Autumn Opportunity Show 2018

Oct 17, 2018 @ 9am @ Orangeville, ON

Justin Burdette, PA

Autumn Opportunity Show 2018The Autumn Opportunity Show 2018 has started at the Orangeville Fairgrounds, ON. Justin Burdette, PA, serves as official judge. Cowsmo will be on-hand providing photos and a livestream of the show!

For the link to watch the live stream, visit here

Last year’s Grand Champion was Knonaudale Jasmine, exhibited by Kingways Farms, ON. See complete 2017 results HERE!


Thank you to Holdstar Genetics & Quality Seeds for sponsoring coverage!

Live Stream

To watch the live stream, click here

Junior Champion 4-H

Junior Champion 4-H

Walkhavern Doorman Zadia (Doorman), 1st place Junior Yearling, Walkhavern Farms Limited, ON. 4-H for Ryan Lewis

Reserve Junior Champion 4-H

Crovalley Solomon Sparkle (Solomon), 1st place Senior Heifer, Aleah Farms Ltd, Ava Doner, Gerardo & Jose Gonzalez, Howard Doner & Select Farm & Export Services Inc., ON. 4-H for Ava Doner

Honourable Mention Champion 4-H

Ms Maple-Downs A S Gwen-ET (Aftershock), 2nd place Junior Yearling, Adam Clark. 4-H for Peter Leach.

Junior Champion

Junior Champion
Ronbeth Doorman Sultana (Doorman), 1st place Intermediate Yearling, Clarkvalley Holsteins, Keaton Phoenix, Mt. Elgin Dairy Farms, Peter Leach, ON

Reserve Junior Champion
Walkhavern Doorman Zadia (Doorman), 1st place Junior Yearling, Walkhavern Farms Limited, ON.

Honourable Mention Junior Champion
Crovalley Solomon Sparkle (Solomon), 1st place Senior Calf, Aleah Farms Ltd, Ava Doner, Gerardo & Jose Gonzalez, Howard Doner & Select Farm & Export Services Inc., ON

Intermediate Champion

Intermediate Champion

Kingsway Goldwyn Ladonna (Goldwyn), 1st place Senior 3, Kingsway Farms, ON

Reserve Intermediate Champion

Hendercroft Atwood Harmony (Atwood), 1st place Junior 3, Beckridge Holsteins, Quality Holsteins, Agriber Societa Agricola Srl, ON

Honourable Mention Intermediate Champion

Vale-O-Skene Lauthority Koke (Lauthority), 2nd Senior 3, Vale-O-Skene, ON

Grand Champion

Grand Champion
Aleah Millen Naughtys Secret (Goldwyn), 1st place 5 Year Old, Aleah Farms Ltd., Matthew and Tyler Yates, Millen Farms, ON

Reserve Grand Champion
Bosdale Shottle Liberty (Shottle), 1st place Mature Cow, Bosdale Farms Inc., ON

Honourable Mention Grand Champion
Cityview Braxton Lois (Braxton), 1st place 4 Year Old, BBC Holsteins, Loralans Holsteins, Marthaven Holsteins, Weswin Holsteins, ON

Summer Heifers (10)

1.Millen Solomon Ellie (Solomon), Millen Farms, ON
2.Leachfield Atwood Dazzle (Atwood), Leachfeild, ON
3.Trent Valley Doorman Baldy (Doorman), Trent Valley Holsteins
4.Kentville Denver Lena (Denver), Kentville Holsteins, ON
5.Leachland Solomon Gabby (Solomon), Colin and Karen Leach, ON
6.Smithden Slater Amethyst (Slater), Smithden Holsteins Inc, ON
7.Harvdale Solomon Kiss (Solomon), Harvdale Holsteins, ON
8.VC-Langelands Jacoby Mojito (Jacoby), Langelands Farms, ON
9.Breamont Denver Layla (Denver), Breamont Holsteins and Frankhaven, ON
10.Vale-O-Skene Unix Jillian (Unix), Claremount Holsteins, Gary Troup, Vale-O-Skene Holsteins, ON

Junior Heifers

1.Mapel Wood Doorman Dancer (Doorman), Clarkvalley Holstein, Pierre Boulet, ON
2.Kentville Chief Alicia (Chief), Kentville Holsteins, ON
3.Oakfield Avalanche Liberty (Avalanche), Jonathan and Alicia Lamb, NY
4.Gleann Gracie A (Avalanche), Beckholm Holsteins, ON
5.Vale-O-Skene Addiction Spicy (Addiction-P-Red), Prospect Holsteins, Vale-O-Skene Holsteins, ON
6.Claircrest Solomon Sensation (Solomon, Clair E. Petherick, ON
7.Rocklan Jordy Akita-Et (Jordy), Holywell Holsteins, ON
8.Mtelgin Doorman Havana (Doorman), London Dairy Farms, Mt. Elgin Dairy Farms, ON
9.Brookturn Gold Chip Lacey (Gold Chip), Brookturn Holsteins, ON
10.Millbrooke Doorman Kardashian (Doorman), Ed Meulendyk, ON

