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Borderway UK Dairy Expo 2018 Red & White Show
DATE: March 9-10, 2018
LOCATION: Carlisle, UK
JUDGE: Dean Malcolm, AUS

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The Borderway UK Dairy Expo 2018 Brown Swiss Show takes place March 9-10 at the Borderway Mart in Carlisle, UK, hosted by Harrison & Hetherington. Cowsmo will be providing live coverage of the shows thanks to the generous sponsorship the UK Dairy Expo. 

Sponsor of all dairy shows

Sponsor of all dairy shows

Junior Champion
Auchensala Avalanche Liqueur Red (Avalanche), 1st Calf, Panda Holsteins & Jr Morse

Reserve Junior Champion
Eastford Awesome Tickle (Awesome Red), 1st Maiden Heifer, Brian Yates

HM Junior Champion
Maverick Lady In Red (Addication), 1st In-Calf Heifer, Maverick Holsteins

Grand Champion

Grand Champion & Best Udder of Show
Wiltor Chipper Rosie Red (Chipper), 1st Senior Cow, DW & CE Jones

Reserve Grand Champion
Nethervalley Savard Emma Red (Savard Red), 1st 3yr Old, R & M Scott

HM Grand Champion
Logan Integral Jodie (Integral), 1st 2yr Old, Brian Yates

Class 10 Red & White Calf Class – Born 01/09/17 Onwards

1. Auchensala Avalanche Liqueur Red (Avalanche), Panda Holsteins & Jr Morse
2. Panda Strike It Rich Red (Devour), Panda Holsteins
3. Panda Strike Of Luck Red (Devour), Panda Holsteins
4. Hillhead Diamondback Rox Red (Diamondback), Auchensala Genetics
5. Maverick Radiant Red (Diamondback) Maverick Holsteins

Class 11 Red & White Maiden Heifer – Born 1st December 2016 – 31 St August 2017

1. Eastford Awesome Tickle (Awesome Red), Brian Yates
2. Parkend La Striptease Red (Awesome Red),  A Struthers & S Esquardo
3. Eastford Incredibull (Incredibull Red), Kiwi Brian Yates
4. Knowlesmere Toi Toi Diamondback Dream Red (Diamondback), A&J Whittaker & Toi Toi Genetics
5. Eastford Absolute Hottie (Absolute Red), Brian Yates
6. Grantchester Incredibull Belle Red (Incredibull), Robert McGoldrick

Class 12 Red & White In-Calf Heifer – Born 1st January To 30 November 2016

1. Maverick Lady In Red (Addication), Maverick Holsteins
2. Holmeswood Absolute Ella (Absolute Red), Andrew Rimmer
3. Tynevalley Blueprint Tiara Red (Blueprint), Tynevalley Genetics

Class 44 2yr Old (6)

1 & BU. Logan Integral Jodie (Integral), Brian Yates
2. Wiltor Integral Jasmine Red (Integral), DW & CE Jones
3. Logan Integral Jodie 3 (Integral), Brian Yates
4. Moozik Armani Starlite (Armani), Brian Weatherup & Partners
5. Brocklehill Armani Honey (Armani), J & K Rennie
6. Newtonmoss Algeria Vaakje Red (Denmire Algeria), Messrs Fisher

Class 45 Red & White 3yr Old (2)

1. Nethervalley Savard Emma Red (Savard Red) R & M Scott
2&BU. Riverdane Aikman Ghost (Aikman), Riverdane Holsteins

Class 46 Red & White Senior Cow (2)

1&BU. Wiltor Chipper Rosie Red (Chipper), DW & CE Jones
2. Bruchag Talent Jewel Queen (Class Talent), GG Baynes & Son