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Fun in the Sun ~ Lido Beach 2018
DATE: February 23, 2018
LOCATION: Lido Beach Resort, Sarasota, FL

Sale Prices

The Fun in the Sun ~ Lido Beach 2018 sale was held Friday, February 23, 2018 at the Lido Beach Resort, Sarasota, FL. The Holstein average on 47 lots was $26,400 and 4 Jerseys averaged $42,500. The sale was managed by The Cattle Exchange.

$153,000 … Lot 4:¬†Gillette Robson Cleamagic (+2916G, #6 AltaRobson of the breed)
$145,000 … Lot 1:¬†Aurora Reason 19595-ET (+2944G, the highest genomic calf to ever sell at public auction)
$101,000 … Lot 2:¬†Sheland Mod Bright Blaze-ET (+2927G)
$81,000 … Lot 1J:¬†JX Royal Tyrion 2783 (3) (+221GJPI, #23 GJPI heifer)

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Sale Updates

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1: Mat. brother Pinnacle prelim GTPI +2990 +1056NM$. Dam looks fabulous & made 58 transfers on 4 flushes & 45 oocytes on 6 aspirations!
2: A TOP 75 GTPI heifer! +165CFP & soon ready to IVF! Huge potential!
3: A TOP 100CM$ heifer! Hails from one of the most pre-potent families of the breed!
4: BB Kappa Casein, A1A2. 170CFP. 2nd dam will calve back soon & looks to score higher! Opportunities abound!
5: +167CFP, the #1 GTPI, NM$ Bourbon! Soon ready to IVF! Smoking hot family!
6: An early Achiever w/167CFP from family that makes AI units a fortune!
7: A very unique pedigree, soon ready to IVF w/GTPI +2878 is major League!
8: The #1 GTPI Copycat & #2for NM$, she is +$1131DWP +173CFP & from family that has made tens of millions for AI & Breeders alike!
9: Owned with Jason Faria. Prolific family that has chugged out many active sires & made AI a fortune!
10: A very early Pinnacle w/huge health traits! This mat. line just produced a 3000+ GTPI heifer!
11 & 12: Westcoast will pay trucking to Ontario to assist the buyers! Both ready to IVF soon!
13: RZG +159 w/interest for embryos & soon ready to IVF or flush! Review the sires this mat. line has produced!
15: #2 Red/RC GTPI heifer in the world! How do you control the RED industry, you buythe highest & breed them higher! What an opportunity!
16A: A2A2, +$1187DWP, +167RZG. We expect she will sell many embryos! BIG, BIG Time heifer! Also, BB Kappa Casein!
16B: The third highest GTPI heifer of the breed that is over +3 for Type & over +3 on UDC! WOW!
17A & B: Dam now milking over 130 pounds! Buyers choice!
18: The #1 GTPI Pizazz dtr. & look at the sons this family has produced! Tremendous flush family!
19:¬†The #3 Windfall of the breed & a unique branch of the “Rudy Missy” family!
20: IVF history: 2-13-18, 10 oocytes-8 pooled; 1-30-18, 11 oocytes-6 pooled; 1-16-18, 11 oocytes-22 pooled. Huge health traits!
21 & 22: A family that throws breed leading sires including Robust, Jedi, Flagship & more! Both soon ready to IVF!
23: The 2nd dam looks to be VG after calving again! Tremendous flush family history!
24: What can we say, the family makes sons that continue to be breed leaders! A sure bet for success!
25: Very unique sires on the bottom side from production packed pedigree!
26: Soon ready to IVF & Westcoast will pay trucking to Ontario for new buyer! Really unique sire line up!
27: An early Samuri w/+171CFP!
28: Health traits combined w/production packed pedigree & Mogul free! Soon ready to IVF!
29: Early Samuri x Outside Roz family that makes EX-MS & 45,000 to 55,000lb records! Ready to work!
30: The highest for milk in the sale, tied for 2nd highest for P & 3rd highest in catalog for Type!
31: Soon ready to IVF and already embryo interest!
32: 13th gen. EX or VG, carries smasshing udder & huge numbers! This could be the sleeper of the sale!
33: The family that produced Tango & so many others! Ready to IVF now! +161CFP!
34: Ready to IVF or flush now w/extreme health traits & huge pedigree!
35: She is A2A2, RZG +157 & ready to IVF!
36:¬†Unique sire stack. Carrying a male w/AI interest. IVF 2x’s: 1-2-18 9 oocytes pooled; 2-8-18, 12 oocytes, 2 implants & set up for 3-8-18 IVF!
37: An early Imax ready to IVF, +162CFP!
38: She is housed at Sunshine Genetics in Whitewater, WI. Ready to flush or IVF now, instant payback!
39: RZG +158, +1000DWP$, she sells w/embryo contract for $9,000. & more interest! 8 EX or VG dams!
40: Proven IVF track record & great combination of health traits & Type.
43:¬†One of the first Marquee dtrs. & +1085DWP$. Apple’s mat. line!
44:¬†One of the first Marquee dtrs. & +1033DWP$. Apple’s mat. line!
50: Staggering credentials! +173CFP & one of the breeds highest in every category! Big Time heifer!
J1-J4: Virtually every Jersey offering is a breed leading individual! Amazing select offering!