Intermediate Heifers

1.Leachland Solomon Miss (Solomon), Beckridge Holsteins, ON
2.Oconcrest Dempsey Senorita (Dempsey), Beckholm Holsteins, ON
3.Millen Solomon Dina (Solomon), Millen Farms, ON
4. Walnutlawn Doc Brilliance (King Doc), Walnutlawn Farms Limited, ON
5. Savagedale Drmn Willie (Doorman), Echo Glen Farms, Robert Wilmont, Savagedale Farms, ON
6.Ronbeth Brokaw Tiffy (Brokaw), Ronbeth Holsteins, ON
7.Intense Devour Pomili (Devour), Evan Stanley, Pretty River Holsteins, ON
8. Windy-Knoll-View Cowbell (McCutchen), Logganlane Holsteins, Logmar Holsteins, ON
9. Fraeland Solomon Bonnie (Solomon), Fraeland Farms, ON
10. Bobasyl Everlasting Legacy (Solomon), Clair E. Petherick, ON

Senior Heifer

1. Crovalley Solomon Sparkle (Solomon), Aleah Farms LTd, Ava Doner, Gerardo & Jose Gonzalez, Howard Doner & Select Farm & Export Services Inc., ON
2.Kampy Corvette Gretchen (Corvette), ), Gerardo & Jose Gonzalez, Select Farm & Export Services Inc., ON
3.Opportunity Gold Phoenix (Goldwyn), Barclay Phoenix, Jamie and Petra Black, Keaton Phoenix, ON
4.Oakfield Cinder Roslyn-ET (Cinderdoor), Frank Meisner, Killcroft Holsteins, ON
5.Echo Glen Jacoby Belladonnna (Jacoby), Echo Glen Farm, ON
6.Mell-Wood TV Control Anne (Control), Gerald Coughlin & Jason David Mell, ON
7.Goulant High Octane Elsa (High Octane), Ferme Marlau, Howes Holsteins Inc. & Weavercroft Farms Ltd., ON
8.Bridgeview Doorman Skittles (Doorman), Doug Cranston & Jeff Stephens, ON
9.Millen Solomon Darcy (Solomon), Millen Farms, ON
10.Holywell Taps Didgerido (Tapps), Dennis E Martin & Holywell Holsteins, ON

Summer Yearlings (14)

1.Corrcroft Doorman Kristie (Doorman), Colin and Karent Leach, ON
2.Ulmar Control Eternity (Control), Pfister Dairy, ON
3.Millbrooke Doorman Copy (Doorman), Ed Meulendyk, ON
4.Claircrest Solomon Chipotle (Solomon), Clair E. Petherick, ON
5.Vale-O-Skene Diamond Gemma (Diamond), Vale-O-Skene, ON
6.Ahd Solomon Zena (Solomon), Arrowhead Dairy, ON
7.Vale-O-Skene Brady Rosie (Brady), Vale-O-Skene Hoslteins, ON
8.Canhope Solomon Carmella (Solomon), Ron Canning, Travis Canning, ON
9.Dandyland Sid Abigail (Sid), Holywell Holsteins, ON
10.Kingsway Doorman Aroma (Doorman), ON

Junior Yearlings

1.Walkhavern Doorman Zadia (Doorman), Walkhavern Farms Limited, ON
2.Ms Maple-Downs A S Gwen-ET (Aftershock), Adam Clark
3.Kentville Atwood Dublin (Atwood), Grand Slam Holsteins, Sierra Empey, ON
4.Crovalley Brokaw Amigo (Brokaw), Allarway Holsteins, Sunny Terrance Holsteins, ON
5.Arethusa Sid Abyss-ET (Sid), Pryme Farms Inc., ON
6.Stonebed Jacoby Izzy (Jacoby), Killcroft Holsteins, Stonebed Holsteins, Wes Killing
7.Ronbeth Solomon Sunset (Solomon), Grand Slam Holsteins, Ronbeth Holsteins, Showstyle Genetics, ON
8.Allstar Yorick Anabel (Yorick), Allstar Gen, QC
9.Vale-O-Skene Beemer Krissy (Beemer), Prospect Holsteins, Vale-O-Skene Holsteins, ON
10.Canhope Solomon Bronson (Solomon), Ron Canning

