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Maryland Holstein Convention Sale
DATE: July 20th, 2017 at 6pm

Sale Catalog

The Maryland Holstein Convention Sale 2017 is set for July 20th at 6pm at the Garrett County Fairgrounds in McHenry, MD. Selling will be 79 lots that will look just as great in person as they do in the catalog! Online bidding will be available on Cowbuyer, and the catalog is available HERE or by clicking the image below. The PDF is available to download.


Sale Updates

A. Choice sells from 5 Dempsey females x Beauty

C. 1st Choice 3 Lindell females x Lynita. All born and all healthy

E. 1st Choice of 2 female pregnancies due March 2018

I. Out

Lot 1: Bred 6/16 to Sexed Solomon and pregnant. Negative L, BT, A, J

Lot 2: Bred 6/23 to Bailey 94HO18095, to close to check. Last test 75# 4.1f 2.8P 0SCC for lactation

Lot 4: OUT

Lot 7: Negative L, J and Neospora

Lot 10: Selling is BV-PV Bailey Hannah ET #3140986558. Herd #6558. Negative A

Lot 14: Last test 66# 3.5F 3.2P 0SCC. Donor Dam. Pregnant

Lot 15: Bred 6/15 to Diamondback and checked pregnant

Lot 16: First test at 13 days fresh 57# 4.5F 2.8P 1.5SCC. Now VG86 (86MS). As a virgin heifer Lexy made 30 #1 and 10 #2 embryos in 4 conventional flushes all to sexed semen. Negative BT, A,J. Positive L. Herd code is 23361361 Index #161. Strong embryo interest, contact David Kulp for more info.

Lot 17: Tested  RC and TV

Lot 18S: Substitute sells-1st Choice Solomon x Chalise. 2 females due 12/2017. Same bottom side as catalog reads

Lot 19: Negative A, J, L, BT. Dams RIP: 2-01 224d 16,855m 4.1 700F 3.0 516P

Lot 20: Negative A, J, L, BT. Donor Dam

Lot 21: Flushed 4x and has made 20 #1 and 4 #2 embryos

Lot 23: Negative A, BT, J, L. Checked pregnant. Dam is EX90. This is the first female ever offered from Dorcy at public auction. Scored maternal sisters 1 at EX90 second calf, 7 are VG up to 87 points first calf and 3 are GP84 1st calf

Lot 24: Last test 94# 3.0 2.9 SCC3. Bred 5/23 to 200HO10305 and checked pregnant

Lot 25: Selling is Lin-Ro Byway Queen B, born 3/18/17, #3133187431. Dam just raised to EX92

Lot 26: Preg

Lot 27: OUT

Lot 28: Pregnant. Dam at 2-04 363d 24,770m 3.5 912F 3.0 792P.

Lot 29: OUT

Lot 31: Preg

Lot 32: GP83 (VG/MS). Last test 123# 4.2 2.7 SCC3. Bred 6/17 to sexed Addiction P and checked preg.

Lot 33: Selling BV-Howrigan Brzle Abri ET, born 3/1/17, #3137523028. Herd #644. Negative A

Lot 34: Negative A

Lot 35: Pregnant

Lot 39: Selling is Hilrose Doorman Password ET (3/7/17) #3141071342. Same bottom side as in the catalog, just change the sire to Doorman. Maternal sister by Windbrook was just named Reserve All Wisconsin Jr. 2

Lot 40: Pregnant with ultra sound female

Lot 41: Pregnant

Lot 44: Last test 73# 3.9 2.9 130,000 SCC. Herd Code 51030081 Index is 6229 Bred 7/8/17 to Solomon

Lot 45: Pregnant

Lot 46: Negative L. Pregnant

Lot 47: Last test 73# 3.7 2.6 SCC of 1.3. Sells open

Lot 49: Last test 84# 3.4 2.9 SCC of 1. Pregnant to 6/9 service to sexed Awesome

Lot 50: *RC, GTPI +2417 +976M +32F +47P +5.0PL +.07DPR +2.7 SCS +2.58T +2.23UDC +1.14FLC

Lot 52: OUT

Lot 53: Pregnant

Lot 55: OUT

Lot 56: Last test 76# 4.3 2.8 SCC is 3. Herd code 23081649. Index 9491. Sells open

Lot 57: July test was 83# SCC was 3 on first test. Fresh 6/2. Sells open

Lot 58: Pregnant

Lot 60: Pregnant

Lot 64: Pregnant

Lot 65: Photo in catalog of of Tulip-Pond Gold Chip Becky EX91 is a family member from the same maternal line (not the dam of 65). Pregnant

Lot 66: Pregnant

Lot 68: Fresh 7/1/17

Lot 69: OUT

Lot 70: OUT

Lot 71: OUT

Lot 72: Pregnant

Lot 73: OUT

Lot 74: Pregnant

Lot 75: OUT

Lot 77: Fresh 7/4/17. Her natural calf by Magenta sells as Lot 77 1/2

Lot 78: OUT

Lot 79: Last test 72# 3.4 3.0 SCC is 2. Pregnant

Sale Information

Maryland Holstein Convention Sale
July 20th, 2017 at 6pm
Garrett County Fairgrounds
McHenry, MD

Visit the Facebook Page for more information and photos as the sale approaches!

Schedule of Events
July 20th
5pm…Maryland State Holstein Picnic
6pm…Maryland Holstein Convention Sale

Online Bidding Available on COWBUYER

Quality Inn…301.387.4200
For more accommodations visit


Sale Contacts

Chris Hill, Auctioneer…202.255.7907
Tim Abbott…802.238.1142
Nick Raggi…443.762.8338
David J. Lentz…717.329.9202
Michael Heath…443.375.8048
Bob Landis…717.413.1232
Mitchel Mast, County Sale Chairman…301.707.8175
David Lease, State Sale Chairman…410.259.9517

Cattle Preparation & Contacts
Evan Creek…301.514.4213
Madison Fisher…717.422.1907
Caleb Rossing…410.490.4666
Renee Pierick…608.448.1658
Joe Nash…270.849.7533
Tim Siept…610.984.7912
Joe Brinton…717.917.828014.4213
Madison Fisher…717.422.1907
Caleb Rossing…410.490.4666
Renee Pierick…608.448.1658
Joe Nash…270.849.7533
Tim Siept…610.984.7912
Joe Brinton…717.917.8280