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Illinois State Fair Holstein Show 2014
DATE: August 15, 2014
LOCATION: Illinois State Fair, Springfield IL
JUDGE: Eric Topp, Botkins, OH

Junior Champions
Junior Champion
Stranshome Gold Annice-ET (Fall Calf),  Connor Butler

Reserve Junior Champion
Zehrview Absolute Dimples (Winter Calf), Rosalee Zehr

Intermediate Champions

Intermediate Champion
Ms Gold Chip Bright-ET (Senior 2 Year Old),  Craig & Penny Shedd

Reserve Intermediate Champion
Budjon-JK Ashk GetEven (Junior 3 Year Old), Team Holsteins

HM Intermediate Champion
Kingsway Goldwyn Artichoke-ET (Senior 3 Year Old), Jeffrey Butler

Grand Champions

Senior & Grand Champion
Ms Dundee Belinda (Aged Cow), Jeffrey Butler

Reserve Senior & Reserve Grand Champion
Team Durham Morgan (125,000 Pound Cow),  Team Holsteins

HM Grand Champion
Ms Gold Chip Bright-ET (Senior 2 Year Old), Craig & Penny Shedd

Spring Heifers

1.  Carters Corner Atwood Ace (Atwood), Tyler Carter
2.  Holbric Little Dickey (Dickey), Adam Olbrich
3.  Schaufine Atwood March-ET (Atwood), Schaufine Holsteins

Winter Heifers

1.  Zehrview Absolute Dimples (Absolute), Rosalee Zehr
2.  Crosswake Guthrie Kiki (Guthrie), Jennifer & Josh Wakeley
3.  Winwright Chip of Excellence (Goldchip), Jeffrey Butler

Fall Heifers

1.  Stranshome Gold Annice-ET (Goldwyn), Connor Butler
2.  Thataway STCHL Heather, Netemeyer
3.  Schaufine After Jealousy (Aftershock), Schaufine Farms

Summer Yearlings

1.   R-Way Atwood Adele (Atwood), Shae Ruppert
2.  Bontz Vic Gold Chipper (Gold Chip), Rosalee Zehr
3.  Six-Illini Dundee Athena (Dundee), Riley Koehn

Spring Yearlings

1.  JM Valley Atwood Agadon-ET (Atwood), Connor Butler
2.  Carters-Corner WBrook Paige (Windbrook), Tyler Carter
3.  St-Yle-SA Is Springtime-Red (Redburst), Stephanie Aves

Winter Yearlings

1.  Ms Erdstead Brimel Ms Lil (Perseus), Erdman Dairy
2.  R-Way Goldsun Beezus (Goldsun), Shae Ruppert
3.  Holbric Barbwire Luxury (Barbwire), Adam Olbrich

Fall Yearlings

1.  Irwindale Braxton Medusa (Braxton), Sarah Irwin
2.  R-Way Atwood Lazer-ET (Atwood), Shae Ruppert
3.  Zehrview Attic Mattie (Attic), Rosalee Zehr

Junior 2 Year Olds

1.  Lindale Goldchip Dani (GoldChip), Lindale Holsteins
2.  Bremelacres Shot Gun, Caitlin & Blake Meyer
3.  Heinz-Hope AS Cupcake (Aftershock), Telgmann Dairy

Senior 2 Year Olds

1.  Ms Gold Chip Bright-ET (GoldChip), Craig & Penny Shedd
2.  Team Atwood Montana (Atwood), Team Holsteins
3.  Bluff-Ridge Atwood Beth (Atwood), Bluff-Ridge Farm

Junior 3 Year Olds

1.  Budjon-JK Ashk Get Even (Aftershock),  Team Holsteins
2.  Go-Sho Alittle RocknRoll (Goldwyn), Adam & Morgan Olbrich
3.  Holbric Dickey Carly (Dickey), Golden Oaks

Senior 3 Year Olds

1.  Kingsway Goldwyn Artichoke-ET (Goldwyn),  Jeffrey Butler
2.  Bluff-Ridge Atwood Beyonce (Atwood),  Bluff-Ridge Farm
3.  Cloverhill FM Atwd Angela-ET (Atwood),  Austin Featherston

Four Year Olds

1. Butler View Farms…
2. Carters Corner Atwood Priss (Atwood), Tyler Carter
3. Bluff-Ridge Bones Dolce (Goldwyn Bones), Bluff-Ridge Farm

Five Year Olds

1. R Vision Ross Payton, Erdman Dairy
2. Luck-E Goldwyn Amber-ET (Goldwyn), Telgmann Dairy
3. Swanee-Acres SD Jolly-Red (Debonair), Jason Swanson

Aged Cow Class

1. MS Dundee Belinda (Dundee), Jeffrey Butler
2. Lindale Advent Dulcie (Advent), Lindale Holsteins
3. Black-Lion Complete Chaos (Dundee), Evan Young

125,000 lb Cows

1. Team Durham Morgan (Durham), Team Holsteins