Intermediate Yearling

1.Ronbeth Doorman Sultana (Doorman), Clarkvalley Holsteins, Keaton Phoenix, Mt. Elgin Dairy Farms, Peter Leach, ON
2.Rockaberry Doorman Allegra (Doorman), Craig Ranter, ON
3.Claircrest Atwood Marmelade (Atwood), Clair E. Petherick, ON
4.Kakouna Doorman Courage (Doorman), Clarkvalley Holsteins, Mt.
5.Unique Solomon Lovely (Solomon), Unique Holsteins, ON
6.Oakfield Byway Taxi (Byway), Vogue, Maple Wood, Patience, Silvercap Holsteins, ON
7.Craigcrest Robies Fancy Pants (Goldwyn), Craigcrest Holsteins, ON
8.Harvdale Meridian Cherish (Meridian), Harvdale Holsteins, ON
9.Gracehaven RL Cinder Jubilee (Cinderdoor), Royal Lynn Holsteins, ON
10.Roll-N-View Gold Karat- ET (Goldwyn),M Mark Moreland, ON

Junior Herd

1.Claircrest Holsteins, ON
2.Ronbeth Holsteins, ON
3.Edward Meulendyk, ON

Mike McGriskin Achievement Award

Mike McGriskin Achievement Award
Recipient : Jackie Fraser

Milking Senior Yearling

1.Bosdale Solomon Portlea (Solomon), Kingsway Farms, ON
2.Arcadia Goldwyn Spot (Goldwyn), Beckholm Holsteins, ON
3.Duckett Drack Gabby (Diamondback), Embrdale Farms,
4.Claircrest Atwood Allure (Atwood), Clair E. Petherick, ON
5.Smithden McCutchen Laney (McCutchen), Maple Wood, Silvercap, Smithden Holsteins, ON
6.Lilyking Abbey Road (Doorman), Calaway Holsteins, J-Star Holsteins, Killcroft Holsteins, ON
7.Werrcroft Goldwyn Lily (Goldwyn), Bosdale Farms Inc., ON
8.Royal Lynn Doorman Jub Jub (Doorman), Royal Lynn Holsteins, ON
9.Elmcroft Doorman Rebecca (Doorman), Elmcroft Holsteins, ON

Junior 2 Year Old (2)

1.Jacrest Tonka Narcissa (Tonka), Quality Holsteins, ON
2.Emilane Armani Grace (Armani), Benbo Farm, ON
3.Legacy V M Doorman Too Late (Doorman), David Wideman, Legacy Holsteins, Marthaven Holsteins, ON
4.Doanlea GC Gabernet (Gold Chip), Donald I. Doan, Howard-View Holsteins, ON
5.Sweetview Avalanche Mitsou (Avalanche), Up-Ridge Holsteins
6.Applevue Solomon Ciara (Solomon), Andrew Den Haan, Echo Glen Farm, Sprucetone Holsteins, ON
7.Aleah Millen Naughty Talk (Doorman), Elmheights Farm, ON
8.Bosdale Dempsey Dianne (Dempsey), Bosdale Farms Inc., ON
9.Bosdale Seaver B Portrait S (Seaver), Bosdale Farms Inc., ON

Senior 2 Year Old (7)

1.Raleon Envious Pandora (Envious), Breamont Holsteins, Frankhaven Holsteins, ON
2.Sprucecho Smokin Georgina (Smokin), Kingsway Farms, ON
3.Quality Solomon Lust (Solomon), Agriber Societa Agricola Srl, Beckridge Holsteins, Oscar Dupasquier, Quality Holsteins, ON
4.Quality Beemer Frown (Beemer), Quality Holsteins, ON
5.Kentville Doorman Addison (Doorman), Kentville Holsteins, ON
6.Harvdale DM Beauty (Doorman), Harvdale Holsteins, ON
7.Quality Solomon Lovely (Solomon), Agriber Societa Agricola Srl, Beckridge Holsteins, Oscar Dupasquier, Quality Holsteins, ON

