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Atlantic Summer Holstein Show
DATE: Aug 11, 2018
LOCATION: Charlottetown, PEI
JUDGE: Paul Trapp, WI

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The Atlantic Summer Holstein Show 2018 takes place August 11, 2018 at the Charlottetown Exhibition Grounds in PEI. Paul Trapp, WI, serves as judge for the show, which starts at 9AM. Thank you to Atlantic Holstein Promotions for sponsoring coverage.

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Show Program

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Junior Champion

Junior Champion
Lanormande High Octane Lilly (High Octane), 1st Intermediate Calf, Westcoast Holsteins, BC
Reserve Junior Champion
Goldenflo Jacoby Rickshaw (Jacoby), 2nd Intermediate Calf, Beckholm Holsteins & Blair Weeks, ON
HM Junior Champion
Eastside Lewisdale Chief Amaze (Chief), 1st Senior Calf, Eastside Holsteins, Lewisdale Farms & Diamond Hill, PE

Intermediate Champion

Intermediate Champion
Bernadale Goldwyn Indigo (Goldwyn), 1st First Lactation 30 Months & Over, Bernadale Holstein, PE
Reserve Intermediate Champion
Woodmansees Harris Jora (Harris), 1st Second Lactation 40 Months & Under, East River Farms, PE
HM Intermediate Champion
Birkentree Seaver Claudella (Seaver), 2nd First Lactation 30 Months & Over, Birkentree Holsteins, PE

Grand Champion

Grand Champion
Gleann Brady Privateer (Brady), 1st Second Lactation 41-47 Months, Bruce Thomson, NS
Reserve Grand Champion
Weeksdale Absolut Vodka (Absolute), 2nd Second Lactation 41-47 Months, Elmer Weeks, Ferme Intense, F & D Borba & Rocky Allen, PE
HM Grand Champion
Bernadale Goldwyn Indigo (Goldwyn), 1st First Lactation 30 Months and Over, Bernadale Holstein, PE

Junior Calf (13)

1. Rotaly Avalanche Aliza (Avalance), Eastside Holsteins, PE
2. (B&O) Weeksdale Goldilicious (Gold Chip), Elmer Weeks, PE
3. Cobequid Goldchip Crissy (Gold Chip), Cobequid, Porter Weeks & Ravenwood Holsteins, NS
4. Trinal Love to Win (Solomon), Westcoast Holsteins, BC
5. Lilac Lodge Unix Onyx (Unix), Lilac Lodge Holsteins, PE
6. Lellavan C Gain Dividend (Capital Gain), Lellavan Farms, NS
7. Goldenflo Leighside A Stripper (Avalance), MacBeath Farms & Leighside Farms, NB
8. Leighside Calendar Lollipop (Calendar), Leighside Farms Ltd., NB
9. Leighside Coconut Cream Pie (Jacoby), Leighside Farms Ltd., NB
10. Leighside Brady Streaker (Brady), Leighside Farms & MacBeath Farms, NB

Intermediate Calf (11)

1. Lanormande High Octane Lilly (High Octane), Westcoast Holsteins, BC
2. Goldenflo Jacoby Rickshaw (Jacoby), Beckholm Holsteins, ON
3. (B&O) Weeksdale Jantunen Cherokee (Jantunen), Elmer Weeks, PE
4. Bernadale Avalanche Caramel (Avalanche), Bernadale Holstein, PE
5. Desperle Shanie Gold Chip (Gold Chip), Joseph Osinga, PE
6. Red Oak Rambo Crosby (Rambo), Red Oak Farms, PE
7. Cobequid Kingpin Trouble Maker (Kingpin), Cobequid & Bernadale, PE
8. Cobequid Defiant All Dolled Up (Defiant), Cobequid Holsteins, NS
9. Leighside Goldenflo Lovepotion (Defiant), Leighside & MacBeath Farms, NB
10. Leighside Kingpin Bacardi (Kingpin), Leighside Holsteins, NB

Senior Calf (14)

1. (B&O) Eastside Lewisdale Chief Amaze (Chief), Eastside Holsteins, Lewisdale Farms & Diamond Hill, PE
2. Birkentree Doorman Keshan (Doorman), Birkentree Holsteins, PE
3. Whittier-Farms GC Likeable (Gold Chip), Blair Weeks & Beckholm Holsteins, PE
4. Birkentree Kasmir Baklava (Kasmir), Birkentree Holsteins, PE
5. Homtosta Goldchip Dimples (Gold Chip), James Ward Farm Inc., PE
6. Eastside Oake (Lotta Class), Eastside Holsteins, PE
7. Goldenflo Fitz Rice Krispies (Fitz), MacBeath Farms, PE
8. GEG Control Bambie (Control), Edward Goodine, NB
9. GEG Jacoby Poppy (Jacoby), East River Farms, PE
10. Eastside High Octane Stella (High Octane), Eastside Holsteins & RM Farms, PE

Summer Yearling (8)

