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Borderway UK Dairy Expo 2018 Ayrshire Show
DATE: March 9-10, 2018
LOCATION: Carlisle, UK
JUDGE: Selwyn Donald, NZ

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The Borderway UK Dairy Expo 2018 Ayrshire Show concluded with Changue Martha 49 being tapped out by judge Selwyn Donald as grand champion for Mungo Bryson. Cowsmo will be providing live coverage of the shows thanks to the generous sponsorship the UK Ayrshire Association.

Sponsor of Ayrshire Show

Sponsor of Ayrshire Show

Junior Champion

Junior Champion
Stardust Supreme Queenie (Supreme), 1st Maiden Calf, ET Tomlinson & Millie Tomlinson

Reserve Junior Champion
Longwood Dreamer Marie 3 (Dreamer), 1st In-Calf Heifer, AW Montgomerie

HM Junior Champion
Longwood Dreamer Crumie (Dreamer), 2nd Maiden Calf, Smith Farm Ltd.

Grand Championship

Grand Champion
Changue Martha 49 (Changue Stadium), 1st Senior Cow, Mungo Bryson

Reserve Grand Champion
Halmyre Urr Louise 283 (Palmyra Tri-Star Burdette), 2nd Senior Cow, L Davidson & Sons

HM Grand Champion
Brocklehill Burdette Honey (Palmyra Tri-Star Burdette), 1st 3yo, J & K Rennie

Best Udder Of Show

Changue Martha 49 (Changue Stadium), Mungo Bryson

Premier Breeder Award

ET Tomlinson & Son


Premier Exhibitor Award

L Davidson & Sons and R Danforth

Premier Sire Of The Senior Show

Palmyra Tri-Star Burdette

Ayrshire Maiden Heifer – Born in 2017 (8)

1. Stardust Supreme Queenie (Supreme), ET Tomlinson & Millie Tomlinson
2. Longwood Dreamer Crumie (Dreamer), Smith Farm Ltd.
3. Halmyre Urr Floralin 218 (Lieutenant), L Davidson & Sons
4. Moathouse Tia Maria 7 (Sinbad), Richard Danforth
5. Holmeswood Drunken FLorrie (Free Beer), A Rimmer
6. Smartmove Modern Prudam (Reality), Stuart Gilliland

Ayrshire In-Calf Heifer – Born in 2016 (5)

1. Longwood Dreamer Marie 3 (Dreamer), AW Montgomerie
2. Jamara Triclo Heather Honey (Triclo), H Sanderson & JE Seedall
3. Holmeswood High Bella (Hero), Andrew Rimmer
4. Longwood Rockstar Sandy Rose (Rockstar), Robert Mcgoldrick
5. Moathouse Adrianna 16 (Furtardo), Richard Danforth

Ayrshire 2yr Old (5)

1.    Sandyford Provider Fragrance (Richaven Provider), ET Tomlinson & Son
2.    Sandyford Burdette Clover 3 (Burdette), Toi Toi Genetics
3.    Moathouse Emjest Mermaid (Middle Emjest), Richard Danforth
4.        Halmyre Urr Ladybird 506 (Halmyre Urr Majestic) L Davidson & Sons
5.    Marleycote Georgette 6 (Bright Beam), GG Baynes & Son

Ayrshire 3yr Old (5)

1.    Brocklehill Burdette Honey (Burdette), J & K Rennie
2&BU.    Sandyford Lucky Sybil (Sandyford Dark Knight) ET Tomlinson & Son & B Cruthers
3.    Sandyford Real Punch (Reality), McLean Family
4.    Harperfield Peach 53rd (Harperfield Coral Reef), Firm Of DW Lindsay
5.    Jamara Burdette Gladys, (Burdette), JE & SM Seedall

Ayrshire 4yr Old (4)

1&BU.    Muir Ursula 51 (Burdette), W & A Watson
2.    Willowfields Winnie 2nd, (Modern Reality), Firm Of DM Lindsay & H & L Batty
3.    Halmyre Urr Mayflower 271, (Halmyre Urr Hunters Joe), Richard Danforth
4.    Jamara Napier Janetta (Crown Napier), JE & SM Seedall

Ayrshire Senior Cow (6)

1&BU.    Changue Martha 49, (Changue Stadium), Mungo Bryson
2.    Halmyre Urr Louise 283, (Burdette), L Davidson & Sons
3.    Harperfield Pan, (Harperfield Loch Lomond), Firm Of Dm Lindsay
4.    Sandyford Burdette Heather Honey, (Burdette), H Sanderson & JE Seedall
5.    Sanderson EI Esther 12, (Sanderson Emerald Isle), DC Sanderson
6.    Sanderson Lfe Surprise (Sanderson Lost Forever), DC Sanderson