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The All-American Ayrshire Show 2017
DATE: September 19th - 20th, 2017
LOCATION: Harrisburg, PA
JUDGE: Jeff Stephens, ON

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The All-American Ayrshire Show 2017 will take place September 19th-20th in Harrisburg, PA, with Jeff Stephens, ON, serving as judge.

Junior Champion

Junior Champion
Old-N-Lazy Gentle Wipeout-ET, (Gentleman), 1st Spring Yearling, Vail, Hellenbrand, Borba, NY
Reserve Junior Champion Hawver-Crest Scarlet-ET (Bradock), 2nd Spring Yearling, Glamourview Farm, MD
HM Junior Champion
Edgebrook Remington Pistol (Remington), 1st Winter Yearling, Leslie Bruchey, MD

Intermediate Champion

Intermediate Champion
Hawvercrest Etgen Sizzle 1st Jr 3yr Old, Kurt Wolf, Matt & Megan Lawson, IA

Reserve Intermediate Champion
Bonert Berkely Robin 204 1st Sr 3yr Old, Eric Lang, IA

HM Intermediate Champion
Vales pride Pedro Verity (Pedro), 2nd Jr 3yr Old, Mark & Jessica Valentine, MD

Senior Champion

Senior Champion
Toppglen Prime’s Wish-ET Kurt (Prime), 1st 4yr Old, Ted, Scott Wolf & Adam Ludwig, IA
Reserve Senior Champion
Sunny Acres CA Ginger (Class Act), 1st 5yr Old, Gregory & Andrew Evans, NY

HM Senior Champion
Hazcroft Gigi Gabriella-ET (Berkely), 2nd 5yr Old, Palmyra Farm & Hansons, MD

Grand Champion

Grand Champion
Hawvercrest Etgen Sizzle 1st Jr 3yr Old, Kurt Wolf, Matt & Megan Lawson, IA

Reserve Grand Champion
Toppglen Prime’s Wish-ET Kurt, Ted, Scott Wolf & Adam Ludwig, IA

HM Grand Champion
Sunny Acres CA Ginger Gregory & Andrew Evans, NY

Spring Calves (15)

1. Old-Bankston JC Barricade-ET (Distinction), Kurt Wolf, IA
2. Old-Bankston JC Banner (Reagan), Glamourview Farms, MD

Winter Calves (14)

1. Myline PR Sweet Emotion (Predator), Katie Shultz, PA
2. De La Plaine Blink Pringle (Blink), Doug Evans, NY

Fall Calves (13)

1. Old-N-Lazy Gentleman Whammy-ET (Gentleman), Glamourview Farms, MD
2. Maple Dell Booth Betty (Booth), Morgan Murray, MD

Summer Yearlings (8)

1. Elite HP Pat Pajamas (Patrick), Vail/Hellenbrand, PA
2. Mulfair Acres Maxum Holly (Maxum) Angelina Horack, DE

Spring Yearlings (11)

1. Old-N-Lazy Gentle Wipeout-ET (Gentleman), Vail, Hellenbrand, Borbe
2. Hawver-Crest Scarlet-ET (Bradock), Glamourview Farm, MD

Winter Yearlings (8)

1. Edgebrook Remington Pistol (Remington), Leslie Bruchey, MD
2. Hawver-Crest B A Star-ET (Brodock), Glamourview Farm, MD

Fall Yearlings (3)

1. Old-Bankston C Jemma-ET (Calimero), Leslie Bruchey, MD
2. Palymra Dreamer R Brilea-ET, Dreamer, Jeffrey Winkler, MD

Best Bred & Owned Jr Champion

Best Bred & Owned
Maple Dell Booth Betty (Booth), 2nd Fall Calf, Morgan Murray, MD

Junior Best 3 Females (2)

1. Myline
2. Cedarcut Farm

Milking Yearling (2)
  1. Myline Malibu Dreams 888 (Dreamer), Jill Kopfer, PA

Junior 2 Year Old
  1. Mowry’s Ryder Gollee (Ryder), Shultz Cattle Co, PA
  2. Palmyra Dreamer R Bonnie-ET (Dreamer), Palmyra Farm, MD
  3. Waite’s Dozer Sophia (Dozer), Carrie Miller, PA

Senior 2 Year Old
  1. Sunny Acres Dreamer’s Vendetta (Dreamer), Douglas E. Evans, NY
  2. Maple Dell Dreamer Deisel – ET (Dreamer), David Patrick, MD
  3. Mapleburn Cotton Candy-ET (Riggins), Hailey Feusner, PA

JUnior 3 Year Old Futurity
  1. West Meadow Burdette Oasis (Burdette), Joel Younker, Dave & Jill Kopfer, PA
  2. Jems-Ayrshires B. Gloss (Burdette), Jennifer Zinn, PA

Junior 3 Year Old
  1. Hawvercrest Etgen Sizzle (Bradock), Kurt Wolf, Matt & Megan Lawson, IA
  2. Vales Pride Pedro Verity (Pedro), Mark &Jessica Valentine, MD
  3. Sunny Acres Dreamer’s Poetry (Dreamer), Gregory Evans & Kathy Mahon, NY

Senior 3 Year Old
  1. Bonert Berkely Robin 204 (Berkely) Eric Lang, IA
  2. Whitlings Steeling Nuts (Burdette), Derek E Morningstar, PA
  3. Maple Dell Poker Diamond – ET (Poker), Morgan Murray, MD

4 Year Old
  1. Toppglen Prime’s Wish-ET Kurt (Prime), Ted, Scott Wolf & Adam Ludwig, IA
  2. Hazcroft Gigi Gabriella-ET (Berkely), Palmyra Farm & Hansons, MD
  3. Old-Bankston JC Bri’s Bikini-ET (Calimero), Landree Fraley, PA

5 Year Old
  1. Sunny Acres CA Ginger (Class Act), Gregory & Andrew Evans, NY
  2. Cedarcut Burdette Clove Colata (Burdette), Erin Curtis Szalach, NY
  3. Sunny Acres BRDK Guineuere (Burdette), Douglas E. Evans, NY

Aged Cow
  1. Sunny Acres Riggins Ramona (Riggins), Kathryn Evans, NY
  2. Mowry’s Captain Tic Tac (Captain), Chase Eller, PA
  3. CR- Farm Ansel Honor (Ansel), Theresa Lawton, MA


100,000 lb Cow

1. Lone-Elm Modern Lady (Modern), Daniel Hoppaugh, PA