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California State Jersey Show 2018
DATE: April 19, 2018
JUDGE: Chad Ryan, WI

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The Complete Image Gallery from the California State Show 2018 is now available for you to view, share and purchase photos.

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The California State Jersey Show 2018 will take place April 19 in Tulare, CA, with Chad Ryan, WI, serving as official. Cowsmo will be there live covering the show!

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Junior Champion Junior Show

Junior Champion Junior Show
Fire-Lake Joel Mono Lisa (Joel), 1st Summer Yearling, Gianna Fernandes, CA

Reserve Junior Champion Junior Show
SVHeaths Colton Judith (Colton), 1st Winter Yearling, Chloe Vander Eyk, CA

HM Junior Champion Junior Show
Double G Colton Natalia (Colton), 3rd Fall Calf, Gabbie Gregario, CA


Junior Champion

Junior Champion 
Fire-Lake Joel Mono Lisa (Joel), 1st Summer Yearling, Gianna Fernandes, CA

Reserve Junior Champion
Excels Tequila Drifter (Tequila), 1st Spring Yearling, Excels Jerseys, CA

HM Junior Champion
Exels Barfly Jessa (Barfly), 1st Fall Calf, Exels Jerseys, CA

Intermediate Champion Junior Show

Intermediate Champion Junior Show
Arethusa Colton Kendra (Colton), 2nd Jr 2yr Old, Brent Rocha, CA

Intermediate Champion Junior Show
Fire-Lake Premier Meg (Premier), 2nd Sr 2yr Old, R,N,H & J Sanders, CA

HM Champion Junior Show
Pacific Edge Million Fabulous (One In A Million), 2nd Sr 2yr Old, Brent Rocha, OR

Intermediate Champion

Intermediate Champion
River Valley Excitation Flaw (Excitation), 1st Sr 2yr Old, Misty Meadows, Dave Hogan, OR

Reserve Intermediate Champion
Jars of Clay Citation Elsa (Citation), 1st Jr 3yr Old, Kash-In, CA

HM Intermediate Champion
Exels Applejack Joker (Applejack), 1st Sr 3yr Old, Exels Jerseys, CA

Grand Champion Junior Show

Grand Champion Junior Show
Flying Hart Teq Flurry (Tequila), 3rd 5yr Old, Hartley Silva, CA

Reserve Grand Champion Junior Show
Dements Dazzler Bonnie (Dazzler), 3rd 4yr Old, Summer Parreira, CA

HM Senior Champion Junior Show
Pleasant Valley Vaden Barb (Vaden), 2nd Aged Cow, Hannah Sanders, CA

Senior & Grand Champion

Senior & Grand Champion
Kash-In Plus Jamie (Plus), 1st 5yr Old, Kash-In, CA

Reserve Senior & Reserve Grand Champion
Daven Fame Lenna (Fame), 1st 4yr Old, Lourenco Pires, CA

HM Reserve Senior Champion
Page-Crest Victory Jewelz (Victory), 2nd 4yr Old, Frank & Carol Borba and Frank & Diane Borba, CA

HM Reserve Grand Champion
River Valley Excitation Flaw (Excitation), 1st Sr 2yr Old, Misty Meadows, Dave Hogan, OR

Winter Heifer Calf (6)

1. Pacific Edge Party Like a Rockstar (Rockstar), Pacific Edge, OR
2. Silveira Showdown 423-ET (Showdown), Natalie Silveira, CA
3. Kash-In Renaissance 5402 (Renaissance), Kash-In, CA
4. Steves Tequila Deedra-ET (Tequila), Stephen Mast, CA
5. Aspire Tequila Lavish Lady (Tequila), Kyle Konyn, CA
6. D-Man Shwdwn Bovjee (Showdown), Donavan Miguel, CA

Fall Heifer Calf (15)

