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Borderway UK Dairy Expo Jersey Show 2016
DATE: March 12, 2016
LOCATION: Carlisle, UK
JUDGE: Jeff Stephens, ON

The Borderway UK Dairy Expo Jersey Show 2016 took place March 12th in Carlisle, UK.  Judge Jeff Stephens, ON, CAN selected Bluegrass Vindications Harp as his Grand Champion.

Junior Champion

Haughton Tequila Viva La Vida (Tequila), 1st Maiden Heifer, S Wilson
Reserve Junior Champion
Logan Tequila Glamour (Tequila) 1st In Calf Heifer, B Yates
HM Junior Champion
Ribblesdale Vanahelm Doris 2 (Vanahelm) 2nd Maiden Heifer, A Rimmer

Grand Champion

Bluegrass Vindications Harp (Vindications), 1st 3 Yr Old, Fleming Family, J Henning & K Agnew
Reserve Grand Champion
Fourcrosses Anthony Carroza (Anthony), 1st 2 Yr Old, Izzy Wright
HM Grand Champion
Brightfuture Miss Conduct, 1st Senior Cow, Natasha Kirby

Best Udder

Bluegrass Vindications Harp (Vindications) 1st 3 Yr Old, Fleming Family, J Henning & K Agnew

Maiden Heifer (Born in 2015)

1. Haughton Tequila Viva La Vida (Tequila), S Wilson
2. RIbblesdale Vanahlem Doris 2 (Vanahelm), A Rimmer
3. Priestland Tequilas Daisy Jane (Tequila), J & M Mclean
4. Hailstone Excitation jess (Excitation), M & D Wilson
5. Hailstone Topeka Jasmine (Topeka), M & D Wilson

In Calf Heifer (Born in 2014)

1. Logan Tequila Glamour (Tequila), B Yates
2. Hailstone Tequila Winsome (Tequila), M & D Wilson
3. Studdah Endeavour On Time Glamour (Ontime), J Pratt & S Clapham
4. Enchanted Wizard Jess (Wizard), Enchanted Holsteins
5. Katherines Jenny Ontime (Ontime), Miss K Jenkinson

2 Yr Old (Born 2/28/13-3/1/14

1. Fourcrosses Anthony Carroza (Anthony), Izzy Wright
2. Rapidbay UK Reagan Gpo Shakira (Reagan), S Wake & A Harvey
3. Monument Riley Canderal (Riley), D & M Holliday
4. Clifton Tequila Blue (Tequila), S & DC Bland
5. Jovial Precision Charmer (Precision), Jovial & Dreammaker Jerseys

3 Yr Old (Born 2/28/12-3/1/13

1. Bluegrass Vindications Harp (Vindications), Fleming Family, J Henning, K Agnew
2. Clifton Tequila Jasmin (Tequila), S & DC Bland
3. Riverdane Excitation Naomi (Excitation), Riverdane Holsteins
4. Purwick Olivers Venus (Oliver) Jovial & Dreammaker Jerseys
5. Gem Polomint Glandioli, Jovial & Dreammaker Jerseys

Senior Cow (Born Prior to 3/1/12)

1. Brightfuture Miss Conduct, Natasha Kirby
2. Bluegrass Remakes Blackest Blonde (Remake), Icow, Huddlesford & L Lancaster
3. Clifton Avenue Letty (Avenue), S & Dc Bland
4. Purwick Casper Muddled Up (Casper), Jovial & Dreammaker Jerseys
5. Purwick Jack Wild Rose (Jack), Jovial & Dreammaker Jerseys

Premier Sire Junior & Senior Show

Tower Vue Prime Tequila

Premier Breeder & Exhibitor

S & DC Bland