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HYB Field to Photo Competition
DATE: Sunday 17th August 2014
LOCATION: Bicton, Devon, UK





Young members from all over the UK and Ireland assembled in Devon this weekend for Holstein UK’s Annual Rally.
The annual event includes herd visits, fancy dress, stockjudging and brings together teams from all over the UK and Ireland to compete in the Field to Photo competition.
Northern Ireland took home the trophy for the top team award in the Field To Photo competition with the Shropshire Team having to settle for Reserve.

For more pictures visit our Facebook page, where people who were there have been sending pictures in all day- Massive Thanks to them.

Field To Photo -Top "A" Team

1. Northern Ireland
2. Shropshire
3. Devon
4. Scotland South

Field To Photo- Top "B" Team

1. Border & Lakeland B
2. Scotland South B
3. Devon B
4. Yorkshire B

Clipping -"A" Teams

1. Northern Ireland
2. Border & Lakeland
3. Shropshire
4. Devon

Clipping- "B" Teams

1. Northern Ireland B
2. Devon B
3. Lancashire B
4. West Midlands B

Washing- "A" Teams

1. Border & Lakeland
2=. Lancashire
2=. Northern Ireland
4 Scotland South

Washing- "B" Teams

1. Border & Lakeland B
2. Scotland South B
3. Devon
4. Yorkshire


1. Jonathon Cope -Shropshire
2. Holly Bereen-South Eastern
3. Leiza Montgomery-Northern Ireland
4. Lizzie Miles-North East
5. Evie Tomlinson-East Midlands
6. Nicky Bishop- Devon B

Photographing- "A" Teams

1. Scotland South
2. Ireland
3. Shropshire
4= Cornwall
4= East Midlands
4= Northern Ireland
4= South Wales
4= Western

Photographing- "B" Teams

1. Lancashire B2
2. Border & Lakeland B
3. Yorkshire B
4= Lancashire B
4=Scotland South

Junior Stockjudging

1. Thomas Hull
2. Evie Tomlinson
3. Lizzie Clarke
4. Hannah Bown

Senior Stockjudging

1. Carys Jones
2. Michael Yates
3. Andrew Patton
4. Michael Dewhurst

Stockjudging-Top Team award

1. West Midlands
2. Lancashire
3. Northern Ireland
4. Scotland