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IDW 2018 National Ayrshire Show
DATE: January 23, 2018
LOCATION: Tatura, Australia
JUDGE: Blair Weeks, PEI, CAN


Junior Champion
Liddel Gentle Flora (Gentleman), born 01/01/17 to 30/06/17, S & R Cole, NSW

Reserve Junior Champion
Finesse Burdette Marcie (Burdette), Born 01/07/16 to 31/12/16, C Treloar, SA

HM Junior Champion
Geelunga Dreamer Bailey (Dreamer), Born on or after 01/07/17, Geelunga Ayrshires, SA

Intermediate Champion

Intermediate Champion
Parkville Burdette Katie (Burdette), 3yrs in Milk, born 01/07/14 to 31/12/14, J Dillon, Vic

Reserve Intermediate Champion
Rockvale Burdette Bessie 3 (Burdette), 2 1/2yrs in Milk, born 01/01/15 to 30/06/15, Dragon River Investments, Vic

HM Intermediate Champion
Liddel Dreamer WB Rose (Dreamer), 2yrs in Milk, born 01/07/15 to 30/06/16, S & R Cole, NSW

Senior Champion

Senior Champion
Glenbrae Burdettes Joyce (Burdette), 5yrs in Milk, born 01/07/12 to 30/06/13, S & K Beard, SA

Reserve Senior Champion
Amarula P Margaret (Poker), born 01/07/12 to 30/06/13, Anderson Family, Vic

HM Senior Champion
Katandra Farms Burdette Didjago (Burdette), 4yrs in Milk, born 01/07/13 to 30/06/14, G Bawden & R Burgmann, Vic

IDW Grand Champion
Parkville Burdette Katie (Burdette), 3yrs in Milk, born 01/07/14 to 31/12/14, J Dillon, Vic

Born on or after 01/07/17 (6)
  1. Geelunga Dreamer Bailey (Dreamer), Geelunga Ayrshires, SA
  2. Woorayl Park Red Satin (Red), G Bawden & R Burgmann, Vic
  3. Mayfield Farms Predator Vienne (Predator), V & P Timbs, NSW
  4. Munden Farms Awesome Tangent (Awesome), Munden Farms, Vic
  5. Geelunga Mr Meadows Tink (Mr Meadow), Joyce Family, Vic

Born 01/01/17 to 30/06/17 (6)
  1. Liddel Gentle Flora (Gentleman), S & R Cole, NSW
  2. Mayfield Farms Gentle Rose (Gentleman), V & P Timbs, NSW
  3. Ghinni Creek Burdette Sally (Burdette), Winvarl Ayrshires, NSW
  4. Enterprise Dempsey Amber (Dempsey), M Hentschke, SA
  5. Ghinni Creek Gentle Harlem (Gentleman), M & J Eagles, NSW

Born 01/07/16 to 31/12/16 (6)
  1. Finesse Burdette Marcie (Burdette), C Treloar, SA
  2. Billabong Dempsey Jorgie (Dempsey), Afford Family, SA
  3. Blauvelt Park Pixie (Reno), P & J Flanagan, NSW
  4. Enterprise Burdette Gaiety 2nd (Burdette), M Hentschke, SA
  5. Geelunga Ginger Bangle (Gingerman), Geelunga Ayrshires, SA

Dry born 01/01/16 to 30/06/16 (3)
  1. Regal Park Posh Spice (Vicking), DJ & SM Mayo, NSW
  2. Paschendaele¬†Lovely¬†Blossom‚ÄźET (Free Beer), Eagles¬†Partnership, NSW
  3. Wisteria¬†Park¬†Forget‚ÄźMe‚ÄźNot (Free Beer), E¬†Ludington, Vic



Dry born 01/07/15 to 31/12/15 (6)
  1. Enterprise Burdette Rose 2nd (Burdette), A J Hentschke, SA
  2. Enterprise Burdette Gaiety 4533S (Burdette), J Hentschke, SA
  3. Roland Lodge Cornette (Burdette), Canobie Partnership, Vic
  4. Boldview Rockstar Jord (Rockstar), Boldview Farms, SA
  5. Boldview Free Aurora (Free Beer), Boldview Farms, SA

