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Borderway UK Dairy Expo 2018 Jersey Show
DATE: March 9-10, 2018
LOCATION: Carlisle, UK
JUDGE: Dean Malcolm, AUS

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The Borderway UK Dairy Expo 2018 Jersey Show takes place March 9th Р10th at the Borderway Mart in Carlisle, UK, hosted by Harrison & Hetherington.
Grand champion was Fourcrosses Anthony Carroza for Blyth Farms.
Cowsmo will be providing live coverage of the shows thanks to the generous sponsorship the UK Dairy Expo. 

Sponsor of all dairy shows

Sponsor of all dairy shows

Junior Champion

Junior Champion
Haughton Premier Vested Interest (Premier), 1st Maiden Heifer, Samantha Wilson

Reserve Junior Champion
Brightfuture Rumour Has It (Shyster), 1st In-Calf Heifer, Absolute Genetics

HM Junior Champion
Olympic Tequila Milki (Tequila), Mrs LJ Robertson



Grand Champion

Grand Champion  Jersey
Fourcrosses Anthony Carroza (Fourcrosses Allstar Anthony D), 1st Senior Cow, Blyth Farms

Reserve Grand Champion Jersey
Bluegrass Tequilas Blondette (Tequilla), 1st 3yo, AH Wilson & Son

HM Grand Champion Jersey
Monument Riley Canderel (Riley), 2nd Senior Cow, R & M Scott

Jersey Maiden Heifer ‚Äď Born In 2017 (7)

1. Haughton Premier Vested Interest (Premier), Samantha Wilson
2. Olympic Tequila Milki (Tequila), Mrs LJ Robertson
3. Haughton Vanilla Ice Showdown (Showdown), Samantha Wilson

Jersey In-Calf Heifer ‚Äď Born In 2016 (6)

1. Brightfuture Rumour Has It (Shyster), Absolute Genetics
2. Monument Colton Blackberry (Colton), R & E Butterfield
3. Tregibby Coltons Panama (Colton), Adam Fagg

Jersey 2 Year Old (5)

1&BU.    Haughton Tequila Viva La Vida (Tequila), Mrs LJ Robertson
2.    Thurlstone Topeka Jo (Topeka), JR & SE Dickinson
3.    Long Ing Irwin Bangle (Irwin), Long Ing Jerseys

Jersey 3 Year Old (6)

1&BU.     Bluegrass Tequilas Blondette (Tequilla), AH Wilson & Son
2.    Saxown Precision Cash 89 (Precision), The Saxby Family
3.    Firstlook On Time Harp (On Time), S Whittaker & J Doherty

Jersey Senior Cow (4)

1&BU.    Fourcrosses Anthony Carroza (Anthony), Blyth Farms
2.    Monument Riley Canderel (Riley), R & M Scott
3.        Brightfuture Miss Conduct (Governor), Absolute Genetics