Eastern ON Western QC Championship Show 2018

Oct 11, 2018 @ Metcalfe, ON

Mike West

Eastern ON Western QC Championship Show 2018Congratulations to Velthuis Farms Ltd,, on their Grand Champion title with their Four year old, Willows-Edge Atwood Faith-ET at the Eastern ON Western QC Championship Show!  Mike West serves as judge. Cowsmo will be on-hand providing coverage thanks to the Eastern ON Western QC Show Committee. Last year’s Grand Champion was Hendercroft Fever Bazooka exhibited by Herbert Henderson. See results from 2017 HERE! You can see all of the show’s sponsors by visiting their Facebook page HERE!

Junior Champion

Junior Champion
Garay Doorman Blind Date (Doorman), 1st Senior Calf,  Brian Joseph Enright, ON
Reserve Junior Champion
Kirklea Jacoby Bubblegum (Jacoby), 1st Summer Yearling, Bethany Macdonald, Rob Heffernan, Robert D. Macdonald, ON
HM Junior Champion
Winright Gold Chip Explosion (Gold Chip), 1st Intermediate Yearling, Brian Joseph Enright, ON

Intermediate Champion
Kingsway Doorman Wanda (Doorman), 1st Senior 3yr Old, Velthuis Farms Ltd., ON
Reserve Intermediate Champion
Hendercroft Culminant Brenna (Culminant), 2nd Senior 3yr Old,  Herbert Henderson, ON
HM Intermediate Champion
Vinbert Kingboy Birdy (Kingboy), 1st Junior 3yr Old, Ferme Vinbert Inc., QC

Grand Champion
Willows-Edge Atwood Faith-ET (Atwood), 1st 4yr Old,  Velthuis Farms Ltd., ON
Reserve Grand Champion
Hendercroft Fever Bazooka (Fever), 1st Mature Cow, Herbert Henderson
HM Grand Champion
Jeanlu Stanleycup Alexis (Stanleycup), 1st 5yr Old, Signature Holsteins, ON




Summer Calf (10)

  1. (BO) Lilyking L’angel (Solomon), Bonnechere Holsteins, Lilyking Farm, Trekili Holsteins, ON
  2. Sunnylodge Solomon Amnesia (Solomon), Erica Enright & Sunnylodge Farms Inc., ON
  3. Delcreek So Dramatic (Jacoby), Peter Rylaarsdam, ON
  4. Riverdown Unstopabull Attack (Unstopabull), Riverdown Holsteins, ON
  5. Rockaberry Royal Rhianna (Jacoby), Rock-A-Berry Holsteins
  6. Excel Callen Roz (Callen), Connor Halpenny, ON
  7. Velthuis Solomon Desiree (Solomon), Velthuis Farms Ltd., ON
  8. Cherry Crest Bringer Of Rain (Jacoby), Cherry Crest Holsteins, ON
  9. Crestlea Atwood Karen 132 (Atwood), Rick Shaw, ON
  10. Bonnie Brae MVP Diva (MVP), Dave & Bonnie Bergeron, ON




Junior Calf (20)

  1. (BO) Riverdown Atwood Jiggajoyride (Atwood), Riverdown Holsteins, ON
  2. Drentex Jacoby Barbie (Jacoby), Michael & Monique Bols, ON
  3. Maple-Flat-B Crush Delight (Crush), Brian Joseph Enright & Chris & Jennifer Hill, ON
  4. Knonaudale DM Sunkissed (Doorman), Ferme Prospere Inc & Knonaudale Farms Inc., ON
  5. Velthuis Allclass Honey (Allclass), Velthuis Farms Ltd, ON
  6. Double-G Kingboy Abbigail (Kingboy), Double-G Farms, QC
  7. (1st 4-H) Cherry Crest Stellarton (Doorman), Cherry Crest Holsteins, ON
  8. (1st Jr. All-Ontario), Rockaberry Royal Riot (Solomon), Beebrook Farms & Casson Holsteins, ON
  9. (2nd 4-H), Knonaudale Unix Mudrun (Unix), Knonaudale Farms Inc., ON
  10. Apola Ravishing Ruby (Beemer), Apola Farm, ON



