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Canadian 4-H Dairy Classic Showmanship Contest 2015
DATE: November 8th, 2015 at 6:00PM
JUDGE: Theirry Jaton, QC and John Werry, ON

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Coverage Sponsors of the Canadian 4-H Classic

Coverage Sponsors of the Canadian 4-H Classic

Coverage Sponsors of the Canadian 4-H Classic

Coverage Sponsors of the Canadian 4-H Classic

Champion Showman

Grand Champion
Connor Mann, PE
Reserve Grand Champion
Maxime Monplaisir, Quebec Centre
HM Grand Champion
Alicia Veronnneau, Quebec Centre

Junior Showmanship (111)

1. Tyler Canning, Wellington
2. Alicia Veronneau, Quebec Center
3. Wesley Haggins, Essex
4. Isabel Bennett, Northumberland
5. Julia Deklein,  Middlesex
6. Jeremy Patry, Quebec South West
7. Megan Ford, South Simcoe
8. Kurtis Frischknecht, Huron
9. Noah McNab, Grey
10. Megan Mackinnon, Northumberland
11. Sydney Summers, Hastings
12. Joshua Ormiston, Durham East
13. Riley Yungblut, Niagara South
14. Madison Hickling, Bruce
15. Leslie Brownson, Hastings
16. Chase Hansford, Middlesex
17. Caitlin Allen, Prescott
18. Taylor Vander Meulen, Northumberland
19. Sarah Wilson, Nova Scotia
20. Emma Stere, Waterloo
21. Audrey Morneau, Quebec South East
22. Graceson Bergeron- Russell

Intermediate Showmanship (119)

1. Connor Mann, PEI
2. David Leach,  Kawartha Lakes
3. Elaine Jeffs, Northumberland
4. Trent Jones,  Oxford
5. Kyle Bouma, PEI
6. Brett Stockdale, Peterborough
7. Hanna Dellaire, Wellington
8. Connor Halpenny, Grenville
9. Fanny Lemoine, Quebec Center
10. Cally Finley, Durham West
11. Laura Deklein, Middlesex
12. Emma Roszell, Niagara South
13. Kirkland Reaney, Carelton
14. Lisa Shier, Kawartha Lakes
15. Erica Sayles, Brant
16. Melyssa Sargent, Durham East
17. Madison Dyment, Brant
18. Matthew Mcout, Quebec North West
19. Shannon Prins, Hastings
20. Eveline Hildbrand, Russell
21. Monica Parnell, Quebec South East
22. Marisol Dion, Quebec Center
23. Rebecca Arth, Wentworth
24. Megan Gut, Prescott
25. Caitlin Jampen, Dundas

Senior Showmanship (134)

1. Maxime Montplaisir, Quebec Center
2. Alana McKinven, Quebec South West
3. Emmanuel Brisson, Quebec South West
4. Vanessa Crowley, Peterborough
5. Ariane France, Prescott
6. Geoff Carberry, Peel
7. Matthew Forestell, Northumberland
8. Courtney Ray, Hastings
9. Ava Doner, Durham West
10. Kandice Coates, York
11. Emily Henderson, Kawartha Lakes
12. Jessica Brown, Frontenac
13. Rebecca Doble, Durham West
14. Cameron Stockdale, Kawartha Lakes
15. Kathryn McCully, New Brunswick
16. Caleigh Van Kampen, Dufferin
17. Jocelyn Sayles, Brant
18. Derek Van de Walle, Perth
19. Sierra Empey, Middlesex
20. Travis Canning, Prescott
21. Emma Farlinger, Dundas
22. Lindsay Keiffer, Bruce
23. Tanner Jones, Oxford
24. Chris Deklein, Middlesex
25. Rachel Stephenson, South Simcoe

Junior Showmanship 12-14 years old Heat #1

Caitlin Allen- Prescott
Sarah Wilson- Nova Scotia
Megan Mackinnon- Northumberland
Sydney Summers- Hastings
Julia Deklein- Middlesex

Junior Showmanship 12-14 years old Heat #2

Joshua Ormiston- Durham East
Isabel Bennett- Northumberland
Emma Stere- Waterloo
Audrey Morneau- Quebec South East
Kurtis Frischknecht- Huron
Graceson Bergeron- Russell

Junior Showmanship 12-14 years old Heat #3

Jeremy Patry- Quebec South West
Madison Hickling- Bruce
Chase Hansford- Middlesex
Leslie Brownson- Hastings
Wesley Haggins- Essex
Alicia Veronneau- Quebec Center

Junior Showmanship 12-14 years old Heat #4

Tyler Canning- Wellington
Riley Yungblut- Niagara South
Megan Ford- South Simcoe
Noah McNab- Grey
Taylor Vander Meulen- Northumberland

Intermediate Showmanship 15-17 years old Heat #1

Elaine Jeffs- Northumberland
David Leach- Kawartha Lakes
Brett Stockdale- Peterborough
Madison Dyment- Brant
Kyle Bouma- PEI
Matthew Mcout- Quebec North West

Intermediate Showmanship 15-17 years old Heat #2

Cally Finley- Durham West
Hanna Dellaire- Wellington
Laura Deklein- Middlesex
Shannon Prins- Hastings
Marisol Dion- Quebec Center
Eveline Hildbrand- Russell

Intermediate Showmanship 15-17 years old Heat #3

Caitlin Jampen- Dundas
Lisa Shier- Kawartha Lakes
Kirkland Reaney- Carelton
Erica Sayles- Brant
Monica Parnell- Quebec South East
Connor Halpenny- Grenville

Intermediate Showmanship 15-17 years old Heat #4

Rebecca Arth- Wentworth
Emma Roszell- Niagara South
Megan Gut- Prescott
Fanny Lemoine- Quebec Center
Connor Mann- PEI
Trent Jones- Oxford
Melyssa Sargent- Durham East

Senior Showmanship 18 to 21 years old Heat #1

Lindsay Keiffer- Bruce
Matthew Forestell- Northumberland
Geoff Carberry- Peel
Caleigh Van Kampen- Dufferin
Derek Van de Walle- Perth

Senior Showmanship 18-21 years old Heat #2

Vanessa Crowley- Peterborough
Emily Henderson- Kawartha Lakes
Courtney Ray- Hastings
Alana McKinven-Quebec South West
Kathryn McCully- New Brunswick

Senior Showmanship 18 to 21 years old Heat #3

Kandice Coates- York
Ariane France- Prescott
Jocelyn Sayles- Brant
Cameron Stockdale- Kawartha Lakes

Senior Showmanship 18 to 21 years old Heat #4

Maxime Montplaisir- Quebec Center
Sierra Empey- Middlesex
Jessica Brown- Frontenac
Tanner Jones- Oxford
Rebecca Doble- Durham West
Emmanuel Brisson- Quebec South West

Senior Showmanship 18 to 21 years old Heat #5

Rachel Stephenson- South Simcoe
Ava Doner- Durham West
Emma Farlinger- Dundas
Travis Canning- Prescott
Chris Deklein- MIddlesex