Genetic Wave Sale 2015

April 9, 2015 at 6:00PM @ Fredericton, NB

90 head selling

Sale averages $7220 on 80 live lots!  Top sellers now online! High seller Lot 4 at $80,000 – Progenesis Monterey Ruby GPA LPI+3524 3611 DGV Conf+15 GTPI+2650 NM$740 3.23 PTAT from  AC Dreary Rush VG-85 family.   Managed by Blondin International and Brian Craswell Auctions.

Top Sellers


Sale Average $7220 on 80 head
Embryo average $896 on 4 embryos

Lot 4 Progenesis Monterey Ruby $80,000
Buyer: Select Sires Iowa, USA

Lot 15 Pierstein Goldwyn Rosie Ann $20,500
Buyer: Blondin QC

Lot 46 Milibro Lotus Roselustre $17,500
Buyer: La Ferme Claude Morneau Inc.QC

Lot 23 MS Ariel Man o Man Arita $15,700
Buyer: Eastside, PEI

Lot 93 Extondale Goldwyn Lilly $15,500
Buyer: T&L, BC

Lot 10 Walnutlawn Doorman Sunshine $15,100
Buyer: Tom & John Canon, Iowa

Lot 1 Vieuxsaule Flame Freida $14,500
Buyer, Lindenright, NS

Lot 90 Lachancia Elaborate Titane $12,200
Buyer: Skyline Holsteins c/o Rich Carberry, ON

Lot 44 Comestar Geomy Reginald $11,500
Buyer: Devon Benfer KS, USA

Lot 7 Vogue CGain Hopscotch $11,000
Buyer: Lindenright, NS

Lot 13 Fortale Windbrook Alabama $11,000
Buyer: Ferme Mibelson QC

Sale Prices

$4500 – Lot 91- Fanico Windbrook Lylia GP- Fresh March 28th from 4 VG or EX dams
$4200 – Lot 66 – Chriphi Stanleycup Saucer – Fresh March 2015 from VG or EX
$8600 – Lot 30- Craggan Godlwyn LInis – Fresh Feb 2015 from 10 gen VG or EX dams from the Lydias
$4500- Lot 83 – Pasocobac Windbrook Jolly – Fresh Feb 2015 from 4 gen VG or EX
$5500- Lot 56- Combination Dempsey Melita now VG-88 – fresh Feb 2015- next 4 of 5 dams VG or EX
$9200- Lot 88- Ty D Sid Mistral VG-85 Fresh Feb 2015 Jr 2yr Old for 2015 from EX-93 Arethusa Gold Marche plus 5 more VG or EX dams from Hillcroft Leader Melanie family
$8000- Lot 20- Karona Goldwyn Ado VG-87 – Due Sept 2015 to Dude (female) from 6 gen VG or EX
$15,100- Lot 10 – Walnutlawn Doorman Sunshine – Jr 2yr Old for 2015 Due July 2015 to Goldchip from 10 gen VG or EX 3rd dam Wilsona Freelance Sizzle VG-86 10*
$800 – Lot 10 E- 5 High Octane Embryos x Misty Springs Lavanguard Sue VG-89 1* then Freelance Sizzle VG-86 10*
$17,500 – Lot 46- Milibro Lotus Roselustre – Senior Calf for 2015 from Ex-92 Atlas plus 5 more VG or EX dams

$11,500- Lot 44- Comestar Geomy Reginald – Senior Calf for 2015 from VG-87 Comestar Georgette Mitey plus 8 more gen VG or EX from Fortale Lindy Stella family
$7700- Lot 43- Arcadia Sid Stamp – Senior Calf for 2015 from Belfast Goldwyn Shelley EX-92 17* plus 9 more gen VG or EX
$4300- Lot 18 –Furness Sid Brooks – Senior yearling from Blondin Goldwyn Beauty EX-90 plus 2 more EX Dams
$3700- Lot 61- Cobequid Brady Bamba – Oct 2014 Brady from Pierstein Lee Belita VG-87 4* plus 2 more VG or EX- Heifer maternal sister to Cobequid Sid BlackBerry – Nom All-Canadian 4-H 2013

