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Calgary Stampede Dairy Classic Jersey Show 2017
DATE: April 21st, 2017 at 9:30am
JUDGE: Blair Weeks, PEI

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The Calgary Stampede Dairy Classic Jersey Show 2017 will take place April 21st at 9:30am in Calgary, AB with Blair Weeks, PEI serving as the official judge. Cowsmo will be on-hand, providing photos & results.

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Junior Champion

Junior Champion
Mosnang Snap Dragon (Dragon), 1st Summer Yearling, Markus Hehli, AB
Reserve Junior Champion
Bramville Premier Violet (Premier), 2nd Summer Yearling, Bramville Jerseys, SK
HM Junior Champion
Bramville Showdown Bellagio (Showdown), 1st Intermediate Yearling, Bramville Jerseys, SK

Grand Champion & Grand Champion Bred & Owned

Grand Champion & Grand Champion Bred & Owned
Lone Pine Grandious Thunder (Grandious), 1st 5yr Old, Lone Pine Jerseys Ltd., AB
Reserve Grand Champion & Reserve Bred & Owned
Clanman Celebrity Status (Celebrity), 1st Mature Cow, Steven & Marie Smith, MB
HM Grand Champion & HM Bred & Owned
Coytee EW Strait Tequila Nite (Tequila), 1st 2 Year Old, Tom Hofstra & Ella Wright, AB

Winter Calf (2)

1. Gaymar Milestone Tinsel (Milestone), Don & Gaylene Hendrickson, BC
2. Starrcrest Tequila Joliee (Tequila), James & Kirsty McAvoy, BC

Senior Calf (5)

1. Sunny Hill Joel Appletini (Joel), Michael & Gina Haambuckers, BC
2. Starrcrest Joel Angel (Joel), James & Kirsty McAvoy, BC
3. Coytee EW Irwin Crazygirl (Irwin), Tom Hofstra & Ella Wright, AB
4. Lone Pine Joel Jippy (Joel), Hannah Hammond, AB
5. Sterling Park Chrome Emma (Chrome), sterling Park, AB

Summer Yearling (4)

1. Mosnang Snap Dragon (Dragon), Markus Hehli, AB
2. Bramville Premier Violet (Premier), Bramville Jerseys, SK
3. Sunny Hill Notepad Arangatang (Notepad), Michael & Gina Haambuckers, BC
4. Lone Pine My O My Eternity (My o My), Lone Pine Jerseys, AB

Junior Yearling (4)

1. Bramville Premier GemGem (Premier), Bramville Jerseys, SK
2. Mosnang Vibrant Chrome (Chrome), Bernalli Jerseys & Markus Hehli, AB
3. Lone Pine Impression Midnight (Impression), James & Kirsty McAvoy, BC
4. Lone Pine Colton Lollypop (Colton), Lone Pine Jerseys, AB

Intermediate Yearling (2)

1. Bramville Showdown Bellagio (Showdown), Bramville Jerseys, SK
2. Starrcrest Lampada REI Juell (Impression), James & Kirsty McAvoy, BC

Senior Yearling (2)

1. Lampada Tequila Barbie J (Tequila), Jon & Christina Fornwald, SK
2. Bramville Chrome Vex (Chrome), Bramville Jerseys, SK

2 Year Old (7)

1. (BU & BO) Coytee EW Strait Tequila Nite (Tequila), Tom Hofstra & Ella Wright, AB
2. Lone Pine Megatron Follow Me (Megatron), Lone Pine Jerseys, AB
3. Lone Pine Megatron On Time Vegas (On time), Lone Pine Jerseys, AB
4. Starrcrest LH Verb Addyson (Verb), James & Kirsty McAvoy, BC
5. Claquato RH Premier Quivver (Premier),James & Kirsty McAvoy & Shadynook Farms Ltd., BC
6. Triple S Penelope Gator (Gator), Triple S Farms & Glorybound Holsteins, BC
7. Sunny Hill Mantra Athena (Mantra), Michael & Gina Haambuckers, BC

3 Year Old (3)

1. Lone Pine Polaris Nightingale (Polaris), Lone Pine Jerseys, AB
2. Lampada Tequila Bobby Joy (Tequila), Jon & Christina Fornwald, SK
3. Lone Pine Bigrock Enchanted (Bigrock), Lone Pine Jerseys, AB

4 Year Old (5)

1. (BO) Starrcrest OT Africka (Ontime), James & Kirsty McAvoy, BC
2. Arethusa Verb Virgo (Verb), Clanman Jerseys, SK
3. Lampada Minister Bobby Jae (Minister), Jon & Christina Fornwald, SK
4. Bramville Giller Tenacity (Giller), Bramville Jerseys, SK
5. Glenhagen Iatola Amy (Iatola), Brenda J Cupples, AB

5 Year Old (4)

1. (BU & BO) Lone Pine Grandious Thunder (Grandious), Lone Pine Jerseys Ltd., AB
2. Lone Pine Grandious Flop (Grandious), Sterling Park Jerseys, AB
3. Lone Pine Colton Lindy (Colton), Sterling Park Jerseys, AB
4. Lone Pine Habit Whynot (Habit), Lone Pine Jerseys, AB

Mature Cow (4)
  1. (BU & BO) Clanman Celebrity Status (Celebrity), Steven & Marie Smith, MB
    2. Bramville Foy Culprit (Foy), Bramville Jerseys, SK
    3. Lone Pine On Time Miracle (On time), Lone Pine Jerseys Ltd., AB
    4. Markview Mischievious Mag (Riley), Bramville Jerseys & Marksview Farms, SK

Breeders herd (1)

1. Lone Pine Jerseys, AB