Shows and Sales Results

Coanwood Dispersal
DATE: July 26, 2018 @ 10AM
LOCATION: Abbotsford, BC

Sale Average

The Coanwood Dispersal averaged $1854 on 245 lots.

High Seller:
Lot 89 – $10,100
(GP-83 2yr Pure daughter, who will be a 2nd Calf SR 2 Yr Old for fall, due to Silverridge Album)
Buyer: Westcoast Holsteins, BC

Sale Information

The Coanwood Dispersal will take place July 26, 2018, in Abbotsford, BC. Over 200 head of Holsteins, Jerseys and Crossbreds will sell.

  • The Wigham Family will sell their registered Herd
  • Over 200 head (120 cows – 75% 1st and 2nd lactation).
  • All neospora negative, low Somatic Cell, average BCA: 265-298-269
  • McClary Stockyards, Abbotsford, BC
  • Chicken Lunch provided

Coanwood Ashlar Alice, VG-87 92-MS 4Y

Coanwood Ashlar Alice, VG-87 92-MS 4Y


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