2yrs in Milk, born 01/07/15 to 30/06/16 (5)
  1. Liddel Dreamer WB Rose (Dreamer), S & R Cole, NSW
  2. Enterprise Burdette Aara (Burdette), A J Hentschke, SA
  3. Ghinni Creek Chandelier (Burdette), M & J Eagles, NSW
  4. Jaden Ristourns Rose (Ristourn), Jaden Ayrshires, SA
  5. Boldview Zyn Zillia (Zyndy), Boldview Farms, SA

2 1/2yrs in Milk, born 01/01/15 to 30/06/15 (5)
  1. Rockvale Burdette Bessie 3 (Burdette), Dragon River Investments, Vic
  2. Ghinni Creek Harriette (Burdette), M & J Eagles, NSW
  3. Rockvale Burdette Venus 3 (Burdette), Munden Farms, Vic
  4. Ghinni Creek Sherbert (Burdette), M & J Eagles, NSW
  5. Paschendaele¬†Klassy¬†Beer¬†Babe‚ÄźET (Free Beer), Eagles¬†Partnership, NSW

3yrs in Milk, born 01/07/14 to 31/12/14 (4)
  1. Parkville Burdette Katie (Burdette), J Dillon, Vic
  2. Paschendaele¬†Winter¬†Blossom‚ÄźET, (Titan), Eagles¬†Partnership, NSW
  3. Jaden Burdettes Dapper (Burdette), Jaden Ayrshires, SA
  4. Ghinni Creek Spectacular (Dreamer), M & J Eagles, NSW

4yrs in Milk, born 01/07/13 to 30/06/14 (6)
  1. Katandra Farms Burdette Didjago (Burdette), G Bawden & R Burgmann, Vic
  2. Boldview Face Ripple (Poker Face), Boldview Farms, SA
  3. Liddel R2 Skye (Reality), S & R Cole, NSW
  4. Bluegum Park Poker Dust (Poker), J Mathews, Vic
  5. Rockvale Burdette Locket 4th (Burdette), Eagles Partnership, NSW

5yrs in Milk, born 01/07/12 to 30/06/13 (4)
  1. Glenbrae Burdettes Joyce (Burdette), S & K Beard, SA
  2. Amarula P Margaret (Poker), Anderson Family, Vic
  3. Cher‚ÄźBar¬†Burdette¬†Secret (Burdette), Cheryl¬†Liebich, SA
  4. Paschendaele¬†Pr¬†Blossom‚ÄźET (Riggins), Eagles¬†Partnership, NSW

30/06/12 (6)
  1. Munden Farms Obliques High (Obliques), Munden Farms, Vic
  2. Enterprise Ristourn Rose 3rd (Ristourn), M Hentschke, SA
  3. Regal Park Solax (Burdette), DJ & SM Mayo, NSW
  4. Geelunga Hilton Chloe (Hilton), WP & AM Macadam, Vic
  5. Geelunga Rip Star (Ripinsky), Geelunga Ayrshires, SA

Prior to 01/07/11 (3)
  1. Magic Park Shady Maiden (Conn), Munden Farms, Vic
  2. Boldview Bonaparte Spect (Bonapart), Boldview Farms, SA
  3. Boldview Oblique Fairy (Oblique), Boldview Farms, SA

Best Udder
Parkville Burdette Katie (Burdette), 3yrs in Milk, born 01/07/14 to 31/12/14, J Dillon, Vic

Pen of Three Females Owned by the Exhibitor ‚Äź the Eric & Sylvia Eagles Memorial Trophy
  1. Munden Farms
  2. Boldview Farms
  3. M & J Eagles
  4. Eagles Partnership

Exhibitor Encouragement Award
Ben Hentsche

Premier Sire Award
Palmyra Tri-Star Burdette

Premier Breeder & Exhibitor
Boldview Farms