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Borderway UK Dairy Expo Dairy Shorthorn Show 2018
DATE: March 9-10, 2018
LOCATION: Carlisle, UK
JUDGE: Dean Malcolm, AUS

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Show Sponsors

The Borderway UK Dairy Expo 2018 takes place March 9-10 at the Borderway Mart in Carlisle, UK, hosted by Harrison & Hetherington. Cowsmo will be providing live coverage of the shows thanks to the generous sponsorship of  the Shorthorn Society of UK & Ireland.

Sponsor of Dairy Shorthorn Show

Sponsor of Dairy Shorthorn Show

Junior Champion

Junior Champion
Mossrigg Marcia 2 (Picasso Red), 1st Maiden Heifer, JM Fisher & Daughters

Reserve Junior Champion
Shaunlea Geri 10 (Barbwire Red), 1st In-Calf Heifer, Shaun Dixon & Grace Holliday

HM Junior Champion
Winbrook Pauline 33 (Jagger), 2nd Maiden Heifer, D Dent & R Blenkhar

Grand Champion

Grand Champion
Marleycote Patricia 20 (Royalty), 1st 3yr Old, GG Baynes & Son

Reserve Grand Champion
Shaunlea Geri 6 (Barbwire), 2nd 3yr Old, Shaun Dixon & Grace Holliday

HM Grand Champion
Marleycote Princess Jill 38 (Outback), 1st Senior Cow, GG Baynes & Son

Class 17 Dairy Shorthorn Maiden Heifer – Born In 2017

1. Mossrigg Marcia 2 (Picasso Red), JM Fisher & Daughters
2. Winbrook Pauline 33 (Jagger), D Dent & R Blenkhar
3. Churchroyd Kirklevington 33 (Factor Red), IRG Collins & Partners

Class 18 Dairy Shorthorn In-Calf Heifer – Born In 2016 

1. Shaunlea Geri 10 (Barbwire Red), Shaun Dixon & Grace Holliday
2. Churchroyd Fay 14 (Wildcard), IRG Collins & Partners
3. Irthingelt Vi 5 (Spurgeon), Thomas Moscrop

Dairy Shorthorn 2yr Old (2)

1&BU. Churchroyd Pamela 20 (King Willie), IRG Collins & Partners
2. Winbrook Digitalis 3 (Pedro), D Dent & R Blenkharn

Dairy Shorthorn 3yr Old (4)

1&BU. Marleycote Patricia 20 (Royalty), GG Baynes & Son
2. Shaunlea Geri 6 (Barbwire), Shaun Dixon & Grace Holliday
3. Marleycote Chatter 20 (Empire), GG Baynes & Son

Dairy Shorthorn Senior Cow (4)

1. Marleycote Princess Jill 38 (Outback), GG Baynes & Son
2. Winbrook Vi 147 (Marleycote Al), D Dent & R Blenkharn
3&BU. Churchroyd Bronte Wildeyes 41 (Atom), IRG Collins & Partners