Sale Genomics
111/23/2017003148104784AURORA REASON 19595-ET294418130.10960.0262158103710572061.110.72.764.
210/17/2017003146271496SHELAND MOD BRIGHT BLAZE-ET292720110.07930.0472165100510272241.87.62.882.
310/28/2017003145286899RI-VAL-RE ACHVR JAZZY-ET29179410.23970.0543140104310831953.310.52.535.
412/4/2017000012934373GILLETTE ROBSON CLEAMAGIC291610460.261090.1061170106211192311.211.42.734.
59/22/2017000144325250WA-DEL-AG BOURBON GALA-ET289620140.09980.0369167100610272211.89.52.763.
611/16/2017003145286936RI-VAL-RE ACHVR PAULA-ET288112580.241130.0654167100910432222.68.62.783.
79/8/2017003146202693GENOSOURCE MAPLE 38143-ET287813500.14890.06571469459831861.79.32.623.
811/7/2017003145966764STUNNING-M COPYCAT LEXUS-ET287514010.211080.076517397310162231.98.12.802.
91/7/2018003145287013RIVALREFARIA FRAZZ GIGI289118890.02760.0467143101210421842.711.22.574.
1012/12/2017003143928839CHERRY-ACRES PINN LUEDKE-ET286116220.06790.0564143100010301973.710.72.834.
119/4/2017000012843308WESTCOAST IMAX FARIA 6141285719310.04850.03671529279471960.78.22.833.
1210/7/2017000012843429WESTCOAST GUARENTEE FARIA 626281418880.05850.067215796810022111.49.82.693.
138/28/2017003145982618PINE-TREE 774 MEDLE 7672-ET281420770.00790.0370149101910402005.210.32.772.
149/4/2017003145982632PINE-TREE 774 ACHIE 7686-ET278712290.18940.075715198210222103.49.12.783.
159/21/2017003145640101MS RI-VAL-RE WINDY ELECTRA-ET284014630.171000.0354154102010422153.89.32.874.
1611/5/2017000012893509COMFORT THRLR GUARANTE ROXY-E284218790.01730.077414799610292141.510.22.874.
16B12/9/2017000012893528THURLER COMFRT FORTUN RIANA-ET2892P11530.05570.085711491014510.42.625.
17A11/21/2017003146995451EILDON-TWEED AGR WILA 2G-ET285511520.17890.065214198910262002.510.42.693.
17B11/18/2017003146995437EILDON-TWEED AGR WILA 2F-ET282910800.15810.08561379329811930.99.42.672.
1811/10/2017003141135119AOT PIZAZZ MIRABEL-ET285619710.02820.01621449559611921.99.12.952.
1911/6/2017003146202940GENOSOURCE SHAKEN 38390285415060.09810.03551369279511731.09.72.734.
202/23/2017003139798399AARDEMA MODESTY 31002-ET284713260.12820.055313598810131853.510.12.874.
2110/30/2017003145982704PINE-TREE 774 MODES 7758-ET28471897-0.01690.03651349699851863.810.02.943.
228/7/2017003145982576PINE-TREE 774 FRAZZ 7630-ET278620630.05900.02661569769921994.19.92.732.
2311/3/2017003145229954PEAK RKSTR IMAX 80791-ET281217740.08890.02601499759951963.19.52.721.
2411/10/2017003145982718PINE-TREE 7019 DUKE 7772-ET284220140.03820.06761589329632100.89.32.813.
258/17/2017003145982596PINE-TREE 6809 MODE 7650-ET282114730.10820.04551379429631903.98.42.863.
268/24/2017000012843271WESTCOAST SCRPION GRC4004 610281611370.13770.06531308879291720.99.12.614.
289/2/2017003145982629PINE-TREE 6586 FRAZ 7683-ET281415250.14940.04581529629861972.510.02.894.
299/19/2017003144882765SIEMERS SAMURI ROZ 28253-ET281317360.03730.01551289139261621.09.92.785.
309/10/2017003141563060PRECISION BRBN LIGHTUP-ET27863103-0.1478-0.0578156830810187-
319/25/2017003144934013MISTY-MOOR BOURBON GINA-ET281214000.10790.07621418338731780.16.62.733.
3212/18/2015003133821930CO-VISTA DELTA LIZZY275315160.15990.0559158894915220-
335/8/2017000012789685PROGENESIS IMAX GERBER281119790.08960.02651619289392140.07.92.961.
342/4/2017003139733253PEAK HIBISCUS-ET28139890.09620.06461089099511333.410.52.514.
357/23/2017003143627448NO-FLA RAGEN JULIE 47267-ET279123520.01880.00701589189261971.57.82.762.
367/24/2016003137593840RICHMOND-FD MINNEAPOLIS-ET27731993-0.03670.05731409289541953.29.42.873.
376/12/2017000012789810PROGENESIS IMAX WILDROSE280416550.161050.03571629549692202.17.72.912.
3811/19/2016003139851961PEAK GOLDLEAF-ET278819680.02770.03691468618801780.67.62.944.
393/5/2017003134975409STUNNING JEDI CALISTA-ET276017920.00680.07751438598961911.58.92.903.
404/5/2017003128013871TJR DETOUR TENLEY 37024278511330.18900.06521428899151882.
4111/28/2017000012948988PROGENESIS CATENA GUARA2408280714190.12860.07611479479901961.110.02.604.
4211/20/2017000012948958PROGENESIS BETSY BOUR237827982357-0.02820.00701528929001910.47.32.732.
4311/11/2017003145966793TRAMILDA MARQUEE APPLE-ET280711120.04510.07501019489841403.512.12.705.
4411/12/2017003145966794TRAMILDA MARQUEE ANGEL-ET280313160.03580.08591179569951682.812.12.794.
496/5/2017003145066189MS AVANT-GARDE D CHAKA19352070.0112-0.0141690902-
5012/25/2017003145286018RI-VAL-RE GUARANTEED-ET2917P18490.09940.0979173102010632398.62.843.

Sale Order

Sale Accommodations

Lido Beach Resort
Be sure to ask for the Cattle Exchange Event room rate! Reservations must be made by January 23 to insure special rate!