$3900-Lot 60- Cobequid Goldchip Rumba – Sept 2014 Gold Chip from Cobequid Stanleycup Raylene VG-86 plus 5 more VG or EX
$12,200-Lot 90 – Lachincia Elaborate Titane – Junior Yearling 1st Jr Calf Supreme Latier & Victoriaville 2014 – Elaborate from 7 gen VG or EX
$3000- Lot 50
Lot 16 – Gen I Beq Goldwyn Laure – Summer Yearling from Lylehaven Durham Laurel EX-90 plus3 more VG or EX dams from Lila Z family
$4100- Lot 17-Walkerville Lilly Star – Bred Mar 2015 to Doorman 3 gen VG or Ex from Lila Z family
$11000-Lot 13-Fortale Windbrook Allie Sept 2015 calf from Ms Goldwyn Alana EX-96 2E then Alicia 2 ETN
$4000- Lot 53- Charmine M Sid Summer Yearling from VG-87 Promotion then 6 VG dams
$4100- Lot 54B- Big maple Attic Dorothy Summer yearling from VG-86 Outside then 6 more VG or EX dams
$5900- Lot 25- Ms Chassitys Finish – Senior Calf from Chassity EX-92 DOM GMD 16*
$3700 Lot 24- Crasdale Kingboy Casher6984 GTPI+2295 NM$509 GPA LPI+3060 from Farnear TBR BH Cash O VG-86 3rd Dam Chassity
$2800-Lot 27- Fairisle Doorman Adele -Sept 2014 Doorman x Fairisle Windbrook Beth VG-85 3rd dam Brasila
$750- Lot 28E-2 Goldwyn Embryos from Independence Day VG-85 from Christmas Eve VG-86 then Chassity EX-92
$8800- Lot 26- Ms Chassity Uno Chancel Fresh Jan 21 VG-86 Bred march 29th to High Octane Uno from Chassity EX-92 DOM GMD 16*
$15,700- Lot 23 – MS ARIEL MOMAN AIRTA VG-89 Due Sept 29 to Doorman (female) from Ms Atlees Goldwyn Ariel EX-92 4* then Atlee
$3300-Lot 23A-Oct 2014 Camero from Ms Ariel Moman Arita VG-89 x Goldwyn Ariel Ex-92 4*
$1000- Lot 23E-4 McCutchen Embryos from Moman Arita VG-89
$4700- Lot 32 – Crasdale Sanchez Liquify VG-88 from 9 of 10 gen VG or EX from Lydia Family
$5700-Lot 89- Quality Braxton Fuchsia now VG- Fresh nov Bred Feb to Doorman
$8200- Lot 14- Walkerbrae Derry Sanchez VG-87 Fresh March 2015 from 5 VG or EX Dams.  Lexis RT Haven Maternal Sister to Dam
$7000-Lot 68- Pierstein Goldwyn Grace VG-85 Due April to Windbrook from 5 VG or EX Dams
$9500- Lot 9 – Rainyridge Super Beth VG-86 GLPI_2804 Conf+14 dam of Former #1 RC heifer in the world from EX-92 Rainyridge Talent Barbara
$80,000-Lot 4 – Progenesis Monterey Ruby GPA LPI+3524 3611 DGV Conf+15 GTPI+2650 NM$740 3.23 PTAT from Supersire then AC Dreary Rush VG-85
$10,000- Lot 3 – Progenesis Montross Maggie GPA LPI+3214 DGV 3269 GPI+2565 746 NM$
$14,500 – Lot 1- Vieuxsaulle Flame Freida GTPI+2517 GPA LPI 2980 3092 DGV from 5 gen VG or EX same family as Bolton Halia VG-87 6*
$8000- Lot 2 -Larch Grove CameroLexi GLPI+3069 DGV3129 GPI+2530 716NM$ 2nd dam Gloryland I goldwyn Locket EX-94
$11,000- Lot 7- Vogue CGain Hopscotch GPA LPI+3311 3436DGV Conf+16 GTPI+2403 ptat 2.93
$6700 – Lot 5- Mapel Wood Kingboy Sassy GPA LPI+3145 3180DGV COnf+11 GTPI+2403 From Spooky family
$4100-Lot 6- Mapel Wood C Gain Special GLPI+3130 DGV+3147 Conf+14 GPI+2377 from Spooky Family
$4500 -Lot 65- Oconnos Cgain Electra 3054 GLPI Conf+15 GTPI2312 from LExor Eden VG-86 plus 13 gen VG or EX dams including 3rd dam Tramilda N Baxter Emily VG-85 3*
$5200- Lot 64-Browntown LD SS Lookout due May to Davinci from VG-85 Man O Man Look at her plus 8 more VG or EX dams
$20,500- Lot 15- Pierstein Goldwyn Rosie Annie from Dundee Rosina EX-90 x James Rose EX-97 2E
$4500- Lot 22 – Extondale Sid Dash Summer Yearling 2015 from VG-85 Goldwyn Heaven from 4 gen VG or EX
$5300-Lot 29- Idee Goldwyn Ladonna Summer Yearling for 2015 from Idee Louis Luise EX-94 7* plus 9 more gen VG or EX from Lydias