Intermediate Calf (25)

  1. (BO) Velthuis Atwood Passion (Atwood), Velthuis Farms Ltd., ON
  2. Dalmeny Jacoby Dynasty (Jacoby), Michael & Monique Bols, Redtag Genetics, ON
  3. Lilyking Sol Aphrodite (Solomon), Bonnechere Holsteins, Lilyking Farm, Trekili Holsteins, ON
  4. Blondin Doorman Skye (Doorman), Brian Joseph Enright, Jaquemet Holsteins, Sunnylodge Farms Inc., ON
  5. Elmbridge Jordy Rosa Red (Jordy), Felix Bergeron, ON
  6. Kingsway Solomon Allie (Solomon), Kingsway Farms, Murrayholm Farms Inc., Riverdown Holsteins, ON
  7. Bonnie Brae Solomon Laine (Solomon), Glennholme Holsteins, ON
  8. Cherry Crest Kennetcook (Doorman), Cherry Crest Holsteins, ON
  9. Sandy Crest Wild Rice (Jacoby), Sandy Crest Holsteins, ON
  10. Rehols Solomon Breakaway (Solomon), Ferme Famipage Inc & Sebastien Dalpe, QC


Senior Calf (17)

  1. Garay Doorman Blind Date (Doorman), Brian Joseph Enright, ON
  2. Winright Goldwyn Karamel (Goldwyn), Brian Joseph Enright & Mary Inn Holstein, ON
  3. Velthuis Atwood Prada (Atwood), Velthuis Farms Ltd., ON
  4. Winright Atwood Kiss (Atwood), Brian Joseph Enright, ON
  5. Hendercroft Sneaky (Solomon), Herbert Henderson, ON
  6. Kirklea Doorman Eloquent (Doorman), Rob Heffernan, ON
  7. Hickoryacres Shadow (Brewmaster), Hickoryacres Farms, ON
  8. (BO) Maple-Ain Doorman Pixie (Doorman), Maple-Ain Holsteins, ON
  9. Boaview Leann Mc Beemer (Beemer), Gordon Boa, QC
  10. Vogue Light My Fire Amaze (Light My Fire), Ashburn Holsteins, ON


Summer Yearling (8)

  1. (BO) Kirklea Jacoby Bubblegum (Jacoby), Bethany Macdonald, Rob Heffernan, Robert D. Macdonald, ON
  2. Winright V Doorman Bubbly (Doorman), Brian Joseph Enright & Diamond Hill Farms, ON
  3. Knonaudale Olive (Jacoby), Knonaudale Farms Inc. & Sunnylodge Farms Inc., ON
  4. (1st 4-H)Brismer Beemer Sundae (Beemer), Ferme Bri-Mer Inc., QC
  5. (2nd 4-H) Kingsway Uppercut Darling (Uppercut), Andrew & Joel Mcouat, QC
  6. (1st Jr. All-Ontarion), Liberty-Gen Flash Freeze (Avalanche), North Star Holsteins, ON
  7. Sandy Crest Back Packer (Gold Chip), Sandy Crest Holsteins, ON
  8. Sunrest Avalanche Valley (Avalanche), Sunrest Farm, ON
  9. Delcreek Do Over (Dempsey), Peter Rylaarsdam, ON
  10. Delcreek Dont Wash Your Hands (Solomon), Peter Rylaarsdam, ON


Junior Yearling (8)

  1. (BO) Winright Beemer Baby Enthem (Beemer), Brian Joseph Enright, ON
  2. Kirklea Jacoby Jaguar (Jacoby), Rob Heffernan, Robert D. Macdonald, ON
  3. Fleury Douglas Lisaly (Douglas), Velthuis Farms Ltd., ON
  4. Glennholme Doorman Ecstasy (Doorman), Glennholme Holsteins, ON
  5. (1st 4-H) Magicmeadow Natian Arch Bree (Archrival), North Star Holsteins, ON
  6. Delcreek I Wont Pay Ya (Gold Chip), Peter Rylaarsdam, ON
  7. Polestar Perfact Playmate (Leverage-Red), Polestar Farm, ON
  8. Brismer Cinderdoor Nia (Cinderdoor), Ferme Bri-Mer Inc., QC


