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Harvest Royal Brown Swiss Sale 2015
DATE: December 5, 2015

The Harvest Royal Sale was held December 5, 2015 in Elkhorn, WI and  finished with an average of $3010 on 64 head selling to 11 states.
Topping the event at $13,500 was a special Sr. 2yr from Double W Dairy. Double W Pepp Clara V87/88ms(for now). The Res. Intermediate Champion – 1st Sr. 2yr & Best Udder 2015 Southwestern National Show. She is a Cayenne Pepper x Vinra James Cathryn. After a three horse race John Cunningham R-John Holsteins, Petaluma, CA emerged the winner over contenders Goldfawn Farm, TX and Elite Dairy, NY. Allyn Paulson & Tammy Voegeli will also be listed as owners.
The last drop of the gavel produced the second high seller at $4600. Double W Pepper Delight V85/85 This Sr. 2yr had just finished 25,546 and sold due in March. Another Cayenne Pepper x Double W James Della was purchased for Allan Brisson, Vergennes VT.
Additional High Sellers
Double W Joel Sydney…….$4500
Buyer: Stanley Headge Hico, TX…….Consignor: Double W Dairy, CO
Double W Goldrush Success…….$4100
Buyer: Gary Kruse Dyersville, IA…….Consignor: Double W Dairy, CO
Double W Wunder Carnie…….$4100
Buyer: Allan Brisson Vergennes, VT…….Consignor: Double W Dairy, CO
Double W Cork Mist…….$4000
Buyer: Cynthia Ziegler Belleville, WI….Consignor: Double W Dairy, CO
Double W Thunder Perkie…….$4000
Buyer: Allan Brisson Vergennes, VT…….Consignor: Double W Dairy, CO
Fair Hill CN Brkgs Julia ET…….$4000
Buyer: Dan Brubacker Colby, WI…….Consignor: Tom Oberhaus, WI
Sale managed by: Brown Swiss Sale Service LLC
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