$15,500 -Lot 93- Extondale Goldwyn Lily Int Calf from Idee Damion Lakisha VG-87 1* plus 9 more gen VG or EX from the Lydias
$5000- Lot 57- Blue Diamond Godlwyn Emily  Senior calf from Rolling Spring Embrace EX-92 DOM then Dur Esquisite & Electra
$4000- Lot 49
$10,000- Lot 34-Morsan Miss Magic VG-86 Fresh March 2015 from Gold Missy EX-95 2E 14*
$5100- Lot 95- Frahil Stanleycup Atlast Fresh march 2015 from Dundee Maternal sister to  MIssy
$4100-Lot 38- ABeline Sudview Doorman Arie from EX-90 1* Baxter x Gold Amaze VG-87 4*-full sister to Missy
$3000-Lot 39-Frahill Atwood Andrea Summer Yearling 2015 from Dundee Maternal Sister VG-88 to Missy
$3200-Lot 37A-LIndenright Windbrook Contra Summer yearling from MIss Conduct VG-85 then Gold Missy EX
$3000-Lot 37B-LIndenright Collateral Concept Senior Calf 2015 GPA LPI+2984 COnf +12 GTPI+2311 2nd dam Gold MIssy EX
$5300-Lot 40- Lewisdale Eastside IM Amazed VG-85 from Gold Amaze VG-87 4*
$2800- Lot 41
$950- Lot 42E
$5900- Lot 52- Sudview Sid Alexus Fresh Jan 2014 now VG bred march to Doorman from 4 gen VG or EX with Ashlyn EX-92 2E DOM GMD 15* 2nd dam
$4700- LOt 54- Big mpale Sid Ld Fate Fresh NOv 2014 from 12 VG or EX Dams
$6000- Lot 85-ABF HIghoutput Brawl Bobby Jo Fresh Jr 2yr old from 5 VG or EX Dams
$5400- Lot 62- Marbri Uno Gusto VG-85 Fresh Oct Due Nov 2015 to Sherpa from 9 G or EX Dams
$5200- Lot 67-Chiphi Goldwyn VG-86 Satin  FresH Nov 23 from EX-91 dam
$10,500 Lot 72- Crasdale Doorman Sushi Summer Yearling from VG-86 Lauthority plus next 11 of 12 dams VG or EX from Shower family
$4500-Lot 63-Bricon Uno Beyonce SUmmer  Yearling for 2015 from 6 VG or EX Dams same family as Rosiers Brae GoldwynEX-94
$2900-Lot 80- Allegro Letitsnow remarkable Summer YEarling from EX-91 5E 2* Dundee
$2500-Lot 58A- Diamond Hill Dempsey Fenella Summer Yearling from EX-90 Jasper then Emory Fashion EX-92 12*
$2500-Lot 58B- Dimaond Hill Dempsey Fern Summer Yearling from Ex-90 Jasper ten Emory Fashion Ex-92 12*
$2800-Lot 78- Wilsonburg Planet Dee -JUnior Yearling from EX-90 2E Goldwyn
$2800-Lot 55 – Clarkes Mogul Fantasia Junior yearling from VG-85 Shottle
$3500-Lot 33- Paivue Fever Lavender Senior Calf from VG-87 Windbrook plus 3 more VG or EX Dams
$7200-Lot 92- Brookvilla Attic Marvelous Due Jun 2015 to Rocky from 4 VG Dams
$4300-Lot 81- Sussex View laser Annabelle Due May 2015 to Dempsey from 7 gen VG or EX
$3600-Lot 84- Digby Brawler Nikita Due July to PUlsar from 2 VG dams
$3700-Lot 74- Combination Stanleycup Louise Due July to Musketeer from 7 gen VG or EX from Chessie Jean family
$3400-Lot 87A-Crasdale MC lally McCutchen x Lookout Goldwyn Lallya VG-86 then Idee Shottle Lalia EX-94 2E 1*
$3700- Lot 87B-Crasdale MCtuchen Lallya April 2014 McCutchen from Goldwyn Lallya VG-86
$4500- Lot 87- Lookout Goldwyn Lallya VG-86 from Idee Shottle Lalia Ex-94 2E 1* plus 7 more VG or EX Dams
$4700- Lot 77- Regwall Tommie Debbie D Fresh Dec 2014 now VG from 14 VG or EX dams
$5400-Lot 94-Colstein Goldwyn Umerica Fresh April 1st from 4 VG or EX Dams
$5200- Lot 79- Crasdale Windbrook LEad me on VG-85 Bred March 30th to Sexed Bombero from 7 VG or EX Dams
$4200- Lot 69- Fairisle Stanleycup Pumpkin Fresh march 2015 from 4 VG or EX Dams including 2nd dam Lheros Jenn EX-94 8*
$4000-Lot 82- Eastside Sanchez Offering now VG-86 from EX-93 Gold Offering then Oriole EX-93 2E & Osmond


