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Eastern ON Western QC Championship Show 2017
DATE: Oct 12, 2017
LOCATION: Metcalfe, ON
JUDGE: Carl Phoenix, ON

Show Coverage Provided by Eastern ON Western QC Championship Show


Junior Champion
Bonnie Brae Ape Quinn (Ape), 1st Intermediate Calf, Bruce & Susan Mode, ON
Reserve Junior Champion
Riverdown Doorman Abrooklyn (Doorman), 1st Junior Calf, Riverdown Holsteins, ON
HM Junior Champion
Lilyking Ahead By A Century (Doorman), 1st Senior Calf, Bonnechere Holsteins, Lilyking Farm, Trekili Holsteins, ON

Intermediate Champion
Windcroft Brokaw Eclipse (Brokaw), 1st Sr. 3yr Old, Bryan & Cheryl Dickson, ON
Reserve Intermediate Champion
Hendercroft Atwood Harmony (Atwood), 1st Jr 2yr Old, Herbert Henderson, ON
HM Intermediate Champion
Jobo Amber (Air), 1st Jr 3yr Old, Jobo Farms Inc, ON

Grand Champion
Hendercroft Fever Bazooka (Fever), 1st 5yr Old, Herbert Henderson, ON
Reserve Grand Champion
Ms Dana Epic Dot-ET (Epic), 1st 4yr Old, Breeze Hill Holsteins, Raymond J. Smygwaty, ON
HM Grand Champion
Windcroft Goldchip Indigo (Gold Chip), 2nd 5yr Old, Cory Dickson, Eaton Holsteins, Jamie & Petra Black, ON

Baby June Calf, - Born after June 1st, 2017 (11)
  1. Abbedale Azalea (Sagard), Lilyking Farm, Trekili Holsteins, On
  2. Riverdown Atwood Jiggarrific (Atwood), Riverdown Holsteins, ON
  3. Delcreek Dont Wash Your Hands (Solomon), Peter Rylaarsdam, ON
  4. Winright V Doorman Bubbly (Doorman), Brian Joseph Enright, ON
  5. Cherry Crest Snowball Fight (Byway), Cherry Crest Holsteins, ON
  6. Beslea Doorman Demolition (Doorman), Beslea Farms Ltd, ON
  7. Sandy Crest Back Packer (Goldchip), Sandy Crest Holsteins, ON
  8. Hendercroft Doorman Bazinga (Doorman), Herbert Henderson, ON
  9. Delcreek Do Over (Dempsey), Peter Rylaarsdam, ON
  10. Winright Goldwyn Elexis (Goldwyn), Brian Joseph Enright, ON

Junior Calf (21)
  1. Riverdown Doorman Abrooklyn (Doorman), Riverdown Holsteins, ON
  2. Winright Beemer Baby Enthem (Beemer), Brian Joseph Enright, ON
  3. Glennholme Mario Merciless (Mario), Glennholme Holsteins, Kingsway Farms, ON
  4. Vinbert Beemer Army (Beemer), Ferme Vinbert Inc, Mary Inn Holstein, QC
  5. Signature At Gucci (Atwood), Signature Holsteins, ON
  6. Knonaudale Pretty Mud (Brewmaster), Knonaudale Farms Inc, ON
  7. Delcreek I Wont Pay Ya (Gold Chip), Peter Rylaarsdam, ON
  8. Mount Elm G Dreams Luxe (Golden Dreams), Neil & Bryan Anderson, ON
  9. Beslea Airlift Shazaam (Airlift), Beslea Farms Ltd, ON
  10. Glennholme Doorman Ecstasy (Doorman), Glennholme Holsteins, ON

Intermediate Calf (21)
  1. Bonnie Brae Ape Quinn (Ape), Bruce & Susan Mode, ON
  2. Winright Gold Chip Explosion (Gold Chip), Brian Joseph Enright, ON
  3. Burmania Doorman Janika (Doorman), Velthuis Farms Ltd, ON
  4. Bonnie Brae Mario Emery (Mario), Bruce & Susan Mode, ON
  5. Lilyking Doorman Anais (Doorman), Bonnechere Holsteins, Lilyking Farm, Trekili Holsteins, ON
  6. Delcreek Cash Me Outside (Atwood), Peter Rylaarsdam, ON
  7. Velthuis Atwood Demi (Atwood), Velthuis Farms Ltd, ON
  8. Murrayholm Doorman Ladonna (Doorman), Cherry Crest Holsteins, Murrayholm Farms Inc, ON
  9. Cherry Crest Solomon Bessie (Solomon), Cherry Crest Holsteins, ON
  10. Velthuis Atwood Brooklyn (Atwood), Velthuis Farms Ltd, ON

Senior Calf (22)
  1. Lilyking Ahead By A Century (Doorman), Bonnechere Holsteins, Lilyking Farm, Trekili Holsteins, On
  2. Shearoad High Octane Becka (High Octane), Velthuis Farms Ltd, ON
  3. Winright V Doorman Behati (Doorman), Brian Joseph Enright, ON
  4. Delcreek Bacardi And Botox (Gold Chip), Peter Rylaarsdam, ON
  5. Glennholme Jacoby Jazz (Jacoby), Glennholme Holsteins, ON
  6. Symcroft Tonka Hot Dam (Tonka), Glen M. Syme, ON
  7. Rockaberry Solomon A Zoo (Solomon), Rock-A-Berry Holsteins, ON
  8. Raeburn Meridian Demone (Meridian), Evergrow Holsteins, ON
  9. Riverdown Doorman Annika (Doorman), Riverdown Holsteins, ON
  10. Bartonleigh GD Albany (Golden Dreams), Herbert Henderson, ON

