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Autumn Opportunity Holstein Show 2017
DATE: October 18th, 2017 at 9am
LOCATION: Orangeville, ON
JUDGE: Mike West, ON


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The Autumn Opportunity Holstein Show 2017 takes place at 9am, Wednesday, October 18 in Orangeville, ON. Cowsmo coverage, complete with a LIVE FEED, is being sponsored by Vogue Cattle Co.

Vogue Cattle Co., sponsor of Autumn Opportunity Show

Vogue Cattle Co., sponsor of Autumn Opportunity Show

Junior Champion

Junior Champion

Unique Golden Ring (Golden Dreams), 1st place Junior Yearling, Clarkvalley Holsteins, Dalton J. Faris & Peter Leach, ON

Reserve Junior Champion

Ronbeth Doorman Sultana (Doorman), 1st place Intermediate Heifer, Clarkvalley Holsteins, Peter Leach, Prospect Holsteins & WM Schilling, ON

Honourable Mention

Mount Elm Doorman Crisscross (Doorman), 1st place Intermedaite Yearling, Neil & Brian Anderson, ON

4-H Champion

4-H Champion

Faraway Doorman Missy (Doorman), 1st place Summer Yearling, Clarkvalley Holsteins, Mt. Elgin Dairy Farms & Peter Leach, ON (Peter Leach)

Reserve 4-H Champion

Fishervale Science Magnolia P (Science), 5th place March Calf,  Binalee Holsteins, Fishervale Acres Ltd & Lamondeen Farm, ON (Serena Lamont)


Honourable Mention 4-H Champion

Farrow Chap LA (Chap), 5th place December Calf, Far-Row Holsteins (Cally Finley)

Junior All Ontario Champion

Junior All Ontario Champion

Lellavan Solomon Dazzle (Solomon), 6th Senior Calf, Royal Lynn Holsteins, ON (Christine Armstrong)

Reserve Junior All Ontario Champion

Prettyriver Doorman Delilah (Doorman), 8th Junior Calf, Lewisde Holsteins & Pretty River Holsteins, ON (Megan Ford)

Honourable Mention Junior All Ontario Champion

Gracehaven RL Cinder Jubilee (Cinderdoor), 11th Intermediate Calf, Royal Lynn Holsteins (Christine Armstrong)

Intermediate Champion

Intermediate Champion

Embrdale Exquisite Lauthority (Lauthority), 1st place Senior 2, Embrdale Farms, ON

Reserve Intermediate Champion

Oakfield GC Darby-ET (Gold Chip), 1st place Junior 3 Year Old, Trent Valley Holsteins, Jason Mell, Joel Phoenix & Tom Degroot, ON

Honourable Mention Intermediate Champion

Jacrest Doorman Livewire (Doorman), 1st place Milking Yearling, Quality Holsteins, ON

Grand Champion

Grand Champion

Knonaudale Jasmine (Goldwyn), 1st Mature Cow, Kingsway Farms, ON

Reserve Grand Champion

Embrdale Exquisite Lauthority (Lauthority), 1st place Senior 2, Embrdale Farms, ON

Honourable Mention Grand Champion

Wayholme Reginald Petunia (Reginald), 1st place 4 Year Old, David Wideman, Glenbert Holsteins, Marthaven Holsteins, ON

Summer Calf (6)
  1. Darwell Beemer Sadie (Beemer), Les & Darlene Sharpe, ON
  2. Hodglynn Solomon Abigail (Solomon), Hodglynn Holsteins, Jim Phoenix & Keaton Phoenix, ON
  3. Kentville Brady Priceless (Brady), Kentville Holsteins, ON
  4. Skyline Brewmaster Popsicle (Brewmaster), Ebybrook Holsteins, ON
  5. Aspiration Jacoby Aloha Abel (Jacoby), Lyndon Stewart & Asscoiates Inc, ON
  6. Echo Glen HH Benefit Pearl (Benefit), Echo Glen Farm & Howes Holsteins Inc, ON

