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All-American Milking Shorthorn Show 2015
DATE: Sept 15-16, 2015
LOCATION: Harrisburg, PA
JUDGE: Dean Dohle, MO
HEAD SHOWN: 126 Head

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Junior Champion

Junior Champion
Hard Core Premium Fire Maid EXP (Premium), 1st Fall Yearling, Peter Vail & Frank & Diane Borba – Hillpoint Partners, NY
Reserve Junior Champion
Cates Titan Mick Lite (Perles Titan), 1st Fall Calf, Peter Cate, NH

Intermediate Champions

Intermediate Champion
HC-HP Red Rob Fireball EXP-ET, Peter Vail, Hillpoint Partners, NY

Reserve Intermediate Champion
Innisfail JD Lady 2..1..7-EXP, Halpin Farms, Cullom, IL

Grand Champion

Grand Champion
Cate’s Ruben Tulsa Time EXP, Peter Cate, NH
Reserve Grand Champion
HC-HP Red Rob Fireball EXP-ET, Peter Vail, Hillpoint Partners
Honorable Mention
Kuszmar Arkansas Mud-Exp, first  100,000 Pound Cow,Steven & Susan Kuszlyk, NY

Spring Calf (13)

1. Daysland Acres Price Unique (Prince of Pa), Katie Albaugh, MD
2. Windswept Dutch Adalaide (Dutch), Shelby Hahn, MD
3. Millcreek Ambush Luck (Ambush), Jayden Andrews, PA
4. Buckeye Knoll Logic Precious (Logic), Sarah Rhoades, OH
5. Elite HP Firecracker (Premium), Peter Vail – Hillpoint Partners, NY

Winter Calf (8)

1. Solid Gold Patriot Pepsi (Patriot), Spencer Weimer, PA
2. Nevr Idle Fairys Dandy Et (Mudslinger), Matt Baxer, IL
3. Daysland Acres Prince Denim (Prince of Pa-et), Katie Albaugh, MD
4. Jon-Ann Prince Rosestorm (Prince of PA), Alex Bonavita, PA
5. BDF Redwood Suzie (Redwood), Carrie Rhoades, OH

Fall Calf (14)
  1. Cates Titan Mick Lite (Perles Titan), Peter Cate, NH
    2. Solid Gold Patriot Pizza (Patriot), Madilynn Baker, OH
    3. Millcreek Zeus Milkshake (Zeus), Treven Andrews, PA
    4. Halpins Parker Giddy (Parker), Mike Halpin, IL
    5. Tobin Farm Muud Nena (Mudslinger), Jamie Trotter, PA

Summer Yearling (10)

1. Buckeye Knoll Partygirl (Presto), Sarah Rhoades, OH
2. Halpins Clanoy Mardi Gras (Clanoy), Mike Halpin, IL
3. R Generation Jon Miranda EXP (Jonathan), Jason & Jessica Kennedy, PA
4. Floatin Acres Bette (Reunion), Kenneth Trumble JR., NY
5. R Generation Presto Luliby EXP (Presto), James A Frentz & Thomas Graser, NY

Spring Yearling (12)

1. Halpins Ellaine (Clancy), Mike Halpin, IL
2. R GenerationCounty Lovely EXP (Bountey), Jeffrey McKissick, PA
3. Eichlers MD Blanche (Megadeth), John Tyron, NY
4. Designer Genes PR Connie (Rox-Star), Callie Whiting, PA
5. Daysland Acres Logic CeCE (Logic), Katie Albaugh, MD

Winter Yearling (8)

1. R GenerationLogic Emily EXP (Logic), Olivai Kennedy, PA
2. Halpins Catherine (Sparkler), Mike Halpin, IL
3. Hillholm Liriano Daydream EXP (Liriano), Madisyn Wright, NY
4. B-D-F Polaris Abbi (Polaris), Keith & Donnette Fisher, PA
5. Daysland Acres Logic Blaze (Logic), Katie Albaugh, MD

Fall Yearling (3)

1. Hard Core Premium Fire Maid EXP (Premium), Peter Vail & Frank & Diane Borba – Hillpoint Partners, NY
2. R Generation Logic Love (Logic), Jason & Jessica Kennedy, PA
3. Daysland Acres Jetrho Nora (Jethro), Katie Albaugh, MD

Dry Cow (1)

1. BJ Colors Poker Razz (Poker), Brain Nailor, PA

Junior 2 Year Old (10)