Summer Yearling (7)
  1. Vertdor Jacoby Altitude (Jacoby), Velthuis Farms Ltd, ON
  2. Cherry Crest Donaldson (Windbrook), Cherry Crest Holsteins, ON
  3. Lewisdale Byway Amaze (Byway), Erica Neville, Sunnylodge Farms Inc, ON
  4. Winright Doorman Reckless (Doorman), Brian Joseph Enright, Jaquemet Holsteins, Sunnylodge Farms Inc, Vicki Fletcher Photography, ON
  5. Bentens Aurabel Lennon (Lennon), Ferme Bentens S.E.N.C., QC
  6. Delcreek Yellow Jello (Atwood), Peter Rylaarsdam, ON
  7. Symcroft Sammy Cruise (Sammy), Glen M. Syme, ON

Junior Yearling (10)
  1. Glennholme Doorman Reggae (Doorman), Emma Farlinger, Glennholme Holsteins, Signature Holsteins, Todd Edwards, ON
  2. Harmony View Elisha (Gold Chip), Breeze Hill Holsteins, Harmony View Farms, Riverdown Holsteins, ON
  3. Winright V Windbrook Bazinga (Windbrook), Brian Joseph Enright, ON
  4. Glennholme Extreme Lasso (AltaExtreme), Glennholme Holsteins, ON
  5. Boaview Mccutchen Layla (McCutchen), Gordon Boa, QC
  6. Mountain Ridge Tinkerbell (Doorman), Connor Halpenny, ON
  7. Riverdown Atwood Jiggalu (Atwood), Riverdown Holsteins, ON
  8. Delcreek Record Year (Windbrook), Peter Rylaarsdam, ON
  9. Don-Hope Air Sherry (Airgon), Andrew Hickey, QC
  10. Pinehaven Rox Carissa (Gold Chip), Primrose Holsteins, Rosevine Farms, ON


Intermediate Yearling (7)
  1. Hendercroft Gold Chip Gooey (Gold Chip), Herbert Henderson, ON
  2. Riverdown Doorman Adelight (Doorman), Riverdown Holsteins, ON
  3. Signature B Spectra (Brokaw), Emma Farlinger, Rob Heffernan, Signature Holsteins, ON
  4. Riverdown Doorman Adarling (Doorman), Riverdown Holsteins, ON
  5. Delcreek Recharge My Iphone (Recharge), Peter Rylaarsdam, ON
  6. Sprucecho Fever Goldenrod (Fever), Starrise Holsteins, ON
  7. Delcreek Just Got Zipped (Doorman), Peter Rylaarsdam, ON

Senior Yearling (5)
  1. Crestlea Chippy Chirp Ashlinn (Gold Chip), Brian Joseph Enright, ON
  2. Delcreek Kamouraska Kisses (Goldwyn), Peter Rylaarsdam, ON
  3. Delcreek Shake Senorita (Goldwyn), Peter Rylaarsdam, ON
  4. Winright Brokaw Slamdunk (Brokaw), Brian Joseph Enright, ON
  5. Riverdown Kingpin Pastel (Kingpin), Lynn Riverdown Holsteins, ON

Junior Breeders Herd
  1. Riverdown Holsteins, ON
  2. Brian Joseph Enright, ON
  3. Jessica Brown, ON
  4. Delcrek Holsteins, ON
  5. Kyle,Brian & Jill Rivington, ON
  6. Cherry Crest Holsteins, ON
  7. Chris & Brianne Brown, ON

Junior Exhibitor Banner

1. Peter Rylaarsdam, ON and Brian Joseph Enright, ON
2.Riverdown Holsteins, ON
3.Velthuis Farms Ltd, ON

Junior Breeder Banner
  1. Peter Rylaarsdam (Delcreek), ON
  2. Brian Joseph Enright (Winright), ON
  3. Riverdown Holsteins (Riverdown), ON

Milking Yearling (9)
  1. (BU) Cherry Crest Doorman Uranium (Doorman), Cherry Crest Holsteins, Crackholm Holsteins, Lookout Holsteins, ON
  2. Kay-Ben-I CG Cheezie (Capital Gain), Velthuis Farms Ltd, ON
  3. Hendercroft Doorman Kiara (Doorman), Herbert Henderson, ON
  4. Winright Brokaw Estrada (Brokaw), Brian Joseph Enright, ON
  5. T-Triple-T-Ent Paparazzi-ET (Doorman), Velthuis Farms Ltd, ON
  6. Signature Katalou (Gold Chip), Felix Bergeron, William Baumgartner, ON
  7. Ingholm Atwood Gretchen (Atwood), Kenny Mcrae, ON
  8. Breeze Hill Sid Ginger (Sid), Raymond J. Smygwaty, ON