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Introducing the 2012 Red & White Cow of the Year Nominations

Vote for your favorite 2012 Red & White Cow of the Year. Open to all members & subscribers of the RWDCA/Red Bloodlines. Postmark deadline: January 15th. Details and ballot can be found in the December Issue of The Red Bloodlines

2012 Red & White Junior Cow of the Year Nominees

Greenlea-Tm Real Ab-Red Et VG-88 EX-MS
Breeder: Richard M. Green, Sr. & Tom Mercuro, DE
Owner: Cassidy Lynn Schirmer, MD

Milgene Advn Jezabel-Red Et EX-91 EX-MS
Breeder & Owner: Brett Hildebrandt, WI

Ms Del-Hollow Javent-Red Et EX-93 EX-MS
Breeder: Dana Erway & Kenneth Young, PA
Owner: Kyle R. Natzke & Kyle Demmer, WI

Ridgedale-T Raichu-Red EX-94-2E EX-MS
Breeder: Ridgedale Farm & Tararidge Farm, NY
Owner: W. Cyrus Conard, NY

Rob-Sara Rustler Tina B-Red VG-89 EX-MS
Breeder: Robert L. Iii & Laura Emerson, De
Owner: Laura Emerson, DE

Sellcrest S Candy Apple-Red VG-87 EX-MS
Breeder & Owner: Andrew Sell, WI

2012 Red & White Cow of the Year Nominees

Blondin Redman Seisme-Red EX-96-2E EX-MS
Breeder: Pierre Boulet & Ferme Blondin, QC
Owner: Milk Source Genetics, LLC, WI

Elmbridge Lookout Lady In-Red VG-89 EX-MS
Breeder: Elmbridge, Peter Tuytel, BC
Owner: Lookout Holsteins, Elmbridge & Frank & Diane Borba, QC

Greenlane Destry Laurel-Red VG-87
Breeder: Sunnylodge Farms & Greenlane Farms, ON
Owner: Westcoast Holsteins, BC

Mdhillbrook Sunburst-Red-Et VG-89
Breeder: Chris & Jennifer Hill, Fred Strouse & Tim Merwarth, MD
Owner: Oscar & Eric Dupasquier, Kevin Ehrhardt & Gene Iager, MD

Ms Glad Ray More Fun-Red
Breeder: James & Sharon Keilholtz & Chad & Sandy Umbel, MD
Owner: Cooper Galton, NY

Starmark Ad Hotstuff-Red EX-94 EX-MS
Breeder: Starmark, OH
Owner: Nathan Thomas, Michael Heath & Will Iager, OH

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