), Rylee McConville, MD
8. Sutton Avalanche Eden-ET (Avalance), Jillian Sutton, MD
9. Ms Ehrhardt Integ Penelope (Integral), Ehrhardt & Iager, MD
10. Burlin Diamond Saphire 1061 (Diamondback), Eric & Faith Burall, MD

Spring Yearling (6)

1. Liddleholme Camilla Black 3216, Glamourview Farm, MD
2. MD-Maple-Dell Indigo-ET (Goldwyn), Derek Patrick, MD
3. Pheasant Echos Corvete Rita (Corvette), Jaycey Miller, MD
4. MD-Maple-Dell Iraina-ET (Goldwyn), Shelby Iager, MD
5. Coldsprings McCutchen 0851 (McCutchen), Brook Hoff, MD
6. MS woodbine Attic Misty (Attic), Emma Ford, MD

Winter Yearling (10)

1. Clayholm Bozeman Millie-Red (Bozeman), Glamourview Farm, MD
2. MM-T Pockets Zen-Red-ET (Defiant), Atley Miller, MD
3. MDL GD Excite-ET (Golden Dreams), BJ Harrison, MD
4. Ms Ellee Lotus Eray (Lotus), Mike Heath & Scott Youse, MD
5. MD Millstone J Air Gliter (Air), Amelia Miller, MD
6. Bella Ridge Doorman Gala-ET (Doorman), Shelby Iager, MD
7. DeBaugh Ready Marissa (Ready-Red), Emma Brenengen, MD
8. Savage-Leigh GD Brianne (Golden Dreams), Kendall Welsh, MD
9. Ehrhardt Windhammer Lexi-ET (Windhammer), Ehrhardt Farms, MD
10. Shafdon Ducky 1320 (Ducky-Red), Danielle Kirkpatrick, MD

Fall Yearling (11)

1. Walk-Legw Atwood Becca (Atwood), M&S Hawbaker, MD
2. Jacobs Doorman Brit (Doorman), Tom Mercuro, MD
3. Peace & Plenty Riesling (Rejoice), Peace & Plenty Farm, MD
4. Savage-Leigh Anheim Laney (Aneheim), Andie Grace Welsh, MD
5. Ehrhardt Wind Livewire (Windhammer), Ehrhardt farms, MD
6. King-Lane A-Shock Rumor-ET (Aftershock), Jordyn Griffin, MD
7. DeBaugh Apple Jack Jesie-Red (Apple Jack-Red), Emma Brenengen, MD
8. Windsor Manor Freedom-ET (Doorman), Bryce Zepp, MD
9. Greenlea Ad Sadie-Red (Advent), Brekin Welsh, MD
10. Locust-Ayr Absol Mya-Red-ET (Absolute), Dustin Derr, MD

Jr. Best 3 Females (3)

1. Savage-Leigh Farm
2. Peace & Plenty Farm
3. Maple Dell Farm

Unfresh Jr. 2-Year-Old (2)

1. Coldsprings Cuba Libre 6477 (Doorman), Alicia Hoff, MD
2. Lehigh-View Bar Dynastar (Bar), Jordyn Griffin, MD

Junior 2-Year-Old (6)

1. Peace & Plenty OKB Jubie 3-ET (O’Kaliber), Peace & Plenty Farm, LLC, MD
2. MD-Dun Loafin A Shock Eliz (Aftershock), BJ Harrison, MD
3. MD-Dun Loafin GC Memory (Gold Chip), BJ Harrison, MD
4. Savage-Leigh G D Lelande, Connor Savage, MD
5. DeBaugh Atwood Miranda (Atwood), DeBaugh Farms, MD
6. Coldsprings Observer 6260 (Observer), Matt Hoff, MD

Senior 2-Year-Old (11)

