Shows and Sales Results

Indianhead Holsteins Complete Dispersal
DATE: Apr 7, 2017

The Indianhead Holsteins Complete Dispersal was held April 7th at the farm in Barron, WI.

The Top Selling Lot was Lot 41, selling for $17,200. Indianhead Redcarpet Tia-ET EX94 is an Atwood from an EX92-3E Milan daughter of C Alanvale Inspiration Tina EX95-3E-GMD-DOM.

The second high seller of the sale was Lot 1, commanding $16,000. Indian GM Windy-ET is an EX91 Windbrook from an EX94 Goldwyn granddaughter of Whittier Farms Lead Mae EX95-3E-GMD-DOM.

Windy’s January 2016 Doorman daughter, Indianhead Doorman Winnie, sold as Lot 3 for $12,500 to be the third high seller in the dispersal sale.