Intermediate Yearling (9)

  1. Winright Gold Chip Explosion (Gold Chip), Brian Joseph Enright, ON
  2. Murrayholm Doorman Ladonna (Doorman), Bethany Macdonald, Murrayholm Farms Inc, Rob Heffernan, Robert D. Macdonald, ON
  3. Hendercroft Atwood Applejack (Atwood), Herbert Henderson, ON
  4. Boisblanc Jacoby Sophia (Jacoby), Ferme Drouin & Fils, Richard Cadieux & Johanne Mallette, QC
  5. JPB Doormans One Lucky Night (Doorman), Andrew Mcouat, Joel Stillman, JPB Holsteins, QC
  6. Lilyking Doorman Anais (Doorman), Bonnechere Holsteins, Lilyking Farm, Trekili Holsteins, ON
  7. Glennholme Seaver Avenger (Seaver), Glennholme Holsteins, ON
  8. Delcreek Send Me Pics (Doorman), Peter Rylaarsdam, ON
  9. Redlodge Windbrook Alessia (Windbrook), Redlodge Farms Inc., ON



Senior Yearling (6)

  1. Bartonleigh GD Albany (Golden Dreams), Herbert Henderson, ON
  2. (BO) Glennholme Jacoby Jazz (Jacoby), Glennholme Holsteins, ON
  3. Crestlea Atwood Holly (Atwood), Rick Shaw, ON
  4. Lolisee Doorman Jackie (Doorman), Samuel Guay, QC
  5. Delcreek Bacardi And Botox (Gold Chip), Peter Rylaarsdam, ON
  6. Delcreek Purple Draaank (Gold Chip), Peter Rylaarsdam, ON

Junior Exhibitor & Breeder Banner

Brian Joseph Enright, ON

Junior Breeders Herd (11)

  1. Brian Joseph Enright, ON
  2. Robert MacDonald, ON
  3. Velthuis Farms Ltd., ON
  4. Cherry Crest Holsteins, ON
  5. Riverdown Holsteins, ON
  6. Herbert Henderson, ON
  7. Kyle,Brian & Jill Rivington, ON
  8. Christoph Uhr, ON
  9. Michael St-Pierre, QC
  10. Jonathan Rylaarsdam, ON


Milking Senior Yearling (6)

  1. (BO) Brismer Avalanche Neige (Avalanche), Ferme Bri-Mer Inc, QC
  2. (BU) MS Reyncrest Crsh Charlotte (Crush), Liberty Genetics
  3. Cherry Crest Crystal Ball (Atwood), Jaquemet Holsteins, ON
  4. Cherry Crest Estrada (Meridian), Cherry Crest Holsteins, ON
  5. Hendercroft Solomon Splenda (Solomon), Herbert Henderson, ON
  6. Sunnylodge Goldwyn Sarah (Goldwyn), Blackaddar Farms, Dave & Bonnie Bergeron, Ian Dingwall, PE

Junior 2yr Old (5)

  1. (BO)(BU) Winright Doorman Reckless (Doorman), Brian Joseph Enright, Jaquemet Holsteins, Sunnylodge Farms Inc, Vicki Fletcher Photography, ON
  2. Bonnie Brae Doorman Marlee (Doorman), Bruce & Susan Mode, ON
  3. Cherry Crest Donaldson (Windbrook), Cherry Crest Holsteins, ON
  4. Upper Canada Delight Pixie (Solomon), Nancy Goupil & Cameron Macgregor, Windcroft Farm, ON
  5. Crestlea Doorman Karen (Doorman), Michael & Monique Bols, Redtag Genetics, ON


Senior 2yr Old (3)

  1. (BO)(BU) Donnaville Snowy Peggys Cove (Snowy), Donnaville Holsteins, ON
  2. Smygwatys Wind Alexa (Windhammer), Raymond J. Smygwaty, ON
  3. Lolisee Dempsey Kandy (Dempsey), Ferme Lolisee, QC

