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IDW 2014 National Holstein Show
DATE: January 23, 2014
JUDGE: Juan Jose Felissia ‚Äď ARGENTINA

Champion Results

Junior Champion
Murribrook Dundee Pam, MJ Sowter, NSW
Reserve Junior Champion
Cairnhill Braxton Perky 2, Zanders Family, VIC
Honourable Mention
Murribrook Destry Velvet, MJ Sowter, NSW

Intermediate Champion
Murribrook Talent Robina, MJ Sowter, NSW
Reserve Intermediate Champion
Missy Moo Ladino Cathy-ET, K Bradley, VIC
Honourable Mention
Elmar Goldwyn Jessica 11-ET, Elmar Holsteins, VIC

Champion Cow
Fairvale Morty Lady 51, LR, SJ & LA Thompson, TAS
Reserve Champion Cow
Elmar Goldwyn Jessica 4-ET, Elmar Holsteins, VIC
Honourable Mention
Highgreen Bolton Noni, Beclah Park & Quality Ridge, VIC

Grand Champion
Fairvale Morty Lady 51, LR, SJ & LA Thompson, TAS

Exhibitor Encouragement Award

Anthony Peatling

Premier Breeder
Zanders Family
Premier Exhibitor
Blue Chip Genetics

Class 1, Heifer, born on or after 01/07/13

1. Murribrook Dundee Pam (Dundee),  MJ Sowter, NSW
2. Hillview Park Mclovin I’M So Tricky (Arizona),¬†McFlemm, NSW
3. Southern Star Dempsey Pam (Dempsey), Southern Star, VIC
4. Warwick Farm Sweet As Candy-ET Pine-Tree Sid), T Pearce, NSW
5. Waljasper Braxton Frosty-ET (Braxton), CP & SJ Walsh, NSW

Class 2, All Australian Heifer - to be under 12 months on show day - Graham Simpson Memorial Trophy

1. Sugar’n’Spice Windbrook Decla (Windbrook),¬†Bluechip Genetics & Sugar’n’Spice Syndicate, VIC
2.  Bluechip Goldchip Bonnie (Gold Chip), Bluechip Genetics & Fairvale Holsteins, VIC
3. Sensei Atwood Electra 3 (Atwood), T Smethurst, VIC
4. Reeb Ela Wood Electra-IMP-ET (Atwood), Walsh & Dickson, NSW
5.  Strongbark Ripple Kazza (Rip), J Strong,  NSW

Class 3, Heifer, born 01/01/13 to 30/06/13

1. Murribrook Destry Velvet (Destry), MJ Sowter, NSW
2. Bluechip Sid Madison-IMP-ET (Sid), Bluechip Genetics, VIC
3. Sugar’n’Spice Windbrook Decla (Windbrook),¬†Bluechip Genetics & Sugar’n’Spice Syndicate, VIC
4. Bluechip Goldchip Bonnie (Gold Chip), Bluechip Genetics & Fairvale Holsteins, VIC
5. Sensei Atwood Electra 3-IMP-ET (Atwood), T Smethurst, VIC

Class 4, Heifer, born 01/07/12 to 31/12/12

1. Cairnhill Braxton Perky 2 (Braxton), Zanders Family, VIC
2. Bluechip Goldwyn Tonio (Goldwyn), Bluechip Genetics & Tahora Farms, VIC
3. Bluechip LR Windbrook Dancer-IMP-ET (Windbrook), Bluechip Genetics & Eastview Holsteins, VIC
4. Bluechip Goldwyn Frosty-IMP-ET (Goldwyn), Bluechip Genetics & Toi Toi Genetics, VIC
5. Crookslea Jasper Starlit (Jasper), N & M Wilkie, VIC

Class 5, Heifer, Dry born 01/01/12 to 30/06/12

1. Sensei Atwood Josie-ET (Atwood-ET), D & C Armstrong, VIC
2. Rowlands Park Windbrook Chevy (Windbrook), RL & TL Wishart, VIC
3. Strongbark Jasper Candy 3-ET (Jasper), J Strong, NSW
4. Waljasper Jordan Lola (Jordan), CP & SJ Walsh, NSW
5. Bluechip Sid Whynot (Sid), Bluechip Genetics, VIC

Class 6, Heifer, Dry born 01/07/11 to 31/12/11

1. Coolea Braxton Satin (Braxton), Crawford Family, NSW
2. Bluechip Finalcut Whynot (Finalcut), Bluechip Genetics, VIC
3. Pooley Bridge Talent Mercury (Talent), Leslie Farms, VIC

