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Canadian 4-H Dairy Classic Conformation Classes 2015
DATE: November 9th, 2015 at 8:00AM
JUDGE: Molly Sloan, WI

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The Canadian 4-H Dairy Classic Conformation Classes 2015 will take place November 9th at 8AM in Toronto, ON during the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. Molly Sloan, WI will be in charge of sorting through the entries and placing classes.  Cowsmo Coverage is being sponsored by Vogue Cattle Co. & Validity Testing.

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Coverage Sponsors of the Canadian 4-H Classic

Coverage Sponsors of the Canadian 4-H Classic

Coverage Sponsors of the Canadian 4-H Classic

Coverage Sponsors of the Canadian 4-H Classic

Junior Calf (29)
  1. Crovalley TNT Ammo (TNT), Vanessa Crowley, Peterborough
    2. Riverdown Atwood Jiggalea (Atwood), Cassidy Reaney, Carleton
  2. Cherry Crest Sid Flansco (Sid), Katherine Thomson, Glengarry
    4. Jeffshaven Atwood Freestyle (Atwood), Elaine Jeffs, Northumberland
    5. Mountain Ridge WB Savannah (Windbrook), Caitlin Jampen, Dundas
    6. Roesbett Razzle Dazzle (Atwood), Abby McCall-Perkins, Oxford
    7. Brismer Sabathia Superstar (Sabathia), Jeremy Patry, Quebec South West
    8. Greenlark Doorman Spark (Doorman), Jenna Hedden, Renfrew
    9. Willdina Doorman Lyndsay (Doorman), Rebecca Arth, Wentworth
    10. Up-Ridge Doorman Licorice (Doorman), Ally McGonigle, Perth

Intermediate Calf (78)

1. Bonnie Brae Ape Africa (Ape), Ariane France, Prescott
2. Dappleholm Armani Maverick (Armani), Courtney Jackson, Durham West
3. Farrow Fever Beach Babe (Fever), Calley Finley, Durham West
4. Crackholm Pansy (Alta5G), Savannah Crack, Quebec South East
5. Kingsway Goldwyn Lip Balm (Goldwyn), Isabel Bennett, Northumberland
6. Kingsway Goldwyn Ladonna (Goldwyn), Jessica Sills, Hastings
7. Catalyst Armani Lucky Charms (Armani), Stacey Leppert, Niagara North
8. Leachland Sids Josie (Sid), David Leach, Kawartha Lakes
9. Overdale Atwood Linguine (Atwood), Kyla Baranowski, Prescott
10. Harvestacre Foolish Pleasure (McCutchen), Joshua McOuat, Quebec North West

Senior Calf (91)
  1. Trent Valley Goldchip Abra 6 (Gold Chip), Jessica Brown, Frontenac
  2. Kingsway Doorman Ace (Doorman), Matthew Forestell, Northumberland

3. Milibro Goldwyn Roselicorice (Goldwyn), Maxime Montplaisir, Qyebec Center
4. Riverdown Doorman Lottery Lynn (Doorman), Kirland Reaney, Carelton
5. Eastside Double Caramel (Brady), Connor Mann, PEI
6. Bellwin Chelios Jujube (Chelios), Connor French, Wellington
7. Embradale Ecstatic Dempsey (Dempsey), Kyle Stockdale, Peterborough
8. High Point Rox Petual (Sid), Ben Deonarian, Durham West
9. Willowlane Kenmore Maxim (Kenmore), Michelle Slaughter, Lambton
10. Rubis Goldwun Rebeka (Goldwyn), Katrina Wiebe, Niagara North

Jersey Calf (21)
  1. Minister Grace-ET (Minister), Madison Dyment, Brant
    2. Avonlea Tequila Tickles ET (Tequila), Logan Welch-Turner, Frontenac
    3. Sleegerholm PJ Konspiracy Gee (Konspiracy), Emily Deklein, Middlesex
    4. Maplebrough Tequila Darcy ET (Tequila), Cameron Barkey, Durham East
    5. Hollylane Gentry Candace (Gentry), Bryce Seaborn, Hastings
    6. Paullor Austen Ruffle (Austen), Rebecca Franken, Huron
    7. Pleasant Nook Get Jiggy With It (Velocity), Abbie Hartwick, Haldimand
    8. Geordawn Iatola Twitter (Iatola), Courtney Van Kampen, Dufferin
    9. Paullor Austen Janett (Austen), Kurtis Frischknecht, Huron
    10. Belfontaine Verbatim Shirley (Verbatim), Emily Franken, Huron