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International Dairy Week Guernsey Show 2017
DATE: January 17th, 2017 at 8:00AM
LOCATION: Tatura, Australia
JUDGE: Carla Stetzer, WI, USA

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The International Dairy Week Guernsey Show 2017 will take place at 8am on Tuesday, January 17th in Tatura, Australia with Carla Stetzer, WI, USA serving as the official judge.

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Junior Champion

Junior Champion
Endeavour VP Pilot Delight (Pilot), 1st Class 2, T&S Shea, VIC

Reserve Junior Champion
Endeavour VP Pilot Delight (Pilot), 1st Class 3, T&S Shea, VIC

Intermediate Champion

Intermediate Champion
Kookaburra Mark Fate (Mark), 1st Class 9, Daniel Clarke, NSW

Reserve Intermediate Champion
Rockmar Miami Graceful (Miami), 2nd Class 9, M&R Shea, VIC

Kookaburra Mark Fate

Kookaburra Mark Fate

Grand Champion

Grand Champion
First Love Pearly (Response), 1st Class 13, M&R Shea, VIC

Reserve Grand Champion
Brookleigh Geo Nell (George), 1st Class 11, Amy Cleggett, SA

Best Udder

Best Udder
Kookaburra Mark Fate (Mark), 1st Class 9, Daniel Clarke, NSW

Class 1 heifer born after 1/7/16

1. Kookaburra Spruce Glenda (Blue Spruce), Daniel Clarke, NSW
2. Meadow View Lat Tinkle (Latimer), B&M Russell, NSW

Class 2 heifer born 1/1/16 to 30/6/16

1. Endeavour VP Pilot Delight (Pilot), T&S Shea, VIC
2. Kookaburra Kringle Eurangatuck (Kringle), Daniel Clarke, NSW

Class 3 heifer born 1/7/15 to 31/12/15

1. Crookslea Showtime Doreen (Show Time), N&M Wilkie, VIC
2. Glenally APD Della (Delta), James Peck, VIC

Class 4 Heifer born 1/1/15 to 30/6/15

1. Rockmar Crosby Graceful (Crosby), M&R Shea, VIC
2. Place Jostle Quartz Bud (Quartz), J Smith & E Cullen, TAS

Class 5 Heifer born 1/7/14 to 31/12/14

1. Kalaso Spider March (Spider), Joyce Family, VIC
2. Kalaso Geo March 2 (George), Joyce Family, VIC

Class 7 2yrs in Milk

1. Kookaburra Gwab Raindrop (Gwab), Daniel Clarke, NSW
2. Brookleigh TM Bluebird (Trademark), L&J Cleggett, SA

Class 8 2 1/2 yrs in Milk (4)

1. (BU) Brookleigh Yogis Brimstone (Yogibear), L&J Cleggett, SA
2. Brookleigh Geo Propagate (George), L&J Cleggett, SA
3. Kookaburra Gwab Boondabar (Gwab), Daniel Clarke, NSW

Class 9 3 yrs in Milk (4)

1. (BU) Kookaburra Mark Fate (Mark), Daniel Clarke, NSW
2. Rockmar Miami Graceful (Miami), M&R Shea, VIC
3. Brookleigh Rivalry (Caspian), L&J Leggett, SA

Class 10 Cow Dry (3)

1. Golden Gate Yogi Koala (Yogibear), Joyce Family, VIC
2. Meadow View BVK Treasure (Karl), B&M Russell, NSW
3. Sunny Valley Rohin Missy (Rohin), D Schlenert, VIC

Class 11 4yrs in milk (4)

1. (BU) Brookleigh Geo Nell (George), Amy Cleggett, SA
2. Brookleigh Mervyns Gladys (Mervyn), L&J Cleggett, SA
3. Joshlee Pav Blossom (Pavlich), J Smith & Joyce Family, TAS

Class 12 5yrs in milk (3)

1. (BU) Brookleigh Alicia-ET (Aaron), L&J Cleggett, SA
2. Glencrest Challenge Valmay (Challlenge), Daniel Clarke, NSW
3. Glenally MRLS Della (Samual), S Tivandale, VIC

Class 13 6yrs and over in milk (6)
  1. (BU) First Love Pearly (Response), M&R Shea, VIC
    2. Jason Park America Skittles (America), James Peck, VIC
    3. Clearview Magic Holm (Magic Man), Joyce Family & J Peck, VIC

Class 15 Pen of 3 (4)

1. M&R Shea, VIC
2. L&J Cleggett, SA
3. Daniel Clarke, NSW

Premier Breeder & Exhibitor

Premier Breeder

Premier Exhibitor