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Big E – North Eastern Holstein Show 2015
DATE: Sept 18, 2015
LOCATION: Springfield, MA
JUDGE: John Crowley, ON

Sponsored by Quality Seeds

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Junior Champion

Junior Champion
MS Ellee Armani Elysia-ET(Armani) 1st Fall Yearling, Eaton Holsteins, Pat Lundy, P Morrill NY

Reserve Junior Champion
Intense Brokaw Renne (Brokaw) 1st Senior Calf, Rick & Shannon Allyn, Breamont Holsteins, Quiet Acres Holsteins, Frankhaven Holsteins NY
HM Junior Champion
Eatonholme Dusk Before Dawn (Dusk), 1st Summer Yearling, Eaton Holsteins, Devon Benfer NY

Junior Champion of Junior Show

Junior Champion
MS Goldwyn Shazam-ET (Goldwyn), Jayden Kimball ME

Reserve Junior Champion
Fairmont-DTP Bradnick Lass (Bradnick), Caroline Kirby VT

HM Junior Champion
Whittier-Farms Golden Angel (Golden Dreams), Casey Wolf CT

Intermediate Champion of Open Show

Intermediate Champion
Jacobs Sid Beauty-ET(Sid) Jr 3 Year Old Eaton Holsteins, brad & Cindy Murphy NY

Reserve Intermediate Champion
OCD Bradnick Candy-ET(Bradnick) Sr 2 Year Old Eaton Holsteins, Pat Lundy, Co-Vale Holsteins, Jansenn & Wesemann NY
HM Intermediate Champion
Wendon Windbrook Mercy-ET(Windbrook) Jr 2 Year Old Mike Heath, Will Iager  & Adam Fraley, NY

Intermediate Champion of Junior Show

Intermediate Champion
MS Chrysanthamums Extreme(AltaExtreme) Justine Allyn CT

Reserve Intermediate Champion
Amerada Lauthority Flirt(Lauthority) August Koebke MA

HM Intermediate Champion
Savage-Leigh Acme Style-ET(Amce) Lindsey Clark NH

Senior Champion of Junior Show

Senior Champion
Cavanaleck Sprite Dell (Spirit) 5 Year Old, Caitlyn & Chelsea Abbott VT

Reserve Senior Champion
Valleyville Goldwyn Tasha-ET (Goldwyn) 4 Year Old, Lindsey Clark NH

HM Senior Champion
MS Altees Alex Alyssa-ET(Alexander) 4 Year Old, Lindsey Clark NH

Grand Champion of Junior Show

Grand Champion
Cavanaleck Sprite Dell (Spirit) 5 Year Old, Caitlyn & Chelsea Abbott VT

Reserve Grand Champion
Valleyville Goldwyn Tasha-ET (Goldwyn) 4 Year Old, Lindsey Clark NH

HM Grand Champion
MS Chrysanthamums Extreme (AltaExtreme) Int Champion, Justine Allyn CT

Senior Champion of Open Show

Senior Champion
Arethusa Sanchez Dice-ET (Sanchez) 4 Year Old Arethusa Farm CT

Reserve Senior Champion
Ernest-Anthony Accolade-ETv(Goldwyn) 5 Year Old Arethusa Farm CT
HM Senior Champion
Kingsway Goldwyn Abba Dabba-ET (Goldwyn) 2nd 5 Year Old Caitlyn & Chelsea Abbott VT

Grand Champion

Grand Champion
Arethusa Sanchez Dice-ET (Sanchez), 4 Year Old Arethusa Farm CT

Reserve Senior Champion
Jacobs Sid Beauty-ET (Sid) Jr 3 Year Old, Eaton Holsteins, brad & Cindy Murphy NY

HM Senior Champion
Ernest-Anthony Accolade-ET (Goldwyn), 5 Year Old Arethusa Farm CT

Spring Calf (17)

1.VT-Pond-View Armani Dior(Armani) Allyn, Rick & Shannon, Dick Thompson & Nathan Miller, CT

  1. Bulldog Armani Lilac-ET(Armani) Eaton Holsteins, Triple T Holstiens NY
  2. Carpsview Armani Velvet(Armani) Seth & Bethany Carpenter VT
  3. MM-T Pockets Hayley(Brazzle) Juniper Farms Inc, Mike Maloney ME
  4. Fairmont-DTP Bradnick Lass(Bradnick) Caroline Kirby VT
  5. Po-Folks Sammy Shenanigns(Sammy) Heather Richardson MA
  6. Baker-Brook Shottle Rascal(Shottle) Jaymee Rankin ME
  7. Goldenflo Armani Elude(Armani) Jaydin Kimball ME
  8. MS McGuccis Riley(McGuccis) Kennedy Kimball, Noah Reid ME
  9. MS Powder-Mill Damion(Damion) john & Ashley Collins, Amber McComas CT

