Shows and Sales Results

Kent Show – UK

Champion: Richaven Shottle Adrienne, Reserve: Hadlow Baxter Avril, Honourable Mention: Rhydygors Shottle Oreo 3
Judge: David Tomlinson (Bilsrow)

Maiden Heifer

1, Oncoland Ltd’s Onco Sensation Bluebell

2, Designer Holsteins’ Designer Dempsey Sharon

3, Designer Holsteins’ Designer Apple Molli Red

4, Hadlow College’s Hadlow Caliber Joy

5, A Warren’s Hennikers Director Sky Hope

6, Hadlow College’s Hadlow Avalon Julie


Heifer In Calf

1, Designer Holsteins’ Designer Outside Bonheur

2, A Warren’s Hennikers Bobby Scant

3, Oncoland Ltd’s Onco Windfall Ginny

4, Boty Farms’ Hernehouse Meth Rose

5, M Deakins’ Seakin Chief Melly

6, M Deakins’ Holmland Fever Clarisa


Cow In Calf

1, Oncoland Ltd’s Onco Modesto Alison

2, M Goddard’s Guston Sensation Wendy


Heifer In Milk

1, Designer Holsteins’ Excellence Shottle Lizbeth

2, M Goddard’s Guston Teatro T C Hope

3, Boty Farms’ Hernehouse Advantage Lumpfish

4, J R Warnock & Son’s Capelleferne Daffy Snowbright

5, Oncoland Ltd’s Onco Sam Silver


Junior Cow

1, Designer Holsteins’ Richaven Shottle Adrienne

2, Designer Holsteins’ Richaven Champion Squaw

3, J R Warnock & Son’s Capelleferne Goldwyn Empress

4, Hadlow College’s Richaven Bonanza Twilight

5, Oncoland Ltd’s Onco Design Paula

6, M Goddard’s Guston Outside Belle

7, Boty Farm’s Hernehouse Fanta Wendy


Intermediate Cow

1, Hadlow College’s Hadlow Baxter Avril

2, Designer Holsteins’ Sherdon Shottle Kimo

3, Oncoland Ltd’s Onco Outside Becky 2

4, J R Warnock & Son’s Holmland Shottle Sara

5, A Warren’s Hennikers Hopefull Buffy


Senior Cow

1, Designer Holsteins’ Rhydygors Shottle Oreo 3

2, J R Warnock & Son’s Capelleferne Shottle Empress

3, M Goddard’s Guston Blackstar Annie


Group of Three

1, Designer Holsteins

2, A Warren

3, Oncoland Ltd

4, M Goddard

5, Boty Farms