Shows and Sales Results

Eastern Elite Sale
DATE: September 19, 2012
LOCATION: Harrisburg, PA

High seller

$14,500 – Palmyra Robust Gem, a Jul’11 Robust with a +2405 GTPI out of Palmyra Alexander Gem-ET VG-86, then two EX-91 dams. Gem sold with AI & embryo contract interest
Buyer: Yannick Louis, France.

2nd High Seller

$12,800 – Golden-Oaks Mitey Rosa-ET, a Dec’10 homozygous polled *RC Mitey P x Golden-Oaks Rocco Reva-Red VG-86, then back to Windsor-Manor Rbn Ruby-Red EX-94 3E Rosa is a potential 11th generation VG or EX

3rd High Seller

$12,200 – Lady’s-Manor Ruby Scarlet-ET, a Apr’12 Regancrest Beau-ET +2361 GTPI daughter x Ladys-Manor Ruby D Shawn-ET EX-90, then eight more VG & EX dams. Same maternal family as O-Shan and Shamrock and is a maternal sister to the #1 GTPI classified cow, Ladys-Manor PL Shakira-ET VG-87 GTPI +2483