Winter Calf (18)
  1. Fairmont McCutchen Maiden(McCutchen) Fairmont Farms Inc. VT
  2. Whittier-Farms Golden Angel(Golden Dreams) Casey Wolf CT
  3. Liddleholme Tootsie(Hvezda) Ariel Garland, Elizabeth Couillard VT
  4. Roedale Sid Grande(Sid) Jayden Kimball ME
  5. Whittier-Farms Bomb Ricki(Bombero) Dori 7 Frederick Wolf CT
  6. Willow-Terrace CR Grenada(Recharge) Carol Beneke NY
  7. MS Aftershock lea-ET(Aftershock) Brittany Pestey, Brenda Wildes CT
  8. Chestnut-Hyll True Beauty(Atwood) Kurt Nieminen CT
  9. Juniper Reginald Throttle(Reginald) Juniper Farms, Mike Maloney ME
  10. Juniper Brady Diamond(Brady) juniper Farms ME

Fall Calf (14)
  1. Intense Brokaw Renne(Brokaw) Rick 7 Shannon Allyn, Breatmont Holsteins, Quiet Acres Holsteins, Frankhaven Holsteins CT
  2. Duckett Doorman Brook-ET(Doorman) Eaton Holsteins, Pat Conroy, Dymenthholme Genetics NY
  3. Arethusa Sid Tamera(Sid) Arethusa Farm CT
  4. Goldenflo Brady Meltdown(Brady) Jayden Kimball, Kennedy Kimball ME
  5. Watch-Hill Redline Evita(Redliner) Watch Hill Holsteins, Alan Shearer CT
  6. MS Glodwyn Shazam-ET(Goldwyn) Jaydin Kimball ME
  7. Fairmont Atwood Siri(Atwood) Maggie Kirby VT
  8. Smithson-KW Vette Y-Vette(Corvette) Amanda Goodfield MA
  9. Downs-N-Ups Recharge Iggy(Recharge) Arthur Downs CT
  10. Cedar-Ridge Damn Sexy(Damion) Dori & Fredrick Wolf CT

Summer Yearling (8)

1.Eatonholme Dusk Before Dawn(Duck) Eaton Holsteins NY

  1. Arethusa Goldchip Abrea(Goldchip) Arethusa Farm CT
  2. Ladies-Man Hvezda Keno(Hvezda) Ariel Garland, L & J Getty VT
  3. Willow-Terrace Ava Glitter(Avlanche) Kenneth Beneke NY
  4. Whittier-Farm 5G Naomi(Alta5G) Todd Whittier, Casey Wolf, Dori & Fredrick Wolf CT
  5. Whittier-Farms Lani-Red(Armani) Casey Wolf CT
  6. OCD Atwood Morgan-ET(Atwood) Lindsey Clark NH
  7. Too-Few-Acres Delta Gigi(Delta) Heide Sykes NH

Spring Yearling (10)
  1. Lacfraser GW Atwood Syler(Atwood) Eaton Holsteins, Pat Lundy, George Morasci, Frank & Diane Borba NY
  2. MM-T Pockets Clara-ET(Lotus) Justine Allyn CT
  3. SS-AOL Cntndr Rookie-Red-ET(Contender) Jaydin Kimball ME

4.Arethusa GChip Anek0(Goldchip) Arethusa Farm CT
5. Miss BHL Attie All Mighty(Attic) Jaydin Kimball ME
6.Carpsview Recharge Voltage(Recharge) Bethany & Seth Carpenter VT
7.Hobby-Acres Hvezda Twisted(Hvezda) Hoskings Farm, Tim Zoll NY
8.Tyrbach Atwood Maggie(Atwood) Timothy Noto MA
9.Powder-Mill Tasja-Red(DePrince) John & Ashley Collins CT
10. Juniper Lotus Finley(Lotus) Juniper Farms Inc ME

Winter Yearling (10)

1.M-Riverview Goldsun Kelly(Goldsun) Eaton Holsteins, Phoenix Holsteins Pat Lundy, Anthony Liddle & Mike Garrow NY
2.Tollgate-VU spectrum Phoebe(Spectrum) Jim & Karen Davenport NY
3.Watch-Hill Brady Sonia(Brady) Watch Hill Holsteins, Alan Shearer CT

4.Conant Acres Mctch Lisha-ET(McCutchen) Kaicey Conant ME
5. Hannan Valor Cora-Red(Valor) Connor Johnson CT
6 .Heartstone Guthrie Stella(Guthrie) Megan Adams NH
7.MS Maple-Downs Lauth Teagan(Lauthority) Hoskings Farm, Tim Zoll NY
8.Mynot Butza Miner(Shotgun) Alyssa Jellison NH
9.Wolfe Path Erskine Rose(Erskine) Gabriel Wolfe MA
10.Breene Hollow Aftershock Lyla(Aftershock) Renee Pendleton CT

Fall Yearling (3)

1.      MS Ellen Armani Elysia-ET(Armani) Eaton Holsteins, Pat Lundy, P Morrill NY
2.      Cedar-Rail Damn Fancy(Damion) Casey Wolf CT
3.      Chestnut-Hyll Jrdn Bristol(Jordan) Kurt Nieminen CT

Junior Best 3 Females (2)
  1. Arethusa Farm, CT
    2. Todd Whittier, MA