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Borderway UK Dairy Expo Red & White Show 2017
DATE: March 10th-11th, 2017
LOCATION: Carlisle, UK
JUDGE: Blair Weeks, PEI, CAN

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Junior Champions

Junior Champion
Logan Integral Jodie Red (Integrel), 1
st In-Calf Heifer, Brian Yates
Reserve Junior Champion
Skye Apple Roxy Red, W & J Templeton
HM Junior Champion
Tynevalley Blueprint Tiara Red

Grand Champion

Grand Champion & Best Udder
Wiltor Chipper Rosie Polled-Red, 1st 3 Year Old, DW & CE Jones

Reserve Grand Champion
Heatherleigh Maryrose-Red, 1st 2 Year Old, Riverdane & Heatherleigh Holsteins

HM Grand Champion
Whiteflat HS Anita-Red, 2nd 3 Year Old, Mungo Bryson & Son

Class 7 Maiden Heifer (Born in 2016)

1. Skye Apple Roxy Red, W&J Templeton
2.Tynevalley Blueprint Tiara Red, Tynevalley Holsteins
3.Sterndale Absolute Triuna Red, WJ Nadin & Co
4. Gildersbeck Skyfire Ivy Red, Liddle & Wilkes
5. Holmeswood Absolute Ella, Andrew Rimmer

Class 8 In-Calf Heifer (Born in 2015)

1. Logan Intergral Jodie Red (Intergral), Brian Yates
2. Tynevalley Addiction Tiara Red (Addiction),  Tynevalley Holsteins
3. Holmeswood Apples Bella, Andrew Rimmer

2 Year Olds

1. Heatherleigh Maryrose-Red, Riverdane & Heatherleigh Holsteins
2. Hanview Adventure Stocking-Red (Adventure), Richard J Brown
3. Drointon JJF Promis-Red, Drointon Holsteins

3 Year Olds

1. Wiltor Chipper Rosie Polled-Red, DW & CE Jones
2. Whiteflat HS Anita-Red, Mungo Bryson & Son
3. Sterndale Colt Jodie-Red (Colt), WJ Nadin & Co

Senior Cow

1. Shavington JA Rob Laura Red 2, Tom & Rhys Williams

Premier Breeder & Exhibitor

Premier Breeder
ES Burroughs & Son

Premier Exhibitor
RW & WA Howarth

Premier Sire-Senior Show

Premier Sire-Senior Show
Nerewater Launcher