1. Exels Barfly Jessa (Barfly), Exels Jerseys, CA
2. Exels Barfly Dazzler (Barfly), Exels Jerseys, CA
3. Double G Colton Natalia (Colton), Gabbie Gregario, CA
4. Renner Farm Colton Dive-ET (Colton), Kameron Kasbergen, CA
5. Pacific Edge Colton Journey (Colton), Pacific Edge, OR
6. Carly-O Andreas Apple Pie (Andreas), Carly Olufs, CA
7. SVHeaths Tequila Collett (Tequila), Phillip Airosa, CA
8. Stadview Gentry Dakota (Gentry), Keegan Medeiros, CA
9. Preston Pt Showgirl Tia (Tequila), Steven Pozzi, CA
10. Renner Farm Premier Minn (Premier), Blake Renner, CA

Summer Yearling Heifer (9)

1. Fire-Lake Joel Mono Lisa (Joel), Gianna Fernandes, CA
2. Exels Andreas Dixie (Andreas), Excels Jerseys, CA
3. Electras Eye Candy-ET (Andreas), Kash-In Holsteins and Jerseys, CA
4. River Valley Joel Victoria (Joel), Kash-In Holsteins and Jerseys, CA
5. Skandia Colton F Power An (Colton), Savanah Veenendaal, CA
6. Homeridge Getaway Alison (Getaway), David Edwards, CA
7. D-Man Blackstone Amelia (Blackstone), Donovan Miguel, CA
8. CSUF Chrome (Chrome), CSU Fresno, CA
9. Preston PtMaria Ginny (Tequila), Steve Pozzi, CA

Spring Yearling Heifer (8)

1. Excels Tequila Drifter (Tequila), Excels Jerseys, CA
2. Pacific Edge Coltons Promi (Colton), Brent Rocha, CA
3. Claquato Motion Fire N Ice (Motion), Kash-In, CA
4. Flying Hart Tequila Firecracker (Tequila), Hartley Silva, CA
5. Wicked A Colton Nutter But (Colton), Aspen Silva, CA
6. Paulo Bro Andreus Lime (Andreus), Cort Rowley, CA
7. Ratliff Colton Paxton, (Colton), Vierra Dairy Farms, CA
8. Pinetree Marcin Dellia (Marcin), Vierra Dairy Farms, CA

Winter Yearling Heifer (7)

1. SVHeaths Colton Judith (Colton), Eyks Holsteins, CA
2. Xanadu Top Prize Surreal (Top Prize), Kash-In, CA
3. Beslea Vivitar Goblin (Vivitar), Clayton Arntz, CA
4. Norse Star On Time (On Time), Wyatt Neff, CA
5. Aspire Premier Lucy (Premier), Kylie Konyn, CA
6. Maughlin Tequila Jazz-ET (Tequila), David Edwards, CA
7. Preston Pt Super Star (Colton), Steven Pozzi, CA

Fall Yearling (6)

1. Carly-O Tequila Always-ET (Tequila), Carly Olufs, CA
2. Kash-Up Ringman 50267-ET (Ringman), Kash-In, CA
3. Miss Cheers for Trump (Cheers), Jason Edwards, CA
4. JX Laguna Flame Rhiannon (Firecracker), Brent Rocha, CA
5. Aspire Colton Bliss (Colton), Kiara Konyn, CA
6. Preston Pt Tequila HG (Tequila), Steve Pozzi, CA

Junior Best Three Females (4)

1. Excels Jerseys, CA
2. Pacific Ridge, OR
3. Kash-In, CA

Junior 2yr Old (8)

1. Kash-In Genominator 4913 (Genominator), Kash-In, CA
2. Arethusa Colton Kendra (Colton), Brent Rocha, OR
3. Robin Hood Morning Glory (Premier), Aspen Silva, CA
4. Fire-Lake FF HI Valeska-ET (Irresistable), Nicole Sanders, CA
5. Fire-Lake Sparkle Baby Sparkle (Ladies Love Me), Madisen Petersen, CA
6. Kash-In Genominatior 489 (Genominator), Cort Rowley, CA
7. Norse Star Joel 5213 (Joel), Sophia Veenendaal, CA
8. BW & MM Legionaire Heath (Colton), Robert Bignami, CA