Junior 3 Year Old

1.Hendercroft Atwood Harmony (Atwood), Beckridge Holsteins, Quality Holsteins, Agriber Societa Agricola Srl, ON
2.Sikmadale Fricosons D Freezie (Doorman), Marthaven Holsteins, Verda Farms, ON
3.Maplekay O K Eileen (O Kaliber), Maplekay Farms Limited, ON
4.Bosdale Doorman Tiffany (Doorman), Bosdale Farms Inc, ON
5.Alnor Doorman Countess (Doorman), Mt. Elgin Dairy Farms, Scott Brethet, ON
6.Kentville Atwood Presley (Atwood), Kentville Holsteins, ON
7.Sunspark Reginald Applesauce (Reginald), Calaway Holsteins, J-Star Holsteins, Markridge Holsteins, Jim Phoenix, ON
8.Carldot Snowy Lana (Snowy), Andrew Den Haan, Lester and Shirley Gingrich, ON
9.Ridgedale Adorn (Gold Chip), Ron Canning and Travis Canning, ON
10.Darwell Atwood Spooky (Atwood), Les and Darlene Sharpe, ON

Senior 3 Year Old

1.Kingsway Goldwyn Ladonna (Goldwyn), Kingsway Farms, ON
2.Vale-O-Skene Lauthority Koke (Lauthority), Vale-O-Skene, ON
3.MS Mell-Wood GN Aliegold-ET (Goldwyn), Gerald Coughlin, Jason David Mell, ON
4.Blondin Goldwyn History (Goldwyn), Vale-O-Skene Holsteins, ON
5.Rubis Goldwyn Rebeka (Goldwyn), Royal Lynn Holsteins, ON
6.Quality Seaver Fluffy (Seaver), Quality Holsteins, ON
7.OConnors Pepper Las Vegas (Pepper), Silvercap and Smithden, ON
8.Ronbeth Gold Becky (Liquid Gold), Beckholm Holsteins, ON

4 Year Ol

1.Cityview Braxton Lois (Braxton), BBC Holsteins, Loralans Holsteins, Marthaven Holsteins, Weswin Holsteins, ON
2.Pierstein Atwood Gabigaelle (Atwood), Gary Troup, Matias Holsteins, Vale-O-Skene Holsteins, ON
3.Quality Atwood Angie (Atwood), Quality Holsteins, ON
4.Wedgewood Windbrook Lulu (Windbrook), Echo Glen Farms, Kenny McRae, ON
5.Phoenix Armani MJ (Armani), Barclay and Keaton Phoenix, ON
6.Hicklee Brokaw Gypsy (Brokaw), Quality Holsteins, ON
7.Joyacres Planner Lois (Planner), Royal Lynn Holsteins, ON
8.Phoenix Wind Of Rennie (Windbrook), Barclay Phoenix and Cherry Crest Holsteins, ON
9.Earincliffe Afterschock Doll (Afterschock), Scott Brethet
10.Bosdale Fever Jean (Fever), Bosdale Farms Inc., ON

5 Year Old

1.Aleah Millen Naughtys Secret (Goldwyn), Aleah Farms Ltd., Matthew and Tyler Yates, Millen Farms, ON
2.Trent Valley Goldwyn Allnding (Goldwyn), Jason David Mell, Trent Valley Holsteins, ON
3.Wayholme Reginald Petunia (Reginald), Glenbert Holsteins, Marthaven Holsteins
4.Elcraig Windbrook Abigail (Windbrok), Alluvildale Farms, Hans Ochs, Marthaven Holsteins, Quiet Acres Holsteins, ON
5.Eastside Lewisdale Percision (Stanleycup), Up-Ridge Holsteins, ON
6.Englidale SC Illara (Stanleycup), Loka Holsteins, ON
7.Vale-O-Skene Lauthority Scotty (Lauthority), Vale-O-Skene Holsteins, ON
8.Darwell Windbrook Christie (Windbrook), Les and Darlene Sharpe, ON
9.Elmbrook WIndbrook Amarillo (Windbrook), Werrcroft Farms Ltd., ON
10.Bosdale Fever Portrait D (Fever), Bosdale Farms Inc., ON

Mature Cow

1.Bosdale Shottle Liberty (Shottle), Bosdale Farms Inc., ON
2.Phoenix Baxter Geometry (Baxter), High Point Farms, ON
3.Marfloacres Damion Lulu (Damion), Quality Holsteins, ON
4.Vale-O-Skene Pure Gold Abigail (Pure Gold), Vale-O-Skene, ON
5.Doanlea Drake Promise (Drake), Donald I. Doan, Marthaven Holsteins, ON
6.Fraeland Fever Blana (Fever), Ron Canning, Travis Canning, ON

Breeders Herd

1.Bosdale Farms
2.Quality Holsteins
3.Barclay Phoenix
4.Vale-O-Skene Holsteins

Premier Breeder

Bosdale Farms
Quality Holsteins
Vale-O-Skene Holsteins

Premier Exhibitor

Vale-O-Skene Holsteins
Quality Holsteins
Kingsway Farms