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Expo-printemps du Québec 2015
DATE: April 15-17, 2015
LOCATION: Victoriaville, QC

Expo-printemps du Québec 2015

The dates have been set for Expo-printemps du Québec 2015!  Details here!

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Expo-printemps du Québec Official Show Schedule

Wednesday April 15th
-11:ooam – Holstein National Spring Sale
– 4:00pm – Official launch and Cocktail hour

Thursday April 16th
– 7:30am – Holstein Show
-11:00am – Ayrshire, Brown Swiss, Canadienne & Jersey Sales
– 5:00pm – R&W Holstein Show

Friday April 17th
-7:30am Ayrshire, Brown Swiss, Canadienne & Jersey Show (Alternate classes)
-4:00pm – Supreme Championship

Dévoilement de la Programmatoin Expo-printemps du Québec 2015

Mercredi, le 15 avril
-11h00 – Vente Nationale Holstein
-16h00 – Lancement et cocktail de bienvenue

Jeudi, le 16 avril
– 7h30 – Jugement Holstein
– 11h00 – Vente Ayrshire, Brown Swiss, Canadienne & Jersey
-17h00 – Jugement Holstein Rouge

Vendredi, le 17 avril 
– 7h30 – Jugement Ayrshire, Brown Swiss, Canadienne & Jersey en alternance
– 16h00 – Championnat Supreme