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California Holstein Convention Sale 2015
DATE: January 29, 2015
LOCATION: Stockton, California

Top Sellers

The California Holstein Convention Sale was held Thursday, January 29, 2015 in Stockton, California.

Sale average on 31 lots $4300

 Top Sellers

Lot 1 First choice female $9600
A first choice female sired by Dymentholm S Sympatico-ET *RC from Ms Candy Apple-Red-ET EX-94. Candy Apple was the Unanimous All-American Red and White 5 Year Old Cow in 2013 and Unanimous All-American Red and White 4 Year Old Cow in 2012.
Consignor: Frank D. & Carol Borba and Frank A. & Diane Borba.

Lot 17 McClelland Saralee $9,000
A Coyne-Farms Bolton Dom daughter from McClelland Allen Dori-ET EX-92. Next 3 dams are all EX cows with EX-MS.
Consignor: Sara Lee Syndicate. All proceeds from the sale of this heifer went to the Saralee Foundation.

Other lots selling for $5,000 and over

Lot 22 Air-Osa-EX Gway Nia 18947-ET $8000
Consignor: Joey Airosa & Hank & Carolyn VanExel

Lot 31 Brand-O JLB Shottle Liz  $7200
Consignor: Noah Barista

Lot 21 R-John Aftershock Laliah  $5700
Consignor: Christian Cunningham

Lot 28 MS Dreamy Destiny-ET  $5600
Consignor: Hil-Port Holsteins

Lot 15 MS MB Lucklady Sid 5867-ET  $5300
Consignor: Frank & Diane Borba & Jeff Butler

Lot 6 Calon-D JK Dempsey Illana  $5000
Consignor: Calori0D Holsteins, Jason Mast