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Alberta Provincial 4-H Dairy Show 2017
DATE: July 19, 2017
LOCATION: Red Deer Westerner, Red Deer, AB
JUDGE: Jon Kingdon, ON

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Grand Champion Showman

Grand Champion Showman
Maryje Bikker, (Senior), Moos on the Moove
Reserve Grand Champion Showman
Ruben Schrijver (2nd Senior) Rollyview
HM Grand Champion
Trinity Congdon (1st Junior), Udderly Unique

Grand Champion Calf

Grand Champion
Wendon Solomon Prissy (Solomon), 1st Intermediate Calf, Paige Whalen, Rollyview
Reserve Grand Champion
Unique Gunman War Child (Gunman), 1st Senior Calf, Lee Morey, Rollyview
HM Grand Champion
1. Unique HP Hattie (Excitation), 1st Junior Yearling, Lee Morey, Rollyview

Junior Showmanship (17)

1. Trinity Congdon, Udderly Unique
2. Nicole Verhoef, Udderly Unique
3. Paige Whalen, Rollyview
4. Hannah VanderLinde, Udderly Unique
5. Levi Congdon, Udderly Unique
6. Justin Schrijver, Rollyview
7. Larissa Slingerland, Green Acres
8. Adyson Wildeboer, Udderly Unique
9. Eleanor Slingerland, Green Acres

Intermediate Showmanship (8)

1. Simone Huisman, Green Acres
2. Kristy VandeBrake, Udderly Unique
3. Rolynn Bikker, Moos on the Moove
4. Gelsey Bikker, Moos on the Moove
5. Berenda Helmus, Moos on the Moove
6. Jessalynn Helmus, Moos on the Moove
7. Ethan Slomp, Green Acres
8. Kyle VanDijk, Moos on the Moove

Senior Showmanship (18)

1. Maryje Bikker, Moos on the Moove
2. Ruben Schrijver, Rollyview
3. Tyson Rietveld, Rollyview
4. Carson Klugkist, Udderly Unique
5. Sylvia Slingerland, Green Acres
6. Lee Morey, Rollyview
7. Aaron Van Steekelenburg, Green Acres
8. Emma Van Steekelenburg, Green Acres

Junior Calf (10)

1. Chubanna Tapps Kenzie (Tapps), Adyson Wildeboer, Udderly Unique
2. Mellowdale Duff (Jacoby), Maryje Bikker, Moos on the Moove
3. Diamondpark Avalanche Kathy (Avalanche), Alana Slingerland, Green Acres
4. Diamondpark Jacoby Ciaret (Jacoby), Eleanor Slingerland, Green Acres
5. New Mars Dempsey Cathrine (Dempsey), Justin Schrijver, Rollyview
6. Vandendool Endure Shannon (Endure), Chloe VandenDool, Green Acres
7. AB Juno Eaves rose (Eaves), Emma Huisman, Green Acres

Intermediate Calf (11)

1. Wendon Solomon Prissy (Solomon), Paige Whalen, Rollyview
2. Rockledge Sheba Goldchip (Goldchip), Ruben Schrijver, Rollyview
3. Mazylake Doorman Oreo (Doorman), Levi Condgon, Udderly Unique
4. Sledgestar Dago Alyssa P (Dago P), Tyson Rietveld, Rollyview
5. Happy Cow Rev Me Up Alicia (Rev Me Up), Nicole Verhoef, Udderly Unique
6. Diamondpark Dempsey Christi (Dempsey), Leighton Slingerland, Green Acres
7. Mellowdale Bonnie 6159 (Beemer), Moos on the Moove
8. Crestomere Byway Boo (Byway), Carson Klugkist, Udderly Unique
9. Mellowdale Cobalt 6150 (Bradnick), Gelsey Bikker, Moos on the Moove
10. Diamondpark Highoct Raindrop (High Octane), Alana Slingerland, Green Acres

Senior Calf (21)

1. Unique Gunman War Child (Gunman), Lee Morey, Rollyview
2. Lucky Meihaven Dback Revenge (Diamondback), Hannah Vanderlinde, Udderly Unique
3. Lucky Avalanche Eleanor (Avalanche), Reuben VanderLinde, Udderly Unique
4. Thornspyc Alonzo Ally (Alonzo), Kristy VandeBrake, Udderly Unique
5. Mosnang Novo Present (Novo), Alice Hehli, Udderly Unique
6. New Mars Solomon Miracle (Solomon), Niek Schrijver, Rollyview
7. AB juno Cancun Mamoody 966 (Cancun), Simone Husiman, Green Acres
8. Mellowdale Ginger 6129 (Addiction P), Rolyn Bikker, Moos on the Moove
9. Wendon Dempsey (Dempsey), Paige Whalen, Rollyview
10. Springbutte Jacoby jane (Jacoby), Clara Slomp, Green Acres

Summer Yearling (7)

1. Mellowdale Kelly 6091 (Wickham), Maryje Bikker, Moos on the Moove
2. Sledgestar Lotus Angelica (Lotus), Tyson Rietveld, Rollyview
3. Meihaven Avalanche Barby (Avalanche), Zoe Meinin, Udderly Unique
4. Crestomere Goldwyn Lively (Goldwyn), Carson Klugkist, Udderly Unique
5. Thornspyc Dempsey Marlene (Dempsey), Kristy VandeBrake, Udderly Unique
6. Diamondpark Brew Jefflyn (Brewmaster), Leighton Slingerland, Green Acres
7. Diamondpark Goldchip Bernala (Goldchip), Sylvia Slingerland, Green Acres

Junior Yearling (4)
  1. Unique HP Hattie (Excitation), Lee Morey, Rollyview
    2. Rietben Lotus Mya (Lotus), Tyson Rietveld, Rollyview
    3. Lucky Octane Love At First (High Octane), Hannah VanderLinde, Udderly Unique
    4. Thornspyc McCutchen Morgan (McCutchen), Kristy VandeBrake, Udderly Unique

Intermediate Yearling (4)

1. Mellowdale High Octane 6030 (High Octane), Maryje Bikker, Moos on the Moove
2. Mosnang Bankroll Loonie (Bankroll), Alice Hehli, Udderly Unique
3. Diamondpark Capgain Waytogo (Capital Gain), Leighton Slingerland, Green Acres
4. Lucky Doorman Kitkat (Doorman), Hannah VanderLinde, Udderly Unique

Senior Yearling (5)

1. Crestomere Durbin Limbo (Durbin), Carson Klugkist, Udderly Unique
2. Mellowdale Doorman Copper (Doorman), Gelsey Bikker, Moos on the Moove