Lot 20…Karona Goldwyn Ado VG87, a Senior 3 Year Old for 2015 due again in September with a Dude female, she is a Goldwyn x an EX94-3E Dixie-Lee Aaron

Lot 23…Ms Ariel Moman Arita-ET, a VG89 Man-O-Man 4 Year Old for 2015, due in September with a Doorman female. She is a daughter of Ms Atlees Goldwyn Ariel-ET EX92, with the second dam being MD-Delight Durham Atlee EX92

Lot 30…Craggan Goldwyn Linis, a Senior 2 Year Old Goldwyn fresh in February from a VG87 Dundee x an EX90 Leduc x Ravenswell Lydia EX92-DOM

Lot 37A…Lindenright Windbrook Contra…a June 2014 Windbrook x VG85End-Road Beacon x EX95-2E Eastside Lewisdale Gold Missy

Lot 38A…Lindenright Collateral Concept…a September 2014 Stantons Collateral +2984GLPI/+2311GTPI daughter out of a VG85End-Road Beacon x EX95-2E Eastside Lewisdale Gold Missy

Lot 44…Comestar Geomy Reginald…a September 2014 Reginald x VG87 Mitey-P x VG85 Titanic x seven more EX or VG dams

Lot 49…Signature McDougal Keystorm, a December 2014 McDougal x VG88 Goldwyn x VG88 Jasper x EX92-3E Craftsman, Nominated All-Canadian 5 Year Old 2005

Lot 90…Lachancia Elaborate Titane, a March 2014 Elaborate x VG87 Goldwyn x VG86 Morty, Titane was the winning Junior Calf at the following 2014 shows: Supreme Laitier, Rive-Nord Expo, Victoriaville & Montmagny

Photos are courtesy of Carolyn McDonald

Sale Information and Catalog


The Genetic Wave Sale will feature ninety head of elite and high-powered Holsteins during the Canadian National Holstein Convention. The sale is managed by Blondin International and Brian Craswell Auctions.

View the catalog HERE

Genetic Wave Sale
Thursday April 9, 2015 at 6:00PM

Fredericton Exhibition Grounds
361 Smythe Street
Fredericton (New Brunswick) Canada

Program of Activities
Thursday, April 9, 2015
6 p.m. Genetic Wave Sale
Friday, April 10, 2015
9 a.m. National Spring Showcase

Managed by:
Blondin International & Brian Crawell Auctions

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