March Calves
  1. Sahara Beemer Riot (Beemer), Patience Holsteins Ltd, Silvercap Holsteins & Vogue Cattle Co., ON
  2. Ronbeth Solomon Sunset (Solomon), Ronbeth Holsteins, ON
  3. JPB Lucky I M White (Doorman), Andrew McOuat, Joel Stillman & JPB Holsteins, ON
  4. Craigcrest Rejoice Blackbeauty (Diamondback), Chesley Stephens & Jeff Stephens, ON
  5. Fishervale Science Magnolia P (Science), Binalee Holsteins, Fishervale Acres Ltd & Lamondeen Farm, ON
  6. Claircrest Solomon Luxury (Solomon), Clair E. Petherick, ON
  7. Kawartha Sid Versace (Sid), Dan Werry & Kawartha Holsteins
  8. Prettyriver Doorman Delilah (Doorman), Lewisde Holsteins & Pretty River Holsteins, ON
  9. Browntown Attic Margarita (Attic), Clarkvalley Holsteins, Mt. Elgin Dairy Farm & Peter Leach, ON
  10. Millen Sid Loreta (Sid), Beckholm Holsteins, ON

Intermediate Calf (25)

1. Ronbeth Doorman Sultana (Doorman), Clarkvalley Holsteins, Peter Leach, Prospect Holsteins, WM Schilling, ON
2. Oakfiled Byway Taxi ET (Byway), Vogue Cattle Co & Silvercap Holsteins, ON
3. Hatee Jacoby Paris (Jacoby), Aleah Farms & Millen Farms, ON
4. Beslea Airlift Achieve (Airlift), Benbo Farm, ON
5. (BO & 1st 4H) Farrow Chap La (Chap), Far-Row Holsteins, ON (Cally Finley)
6. JPB Doormans One Lucky Night (Doorman), Andrew McOuat, Joel Stillman & JPB Holsteins, ON
7. (2nd 4-H), Kingsway Doorman Rowdy (Doorman), Camflat Holsteins, ON (Kyle Campsall)
8. Showstyle Dempsey Triumph (Dempsey), Showstyle Genetics, ON
9. Unique Solomon Lovely (Solomon), Unique Holsteins, ON
10. Smithden Lumineer Avalon (Lumineer), Smithden Holsteins, ON (Ashley Smith)

September Calf (24)

September Calf

  1. Beckholm Doorman Trish (Doorman), Beckholm Holsteins, ON
  2. Fradon Solomon Lustrous (Solomon), Clarkvalley Holsteins, Mt. Elgin Dairy Farms, Peter Leach, ON
  3. Smithden McCutchen Lainey (McCutchen), Smithden Holsteins Inc, ON
  4. Claircrest Meridian Annabell (Meridian), Clair E. Petherick, ON
  5. Hazbro Solomon Relax (Solomon), Hazbro Holsteins, ON
  6. Lellavan Solomon Dazzle (Solomon), Royal Lynn Holsteins, ON
  7. Jeanlu Cinderdoor Bamba (Cinderdoor), Kingsway Farms & Millen Farms, ON
  8. Ronbeth Solomon Dream (Solomon), Allarway Holsteins & Sunny Terrace Holsteins, ON
  9. Duckett Dback Gabby (Diamondback), Jeff Stephens & Dog Cranston, ON
  10. Fieldholme Cinderdoor Coochie (Cinderdoor), Andrew Den Haan & Fieldholme Holsteins

Summer Yearling (14)
  1. Faraway Doorman Missy (Doorman), Clarkvalley Holsteins, Mt. Elgin Dairy Farms & Peter Leach, ON
  2. Mapel Wood Doorman Barbara (Doorman), Mapel Wood Farms, Silvecap Holsteins & Vogue Cattle Co., ON
  3. Aleah Dark Knight (Byway), Aleah Farms, ON
  4. Comrie Capital Gain Missouri (Capital Gain), Comrie Farms Ltd., ON
  5. Royalwater High Octane Tumble (High Octane), Holywell Holsteins, ON
  6. Verda RR Tally (Reginald), David Wideman & Marthaven Holsteins, ON
  7. Blondin Doorman Liberia (Doorman), Ryan Harvey, ON
  8. Tomalynn Beemer Megan (Beemer), Loralans Holsteins & Weswin Holsteins, ON
  9. Willet Lotus Jana Red (Lotus), Bill Gibson & Brock Gillies, ON
  10. Werrcroft Solomon Abba (Solomon), Werrcroft Farms, ON