1. (B&O) Birkentree Doorman Lainy (Doorman), Birkentree Holsteins, PE
2. Rotaly Tonka Kane (Tonka), Rock Hebert & Nathalie Dumais, QC
3. Lellavan Cinderdoor Jeannie (Cinderdoor), Lellevan Farms & Porter Weeks, PE
4. Birkentree Doorman Reeta (Doorman), Birkentree Holsteins, PE
5. Dillman Solomon Riet (Solomon), Musqie Valley Farms & Porter Weeks, PE
6. Walkerbrae Goldwyn Lana (Goldwyn), Sunny Point Farms, NS
7. Winterbay Doorman Adia (Doorman), Winterbay Farms, PE
8. Leighside Jacoby Mimosa (Jacoby), Leighside Farms Ltd., NB

Junior Yearling (7)

1. (B&O) Cobequid Solomon Adina (Solomon), Cobequid Holsteins & Diamond Hill Farms, PE
2. Rotaly Control Hurricane (Control), Rock Hebert & Nathalie Dumais, QC
3. Blondin Avalanche Sasha (Avalanche), Diamond Hill Farms, PE
4. Eastcoast Doorman Ellen (Doorman), Meyer Farms & Porter Weeks, PE
5. Lellavan Kingpin Rapunzel (Kingpin), Lellavan Farms, PE
6. Gardenvale Solomon Alexa (Solomon), Gardenvale Farms, PE
7. Leighside Solomon Cherry Pie (Solomon), Leighside Farms Ltd., NB

Intermediate Yearling (3)

1. Mactalla Loaded Minicooper (Loaded), East River Farms, PE
2. (B&O) Leighside Doorman Blaze (Doorman), Leighside Farms Ltd., NB
3. Gardenvale Elude Hello (Elude), Gardenvale Farms, PE

Junior Breeders Herd (6)

1. Rotaly, QC
2. Eastside Holsteins, PE
3. Birkentree Holsteins, PE
4. MacBeath Farms Ltd., PE
5. Cobequid Holsteins, NS
6. Lellavan Farms, PE

Junior Premier Breeder & Exhibitor

Birkentree Holsteins, PE

Pee Wee Showmanship (17)

Julie MacBeath
Calvin Bysterveldt
Ava Bysterveldt
Rachel Frizzell
Brennan Crowe
Hannah Frizzell
Alex Godfrey
Mireille Bernard
Jocelyn Versteeg
Branson Cannon
Jenell Thompson
Adelle Weeks
Truman Mann
Henry Goldfrey
Emily MacBeath
Anna MacBeath
Sara MacBeath

First Lactation Under 26 Months (7)

1. (B&O, BU) Cobequid Byway Christy (Byway), Cobequid Holsteins, NS
2. Karran Avalanche Alisha (Avalanche),
3. Idee Latitude (Captial Gain), James Rhynes & Porter Weeks, PE
4. Eastriver Goldwyn Gala 390 (Goldwyn), East River Farms, PE
5. Eastside Andre OMG (Andre), Eastside Holsteins, PE
6. Goldenflo Jacoby Peewee (Jacoby), MacBeath Farms, PE
7. Browntown Ice Ice Baby (Windhammer), Browntown Farms & Porter Weeks, NS

First Lactation 26-29 Months (2)

1. (B&O, BU) Eastriver Goldwyn Lucy 354 (Goldwyn), East River Farms, PE
2. Cobequid Sid Zip Line (Sid), Cobequid Holsteins, NS

First Lactation 30 Months and Over (7)

1. (B&O, BU) Bernadale Goldwyn Indigo (Goldwyn), Bernadale Holstein, PE
2. Birkentree Seaver Claudella (Seaver), Birkentree Holsteins, PE
3. Ri-Val-Re Hope Riley (Rubicon), Ian Richardson & Eastside Holsteins, PE
4. Royalwater Lineman Bouquet (Lineman), Elmer Weeks, PE
5. Winterbay Sochi Lupin (Sochi), Winterbay Holsteins, PE
6. Eastriver Goldwyn Lucy 354 (Goldwyn), East River Farms, PE
7. Eastriver Atwood Deb 344 (Atwood), East River Farms, PE

Best Island Bred First Lactation

Bernadale Goldwyn Indigo (Goldwyn), Bernadale Holstein, PE

Second Lactation 40 Months and Under (8)

1. Woodmansees Harris Jora (Harris), East River Farms, PE
2. Eastside Envious Beau (Envious), Eastside Holsteins, PE
3. Brookhill Diamond Bo (Doorman), East River Farms, PE
4. Cobequid Brady Blythe (Brady), Cobequid Holsteins, NS
5. Hi-Calibre Goldchip Heaven (Gold Chip), Elmer Weeks & Hi-Calibre Holsteins, PE
6. Sicy Doorman Brie (Doorman), Elmer Weeks & Hi-Calibre Holsteins, PE
7. Birkentree DH Doorman Cleo (Doorman), Birkentree Holsteins & Diamond Hill, PE
8. Browntown Doorman Zamora (Doorman), Browntown Farms, NS