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Kansas State Fair Jersey Show
DATE: September 10, 2012
JUDGE: Molly Sloan, WI

Junior Champion

Ratliff Action Addie-ET, (Avery Action), 1st Spring Yearling, Ratliff Jerseys, KS

Reserve Junior Champion

Ratliff Tequila Masquerade, (Tequila), 1st Winter Calf, Ratliff Jerseys, KS

Intermediate Champion and Grand Champion

Ratliff Minister Porsche-ET (Minister) 1st Senior 3 Year Old, Ratliff Jerseys

Reserve Intermediate Champion

Ratliff Sambo Dream-ET, (Sambo), 1st Senior 2 Year Old, Ratliff Jerseys

Senior Champion and Reserve Grand Champion

Ratliff Ren Kendra-ET (Renaissance), 1st 5 Year Old, Ratliff Jerseys

Reserve Senior Champion

Arethusa Primetime DeJauu-ET, (Primetime), 1st Aged Cow, Ratliff Jerseys