Junior Yearling (10)
  1. Unique Golden Ring (Golden Dreams), Clarkvalley Holsteins, Dalton J. Faris & Peter Leach, ON
  2. Aleah Millen Naughty Talk (Doorman), Kevin Shier, ON
  3. Fraeland Doorman Bonnie (Doorman), Fraeland Farms & Jeff Stephens, ON
  4. Earincliffe Dempsey Dania (Dempsey), Rockymountain Holsteins & Scott Brethet, ON
  5. Vogue Kingbow Flirtatious (Kingboy), Blackrock Livestock Company, Silvercap Holsteins, Vogue Cattle Co., ON
  6. Mount Elm Fingers Crossed (High Octane), Neil & Bryan Anderson, ON
  7. Earincliffe Dempsey Dolorita (Dempsey), Orrlea Farm & Scott Brethet, ON
  8. Vogue Lumineer Luster (Lumineer), Lyndon Stewart & Associates, ON
  9. Legacy V M Doorman Too Late (Doorman), David Wideman, Marthaven Holsteins, Stephen Dolson & Dr. Karen Galbraith, ON
  10. Belsmith Atwood Smooch (Atwood), Frankhaven Holsteins, ON

Intermediate Yearling (6)
  1. Mount Elm Doorman Crisscross (Doorman), Neil & Brian Anderson, ON
  2. Werrcroft Goldchip Jackie (Gold Chip), Werrcroft Farms, ON
  3. Karlinrock Brewmaster Glenna (Brewmaster), Vogue Cattle Co., ON
  4. Raleon Envious Pandora (Windbrook), Breamont Holsteins, ON
  5. Breamont G Chip Priceless (Gold Chip), Frankhaven Holsteins, ON
  6. Werrcroft Goldchip Avalanche (Gold Chip), Werrcroft Farms Ltd., ON

Junior Herd
  1. Ronbeth Holsteins, ON
  2. Aleah Farms, ON
  3. Claircrest Holsteins, ON
  4. Unique Holsteins, ON
  5. Saraha Holsteins, ON

Milking Senior Yearling
  1. Jacrest Doorman Livewire (Doorman), Quality Holsteins, ON
  2. Springbend Reginald Drum Roll (Reginald), Joel Phoenix & Tom Degroot, ON
  3. Florbil Doorman Lilly (Doorman), Florbill Farms Ltd & Quality Holsteins, ON
  4. Hodglynn Afterschock Demi (Aftershock), Hodglynn Holsteins & Little Star Holsteins, ON
  5. Beslea Dempsey Wicked (Dempsey), Markhaven Holsteins & Skipwell Farms, ON
  6. Hanalee Atwood Jailbird (Atwood), Hank & Nancy-Lee Hazeleger, ON
  7. Kentville Doorman Addison (Doorman), Kentville Holsteins, ON
  8. Embrdale Fizzle Millenium (Millenium), Embrdale Farm, ON
  9. Woolview Dempsey Geo (Dempsey), Lester & Shirley Gingrich, ON
  10. Up-Ridge Bozeman Playtime (Bozeman), Up-Ridge Holsteins, ON

Junior 2 Year Old (12)
  1. Maplekay O K Eileen (O Kaliber), Maplekay Farms Limited, ON
  2. Feederlane Sid Tina (Sid), Junel Holsteins, Marthaven Holsteins, Rogstein Holsteins, ON
  3. Sunspark Reginald Applesauce (Reginald), Calaway Holsteins, J-Star Holsteins, Markridge Holsteins, ON
  4. Carldot Snowy Lana (Snowy), Andrew Den Haan, Lester & Shirley Gingrich, ON
  5. Beckholm Dreams Jojo (Golden Dreams), Beckholm Holsteins, ON
  6. Hodglynn Camelot Lucarist (Camelot), Hodglynn Holsteins, Starbrite Holsteins, ON
  7. Up-Ridge Doorman Licorice (Doorman), Up-Ridge Holsteins, ON
  8. Bosdale Doorman Tiffany (Doorman), Bosdale Farm Inc., ON
  9. Ronbeth Dempsey Nay (Dempsey), Ronbeth Holsteins, ON
  10. Haanview Windbrook Ashley (Windbrook), Haanview Farms Inc., ON

Senior 2 Year Old (9)
  1. Embrdale Exquisite Lauthority (Lauthority), Embrdale Farms, ON
  2. Duckett-Harvue GD France-TW (Goldwyn), Andrew Den Haan, ON
  3. Bosdale G W Lustre D (Goldwyn), Bosdale Farms Inc, ON
  4. Quality Seaver Fluffy (Seaver), Quality Holsteins, ON
  5. Sunny Maple Chelios Tara (Chelios), Jay S Robertston, ON
  6. Sprucecho Chelios Lolita (Chelios), Kingsway Farms, ON
  7. Webb View Bison Sid (Sid), Webb View Farms, ON
  8. Legend-Maker Armani Emily (Armani), Royal Lynn Holsteins, ON
  9. Craigcrest Uno Starburst (Numero Uno), Beckholm Holsteins, ON