1. Spungold R Poppys Pearl-ET (Prince of Diamonds), Bendig & Gireron,, PA
2. HC-HP Frolic Dixie-ET (Frolic), Hard Core Farm, PA
3. Cherrylock Lovers Liriano EXP (Liriano), Treven Andrews, PA
4. Kuszmar Step-N-Out (Mudslinger), Kuszlyk Cattle Co, NY
5. Halpins Geneive-EXP (Liriano), Halpin Farms, IL

Senior 2 Year Old (5)

1. Hard Core Perfect Sunrise-EXP (Perfect Storm), Hard Core Farm, PA
2. Halpins Carmen (Disney), Halpin Farms,  IL
3. Hard Core Lilyhill Rigley (Lilyhill), Chriselle Fisher,PA
4. Milcreek RR Zeus Apple (Zeus), Treven Andrews, PA
5. R-Generation Zumba Crystal (Zumba), Olivia Kennedy, PA

Junior 3 Year Old (10)

1. HC-HP Rebel Ringo EXP (Rebel), Jeffrey McKissick, PA
2. Spungold-R Money Poppy-ET (Money), Hard Core Farm, PA
3. GMC Kaiser Lady 1203 (Kasier), Jayden Andrews, PA
4. Jomill CD Aurora (Fawns CD), Jomill Farm, PA
5. Bakers Acres Prince Jewels (Prince of PA), Jacob Baker, OH

Senior 3 Year Old (5)

1. HC-HP Red Rob Fireball EXP-ET (REd Robin), Peter Vail, Hillpoint Partners
2. Innisfail JD Lady 217-EXP (Jonathan), Halpin Farms, IL
3. Hard Core O Raely-ET (Othello), Chriselle Fisher, PA
4. Hard Core Othello Margarita-ET (Othello), Kieth & Donnette Fisher, PA
5. Millcreek Arnold Lizzy (Arnold), Jayden Andrews, PA

4 Year Old (9)

1. Cate’s Ruben Tulsa Time EXP (Ruben), Peter Cate, NH
2. Kuszmar Megadeth Poppy (Megadeth), John & Margorie Kuszlyk, NY
3. Halpins Gracie 2nd (Gracie), Halpin Farms, Cullom, IL
4. Blue Spruce Megad McKenzie (Megadeth), Blackhawk Syndicate, IL
5. R-Generation Poker Miley Exp (Poker), Jason & Jessica Kennedy, PA

5 Year Old (5)

1.Redien Acres Jr (Clay), Jacob Baker, OH
2. Designer Genes Tori (Rambo), Kara Yannesse, PA
3. Millcreek Frolic Ambrosia (Frolic), Treven Andrews, PA
4. Springhill Moonshine Fire EXP (Moonshine), Jayden Andrews, PA
5. Wind Swept Mornafter Mickey (Morning After), Jaydyn Isiminger, PA

Mature Cow (11)

1. Hard Core Ace Roxy-EXP (Academy), Dieth & Donnette Fisher, PA
2. R-Generation Othellos Lust (Othello), Jason & Jessica Kennedy, PA
3. Halpins Ashley (Advent), Halpin Farms, IL
4. Tex-Star Othello Peri (Othello), Todd & Deanna Moore, TX
5. Designer Genes Rambo Butrsctch (Rambo), Kara Yannesse, PA

100,000 Pound Cow (2)

1. Kuszmar Arkansas Mud-Exp (Mudslinger), Steven & Susan Kuszlyk, NY
2. Hard Core O’Royce (Othello), Chriselle Fisher, PA

Best 3 Females (9)
  1. Hard Core, PA
    2. Kuzlyk Cattle Co, NY
    3. Halpin Farm, IL
    4. Daysland Acres, MD
    5. R-Generation, PA

Produce of Dam (7)
  1. Hard Core, PA
    2. Hard Core, PA
    3. Dale & Deanna Bendig, PA
    4. Halpin Farm, IL
    5. Chriselle Fisher, PA

Dam & Daughter (9)
  1. Jacob Baker, OH
    2. Chriselle Fisher, PA
    3. Halpin Farm, IL
    4. Chriselle Fisher, PA
    5. Katie Allbaugh, MD

Exhibitors Herd (8)
  1. Halpin Farm, IL
    2. Hard Core, PA
    3. R-Generation, PA
    4. Millcreek Farm, PA
    5. Daysland Acres, MD

Premier Breeder & Exhibitor

Hard Core Farm, PA