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IDW 2018 National Guernsey Show
DATE: January 23, 208
LOCATION: Tatura, Australia
JUDGE: Patty McMurray, USA


Junior Champion
Kalaso Kinsman March (Kinsman), 1st Born 01/01/17 to 30/06/17, Joyce Family, Vic

Reserve Junior Champion
Brookleigh TM Beige (Trademark), 1st Dry born 01/01/16 to 30/06/16, LF & JM Cleggett, SA

HM Junior Champion
Crookslea ST Doreen (Showtimes), 1st Dry born 01/07/15 to 31/12/15, NM Wilkie, Vic

Intermediate Champion
Brookleigh TM Bluebird (Trademark), 1st 3yrs in Milk, born 01/07/14 to 31/12/14, LF & JM Cleggett, SA

Reserve Intermediate Champion
Brookleigh Legend Initiative (Legend), 1st 30/06/16, LF & JM Cleggett, SA

HM Intermediate Champion
Brookleigh Legend Butterup (Legend), 1st  2 1/2yrs in Milk, born 01/01/15 to 30/06/15, LF & JM Cleggett, SA

Senior Champion
Rockmar Miami Graceful (Miami), 1st 4yrs in Milk, born 01/07/13 to 30/06/14, M & R Shea, Vic

Reserve Senior Champion
Florando SD Koala 7 (Thomas), 1st 7 yrs and over in Milk, born Prior to 01/07/11, Joyce Family, Vic

HM Senior Champion
Wintergreen Brave Weave (Bravedo), 2nd 7 yrs and over in Milk, born Prior to 01/07/11, Joyce Family, Vic

IDW Grand Champion
Rockmar Miami Graceful (Miami), 1st 4yrs in Milk, born 01/07/13 to 30/06/14, M & R Shea, Vic

Born on or after 01/07/17 (4)
  1. Exclusive Delta Ash (Delta), S Livesay, Vic
  2. First Love Bailey (Kakadu), C Custance, Vic
  3. Carinya‚ÄźLee¬†Magic¬†Lucy‚ÄźAI (Magic-Al), Rogers¬†Family, Vic
  4. Richmond Grove Pistoll Honey (Pistoll), J Peck & S & R Joyce, NSW

Born 01/01/17 to 30/06/17 (6)
  1. Kalaso Kinsman March (Kinsman), Joyce Family, Vic
  2. Keywyn Latimer Abby (Latimer), Keywyn Farms, SA
  3. Brookleigh Legend Invisible (Legend), LF & JM Cleggett, SA
  4. Dash Valley Fayette Tilly (Fayette), NM Wilkie & D Schlenert, Vic
  5. Gilbert Sigrid 20 (Garrett), CW Gilbert, WA

Born 01/07/16 to 31/12/16 (6)
  1. Rockmar Pistoll Lavender (Pistoll), M & R Shea, Vic
  2. Brookleigh Legend Bluefinch (Legend), LF & JM Cleggett, SA
  3. Meadow¬†View¬†Lat.¬†Tinkle‚ÄźAI (Latimer), B¬†&¬†M¬†Russell, NSW
  4. Kearla Latimer Koala (Latimer), K & C Gass, Vic
  5. Keywyn A Levi Star (Levi), Keywyn Farms, SA

Dry born 01/01/16 to 30/06/16 (4)
  1. Brookleigh TM Beige (Trademark), LF & JM Cleggett, SA
  2. Exclusive Delta Didie (Delta), S Livesay, Vic
  3. Gilbert Tori (Delta), CW Gilbert, WA
  4. Gilbert Alstar Hetty (Delta), CW Gilbert, WA

Dry born 01/07/15 to 31/12/15 (3)
  1. Crookslea ST Doreen (Showtimes), NM Wilkie, Vic
  2. Kalaso Quincy Edna (Quincy), Joyce Family, Vic
  3. Carinya‚ÄźLee¬†Magic¬†Snowdrop‚ÄźAI (Magic-Al), Rogers¬†Family, Vic

Dry born 01/07/14 to 30/06/15 (1)
  1. Jason Park Boo Hetty (Precious), C Moon, Vic

30/06/16 (2)
  1. Brookleigh Legend Initiative (Legend), LF & JM Cleggett, SA
  2. Brookleigh Jocelyn (Prada), LF & JM Cleggett, SA

2 1/2yrs in Milk, born 01/01/15 to 30/06/15 (3)
  1. Brookleigh Legend Butterup (Legend), LF & JM Cleggett, SA
  2. Rockmar Crosby Graceful (Crosby), M & R Shea, Vic
  3. Exclusive Sl Link (Spider), S Livesay, Vic


3yrs in Milk, born 01/07/14 to 31/12/14 (4)
  1. Brookleigh TM Bluebird (Trademark), LF & JM Cleggett, SA
  2. Rockmar Phoenix Jackie (Phoenix), M & R Shea, Vic
  3. Rockmar Phoenix Roseblossum (Phoenix), M & R Shea, Vic
  4. Exclusive Mrl Galaxy (Mr Luxury), S Livesay, Vic

Dry born before 01/07/14 (1)
  1. Meadow View B.V.K. Treasure (Karl), B & M Russell, NSW

4yrs in Milk, born 01/07/13 to 30/06/14 (6)
  1. Rockmar Miami Graceful (Miami), M & R Shea, Vic
  2. Brookleigh Rivalry (Caspian), LF & JM Cleggett, SA
  3. Brookleigh¬†Yogis¬†Brimstone‚ÄźET (Yogibear), LF¬†&¬†JM¬†Cleggett, SA
  4. Jason Park M Grace (Michael) Joyce Family, Vic
  5. Rockmar Prada Lavender (Prada), M & R Shea, Vic


5yrs in Milk, born 01/07/12 to 30/06/13 (2)
  1. Brookleigh Butterstar (Maestro), LF & JM Cleggett, SA
  2. Joshlee Pav Blossum (Pavlich), Joyce Family, Vic

6yrs in Milk, born 01/07/11 to 30/06/12 (1)
  1. Brookleigh¬†Alicia‚ÄźET (Aaron), LF¬†&¬†JM¬†Cleggett, SA

7 yrs and over in Milk, born Prior to 01/07/11 (4)
  1. Florando SD Koala 7 (Thomas), Joyce Family, Vic
  2. Wintergreen Brave Weave (Bravedo), Joyce Family, Vic
  3. Brookleigh Jolie ( AchievabulL), LF & JM Cleggett, SA
  4. Clearview Magic Holm (Magic man), J Peck & S & R Joyce, NSW

Best Udder
Rockmar Miami Graceful (Miami), M & R Shea, Vic

Pen of Three Females Owned by the Exhibitor
  1. LF & JM Cleggett, Glencoe, SA
  2. Joyce Family, Kyabram, VIC
  3. LF & JM Cleggett, Glencoe, SA
  4. B & M Russell, Goulburn, NSW

Exhibitor Encouragement Award
Colin Gilbert

Premier Sire
Coulee Crest Grumpy Legend

Premier Breeder & Exhibitor
LF & JM Cleggett, Glencoe, SA