1. Peace & Plendty WDBR Regal-ET (Windbrook), Peace & Plenty Farm, LLC, MD
2. MD-Maple-Dell Gold Inga-ET (Goldwyn), Derek Patrick, MD
3. Pheasant Echo WB Ariana-ET (Windbrook), Bud Stambaugh, MD
4. Savage-Lee-TM Brita-Red-ET (Ladd P), Kendall Welsh, MD
5. Scarlet Maple Atwood Tisbury (Atwood), Katelyn Iager, MD
6. Lady’s Manor (Monteray), My Lady’s Manor, MD
7. MD-Maple-Dell 5G Bresa, Maple Dell Farms, MD
8. Miss Charm City-ET (Windbrook), Peace & Plenty Farm, LLC, MD
9. MD-Maple-Dell Gold Ava-ET (Goldwyn), Maple Dell Farms, MD
10. Sutton Atwood Beatrice-ET (Atwood), Jillian Sutton, MD

Junior 3-Year-Old (4)

1. MD-Maple-Lawn Soho, Glamourview Farm, MD
2. Coldsprings Xoro 5744, Matt Hoff, MD
3. Rob-Sara Aftershock Boo-ET (Aftershock), Katelyn Iager, MD
4. MD-Maple-Dell Oak sage (Altaoak), Maple Dell Farms, MD

Sr. 3-Year-Old (7)

1.  Peace & Plenty Gwn Blezann-ET (Goldwyn), Peace & Plenty Farm, LLC, MD
2. Budjon Vail Aftrshk Arya-ET (Aftershock), Maple Dell Farms, MD
3. MD-Maple Lawn Atwd Sissy-TW (Atwood), Iager Brothers
4. Windsor-Manor Z Heaven-ET (Hero 9701), Bryce Zepp
5. MD-Dun-Loafin Lau Elisha (Lauthority), BJ Harrison, MD
6. DeBaugh Durable Lena (Durable), DeBaugh Farms, MD
7. Coldsprings Brokaw 5652 (Brokaw), Matt Hoff, MD

4-Year-Old (11)

1. Godin Bless Windbrook (Windbrook), Ehrhardt & Iager, MD
2. Peace & Plenty G Chip Puneeky (Gold Chip), Peace & Plenty Farm, LLC, MD
3. MD-Maple-Dell Dstry Asia-ET (Destry), Maple Dell Farms, MD
4. Savage-Leigh Gold Lush (Goldwyn), Connor Savage, MD
5. Lylehaven GS Isa, Glamourview Farms, MD
6. Stone-Rail Mogul Sparkle (Mogul), Iager Brothers, MD
7. Wyndo Guthrie Carlatta-ET (Guthrie), Shelby Iager, MD
8. Hez Atwood Haleigh-ET (Atwood), Ehrhardt & Iager, MD
9. MD-Maple-Dell Gillespy Kim (Gillespy), Maple Dell Farms, MD
10. DeBaugh Sanchez Chase (Sanchez), DeBaugh Farms, MD

5-Year-Old (5)

1. Maple Keys Sid Odyssey (Sid), Glamourview Farms, MD
2. Lady’s Manor G.C. Tonya (Gold Chip), My Lady’s Manor, MD
3. MDL Lauthor Essy (Lauthority), BJ Harrison, MD
4. Lady’s Manor Wind Divine (Windbrook), Eliza Freeman, MD
5. Ra-Rob Debonair Lulu-Red-Tw (Debonair), Mackenzie Kovach, MD

Aged Cow (5)

1. Mor-Yet Goldwyn Faithful (Goldwyn), Chase & Connor Savage & Cooper Galton, MD
2. weeksdale Judges Harmony (Judge), Glamourview Farms, MB Lucky Lady Farms & Elmer Weeks, MD
3. Savage Leigh Atwd Lic-ET (Atwood), Shelby Iager, MD
4. Pottsdale Damion Sahara (Damion), Eric & Faith Burall & Hayley Potts, MD
5. Ladys Manor Decry Delaney, My Lady’s Manor, MD

Long Time Production (5)

1. Greenlea-TM Atwood B-ET (Atwood), Wayne & Cindee Savage, MD
2. MD-Maple-Dell Mac Daddy (Mac), Maple Dell Farms, MD
3. Ladys-Manor Forge Tonya, My Lady’s Manor, MD
4. Lady’s Manor Dora Summer (Superstition), My Lady’s Manor, MD
5. MD-Maple-Dell After Kayley (Aftershock), Maple Dell Farms, MD

Dam & Daughter (2)
  1. Savage-Leigh Farm, MD
  2. My Lady’s Manor, MD

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