Class 7, Heifer, Dry born 01/01/10 to 30/06/11

1. Bluechip Sanchez Betsyann (Sanchez), Bluechip Genetics & Toi Toi Genetics, VIC
2. Linsand Aspen Cinnamin (Aspen), J&C Gardiner, L&H Marshall, VIC
3. Bluechip Goldwyn Paradise (Goldwyn), Bluechip Genetics, VIC

Class 8, Cow, Dry born prior to 01/01/10

1. Bluechip Shottle Whynot (Shottle), Bluechip Genetics, VIC
2. Cairnhill Morsan Paradise (Damion),  Zanders Family,VIC

Class 9, Heifer, 2yrs in Milk, born 01/07/11 to 30/06/12

1. Pooley Bridge Windstorm Kay 150 (Windstorm), Leslie Farms, VIC
2. Brindabella Atwood Juno (Atwood), SD & JL Sieben, VIC
3. Lightning Ridge Atwood Topsy (Atwood), Bluechip Genetics & Lightning Ridge Holsteins, VIC
4. Paringa Windstorm Ezra (Windstorm), Bluechip Genetics & Wiabuna Holsteins, VIC
5. Robsvue Lauthority Shamrock (Lauthority), Robsvue, SA

Class 10, Heifer, 2 1/2yrs in Milk, born 01/01/11 to 30/06/11

1. Cairnsdale VF Atwood Rhianna (Atwood), Menzies Farms & M Templeton, NSW
2. Avonlea Fever Suzette-ET (Fever), CP & SJ Walsh, NSW
3. Luccombe Damion Shale (Damion), Luccombe Farms, NSW
4. Coomboona Shotalan Carmel-ET (Shot Alan), Coomboona Holsteins, VIC
5. Avonlea Braedale Bettine (Goldwyn), JH & CJ Gardiner, VIC

Class 12, Senior 3, born 01/01/10 to 30/06/10

1. Missy Moo Ladino Cathy-ET(Talent), K Bradley, VIC
2. Cairnhill Talent Perfect (Talent), Zanders Family, VIC
3. Murribrook Goldwyn Verbena (Goldwyn),  MJ Sowter, NSW
4. Wyoming Shottle Mary (Shottle), JH & CJ Gardiner, VIC
5. Linsand Dundee Corona-ET (Dundee), LR, SJ & LA Thompson, TAS

Class 13, Cow, 4yrs in Milk, born 01/07/09 to 31/12/09

1. Grantley Pagewire Twilight (Pagewire), Menzies, Pacitti & Templeton, VIC
2. Dryfield Goldwyn Paradise (Goldwyn), Dryfield Farms, VIC
3. Carisma Cairnhill Paradise (Goldwyn), D Crawford, VIC
4. Elm Banks DD Odessa (Dean),  C & M Gleeson, VIC
5. Fresh Start Raven Posch (Raven), Fresh Start, VIC

Class 14, Cow 5yrs in Milk, born 01/07/08 to 30/06/09

1. Heartland Goldwyn Patsy (Goldwyn), Gordon Family, VIC
2. Glenorleigh Toystory Matsuko (Toystory-ET),  TE & KA Henningsen, SA
3. Cairnhill Damian Leader (Damion), Crawford Family, NSW
4. Woorayl Park Dundee Berryblossom (Dundee), H Bawden, VIC
5.  Elm Banks Blitz Topsy (Blitz), C & M Gleeson, VIC

Class 15, Cow 6yrs in Milk, born 01/07/07 to 30/06/08

1. Highgreen Bolton Noni (Bolton), Beclah Park & Quality Ridge, VIC
2. Elm Banks Polly Wolly (Final Cut), C & M Gleeson, VIC
3. Fresh Start Richlands Daisy (Pat), Fresh Start, VIC
4. Shevron Outside Jazz (Outside), Shevron Holsteins,  VIC
5. Cairnhill Morsan Presence-ET (Goldwyn), Dr Phillips, VIC


Class 16, Cow 7yrs & over in Milk, born prior to 01/07/07 - Les Ward Memorial Trophy

1. Fairvale Morty Lady 51 (Morty), LR, SJ & LA Thompson, TAS
2. Elmar Goldwyn Jessica 4-ET (Goldwyn), Elmar Holsteins, VIC
3. Snowdale Lustre Jewel  (Laramie), Bluechip Genetics & Willette Holsteins, VIC
4. Barkly Ladino Betsyann (Talent), Bluechip Genetics & McIntosh Farming Partnership, VIC
5 Crawford Family, NSW Coolea Stormatic Bess 01-01-2007 Comestar Stormatic

Class 17, Best Udder

1. Elmar Goldwyn Jessica 4-ET,  Elmar Holsteins,  VIC