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Holstein Fun In The Sun Cancun Edition 2016
DATE: February 16, 2016 at Noon
LOCATION: Moon Palace Resort, Cancun Mexico

Sale Results

The Holstein Fun in the Sun Cancun Edition 2016 took place February 16th at the Moon Palace Resort in Cancun, Mexico. The sale, managed by The Cattle Exchange, of Delhi, NY, averaged $22,325 on 40 Lots.

Topping the sale at $95,000 was Lot 2, Leaderwin Monterey Mystic, consigned by Leaderwin Holsteins, Leola, PA and purchased by ABS Global, DeForest, WI.Mystic is a +2752GTPI +8.4PL July 2015 Monterey from a GP82 Supersire, followed by 7 generations of VG & EX cows.

Second high seller of afternoon was also purchased by ABS Global. Lot 1, Ronelee Josuper Bella-ET, commanded a price of $75,000 for consigner Sherman Polinder of Lynden, WA. Bella is a February 2015 donor dam Josuper who comes in at +2697GTPI, out of a GP82 Mixer, followed by a VG86 Observer and then EX91-2E Ronelee Outside Dabble, with five more generations of EX and VG dams.

Third high seller was Lot 6, bringing $51,000. Tramilda Denver Whitney-ET +2752GTPI +6.7PL is a Denver daughter from a +2482 Jerod, followed by 8 generations of VG & EX dams. She was consigned by Tramilda Holsteins of Montezuma, GA and purchased by Progenesis, ON.

The fourth high seller at $50,000 was Lot 3, Spruce Haven Rub SX16880-ET, an October 2015 +2740GTPI +8.5PL Rubicon from a +2553GTPI +6.8PL Beluga, followed by two more generations of VG dams. She was the consignment of Spruce Haven Holsteins, Union Springs, NY and purchased by Select Sires, Plain City, OH.

Rounding out the top five prices was Lot 12, Vogue Silver Bikini, a +2618 GTPI Silver from a VG85 Snowman, followed by five more generations of EX & VG dams from the Braedale Gypsy Grand family. She was consigned by Vogue Genetics of Brighton, ON and purchased by Tom Mercuro & Jan DeVries, MD.

Sale Catalog

The Holstein Fun in the Sun Cancun Edition 2016 takes place Tuesday, February 16th at 12:00 Noon at the Moon Palace Resort in Cancun, Mexico. The sale is being managed by The Cattle Exchange, and online bidding will be available through Cowbuyer. There are 50 lots cataloged for this exciting sale, featuring top genomic individuals and All-American families. Click HERE or the image below to view the catalog.

Sale Information

Holstein Fun in the Sun
Cancun Edition
February 16, 2016 at Noon
Moon Palace Resort
Cancun, Mexico

Real Time Bidding Available on Cowbuyer
Contact Aaron Ray Tompkins… 366.363.4639

Sale Manager
The Cattle Exchange

Sale Staff

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