Junior 3yr Old (7)

  1. (BO)(BU) Vinbert Kingboy Birdy (Kingboy), Ferme Vinbert Inc., QC
  2. Lolisee Goldchip Ratou (Gold Chip), Ferme Lolisee, QC
  3. Hendercroft Gold Chip Gumdrop (Gold Chip), Herbert Henderson, ON
  4. Hendercroft Atwood Yang (Atwood), Herbert Henderson, ON
  5. Lolisee Atwood Marie (Atwood), Ferme Lolisee, QC
  6. Rockaberry Dempsey Crown (Dempsey), Rock-A-Berry Holsteins, ON
  7. Lolisee Gold Chip Viomy (Gold Chip), Ferme Lolisee, QC


Senior 3yr Old (5)

  1. (BU) Kingsway Doorman Wanda (Doorman), Velthuis Farms Ltd., ON
  2. (BO) Hendercroft Culminant Brenna (Culminant), Herbert Henderson, ON
  3. Hendercroft Sid Porsche (Sid), Herbert Henderson, ON
  4. Rockaberry Aftershock Emma (Aftershock), Rock-A-Berry Holsteins, ON
  5. Lolisee Goldchip Molly (Gold Chip), Ferme Lolisee, QC

Four year old (6)

  1. (BU) Willows-Edge Atwood Faith-ET (Atwood), Velthuis Farms Ltd., ON
  2. (BO) Hendercroft Gold Chip Change (Gold Chip), Herbert Henderson, ON
  3. Windcroft Brokaw Eclipse (Brokaw), Windcroft Farm, ON
  4. Lolisee Yorick Sharla (Yorick), Ferme Lolisee, QC
  5. Riverdown Atwood Admire (Atwood), Riverdown Holsteins, ON
  6. Lolisee Windbrook Sonya (Windbrook), Ferme Lolisee, QC

Five year Old (6)

  1. (BU) Jeanlu Stanleycup Alexis (Stanleycup), Signature Holsteins, ON
  2. (BO) Lochdale Zelgadis Stormy (Zelgadis), Lochdale Holsteins, ON
  3. Lochdale Windbrook Camela (Windbrook), Signature Holsteins, Todd Edwards, ON
  4. Weeberlac Dempsey Avery (Dempsey), Brian Joseph Enright, Jaquemet Holsteins, JPB Holsteins, ON
  5. Sandy Crest Wheat Germ (Sid), Sandy Crest Holsteins, ON
  6. Hendercroft Sid Peanut (Sid), Herbert Henderson, ON


Mature Cow (7)

  1. (BO) (BU) Hendercroft Fever Bazooka (Fever), Herbert Henderson
  2. Knonaudale Muddy (Sid), Knonaudale Farms Inc.
  3. Lolisee Braxton Kamille (Braxton), Ferme Lolisee
  4. Hendercroft Fever Dentyne (Fever), Herbert Henderson
  5. Lolisee Goldwyn Molly (Molly), Ferme Lolisee
  6. Lolisee Goldwyn Marie (Goldwyn), Ferme Lolisee
  7. Templeview Access Adele (Access), Templeview Holsteins


60,000kg Production Class (6)

  1. (BO)(BU) Hendercroft Goldwyn Chewy (Goldwyn), Herbert Henderson, ON
  2. Bonniespring Goldwyn Lynn (Goldwyn), Ferme Lolisee, QC
  3. Klagvale Goldwyn Jackie (Goldwyn), Ferme Lolisee, QC
  4. Altona Lea Goldwyn Ainsley (Goldwyn), Ferme Lolisee, QC
  5. Cedarpatch Goldwyn Janeese (Goldwyn), Ferme Lolisee, QC
  6. Lolisee Amazing Nevada (AltaAmazing),  Ferme Lolisee, QC


Breeders Herd

  1. Herbert Henderson, ON
  2. Michel Guay, QC
  3. Cherry Crest Holsteins, ON

Premier Breeder & Exhibitor

Herbert Henderson, ON