Junior 3 Year Old (9)
  1. Oakfield GC Darby-ET (Gold Chip), Trent Valley Holsteins, Jason Mell, Joel Phoenix & Tom Degroot, ON
  2. Quality Doorman Flika (Doorman), Quality Holsteins, ON
  3. Petitclerc Atwood Alexine (Atwood), Connor Sikma & Fricosons Holsteins, ON
  4. Mell-Woodtv Arman Alyssa-ET (Armani), Gerald Coughlin, ON
  5. Berautec McCutchen July (McCutchen), Clarkvalley Holsteins, ON
  6. Monoak Black Pearl (Doorman), Echo Glen Farm & Howes Holsteins Inc., ON
  7. Kentville Brokaw Africa (Brokaw), Kentville Holsteins, ON
  8. Up-Ridge Atwood Avocado (Atwood), Up-Ridge Holsteins, ON
  9. Bosdale Meridian G S Portrait (Meridian), Bosdale Farms Inc., ON

Senior 3 Year Old (10)
  1. Poelman Goldwyn Venom (Goldwyn), Beckholm Holsteins, ON
  2. Mingo Doorman Gigi (Doorman), Dalton J. Faris, ON
  3. Hicklee Brokaw Gypsy (Brokaw), Quality Holsteins, ON
  4. Leachland Atwood Megabyte (Atwood), Agriber Societa Agricola Srl, Beckridge Holsteins, Quality Holsteins, ON
  5. Mount Elm Windbrook Crossover (Windbrook), Neil & Bryan Anderson, ON
  6. Quality Doorman Flanso (Doorman), Alberto Medina, Quality Holsteins, The Ahedo Family / La Travesia Farm, ON
  7. Joyacres Planner Lois (Planner), Royal Lynn Holsteins, ON
  8. Winright Sid Gone For Good (Sid), Breamont Holsteins, ON
  9. Ronbeth Chelios Sadie (Chelios), Loval Farms & Ronbeth Holsteins, ON
  10. Elm Bend Go Crazy (McCutchen), Elm Bend Holsteins, ON

4 Year Old (13)
  1. Wayholme Reginald Petunia (Reginald), David Wideman, Glenbert Holsteins, Marthaven Holsteins, ON
  2. Adieu Lauthority Typhoon (Lauthority), David Wideman & Marthaven Holsteins, ON
  3. Kingsway Windbrook Jazz (WIndbrook), Kingsway Farms, ON
  4. Gore Ridge Windbrook Jupiter (Winbrook), Glenvue Holsteins, Gore Ridge Farm & Larry Bennett, ON
  5. Morsan Atwood Lazzie (Atwood), Dandyland Farms & Quality Holsteins, ON
  6. Ardross Dempsey Keilantra (Dempsey), Ardross Holsteins, ON
  7. Heather Holme Sid Vala (Sid), Glen & Curtis McNeil & Kevin Smith, ON
  8. Kentville Shadow Gina (Shadow), Kentville Holsteins, ON
  9. Longview Dempsey Sheena (Dempsey), Clarkvalley Holsteins, Mt Elgin Dairy Farms, ON
  10. Ronbeth Windbrook Sage (Windbrook), Ronbeth Holsteins, ON

5 Year Old (14)
  1. Walkercrest Ladner Suzy (Ladner), David J. Faragher, Leslie Dolson & Marthaven Holsteins, ON
  2. Bosdale Fever Portrait B (Fever), Bosdale Farms Inc., ON
  3. Bellwin Windbrook Rufis (Windbrook), Quality Holsteins, ON
  4. Bosdale Lauthority S Portrait (Lauthority), Bosdale Farms Inc., ON
  5. Webb View Lady Bell Wildthing (Wildthing), Webb View Farms, ON
  6. Quality Sid Pansy (Sid), Quality Holsteins, ON
  7. Harvdale Fever Bryn (Fever), Harvdale Holsteins, ON
  8. Wayholme Steady Impatient (Steady), David Wideman, Marthaven Holsteins, Quiet Acres Holsteins, ON
  9. Kingsway Dempsey Ruthann (Dempsey), Kingsway Farms, ON
  10. Up-Ridge Atwood Halona (Atwood), Up-Ridge Holsteins, ON