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Alberta Dairy Congress Herd Builder Sale 2017
DATE: June 9th, 2017 at 1:30PM

High Sellers

The Alberta Dairy Congress Sale averages $3423.53 on 34 live lots. High Sellers were averaging over $4000.

Lot 9– $5600 – Kenbert Doorman Halo (Jun 2016 Doorman from VG-87 12* Fullsister to PDF Goldwyn Highball Ex-94 3E 2*
Consignor: Kenbert Acres, SK
Buyer: Nienhaus Family Farm, Saskatoon, Sask

Lot 8-$5000 – Kenbert Silver Lining (Bred to calve July 2017 to Altasuperstar, Silver from Maplewood Uno Lace VG-86 then Lilac VG-89 35*)
Consignor: Kenbert Acres, SK
Buyer: Benbie Holsteins, Caron, Sask

Lot 12– $4700 – Lucky Wendon Chariot Trish (Fresh March 2017 Chario from RockyMountain Bolton Trish EX-90 back to Lee Diamonds family)
Consignor: Lucky Hill Dairy LTd, AB & Wendon Holsteins, AB
Buyer: Beyer Dairy Ltd, Picture Butte, AB

Lot 27– $4500- RockyMountain Sid Marsala (Just fresh Sid x Irwindale Leduc Macy EX-95 4E 6*)
Consignor: Westcoast Holsteins, BC
Buyer: T & L Cattle Co, Chilliwack, BC

Lot 25-$4400 – Benbei Mascalese Demi (Due Nov 2017 to Sexed Mr Chassity Goldchip, Dam VG-86)
Consignor: M&S Van Rootselaar, SK
Buyer: Blackie Corner Farm, Millet, AB

Lot 3– $4300 – Corlane Brawler Anna (Fresh Feb 2017 Brawler x VG-85 Ashlar)
Consignor: Corlane Holsteins, AB

Lot 35– $4200 – Lucky Dempsey Fantasy (Due July 2017 to Salt from 7 VG or EX dams)
Consignor: Lucky Hill Dairy Ltd., AB

Lot 13– $4100 – Mosnang Millennium Iced Tea (Due July 2017 to Cap Revenue from VG-85 Sid then Xerox Igloo VG-85)
Consignor: Mosnang Holsteins & Markus Hehli, AB

Lot 15– $4000- Wilddina Colorado Kally (Fresh Colorado from VG-87 Atwood plus 4 more VG or EX Dams)
Consignor: Orville Schmidt, John Buckley, Bob Crowe & Dave McMorrow, AB


Sale results

Lot 1-$3000
Lot 2-$3400
Lot 4-$3700
Lot 5-$3200
Lot 6-$1900
Lot 7-$2200
Lot 10-$2200
Lot 11 (embryo) $400/embryo
Lot 16-$3900
Lot 17-$3100
Lot 18- $3900
Lot 19-$3200
Lot 20-$3600
Lot 21-$2500
Lot 22-$2500
Lot 23-$3500
Lot 24-$3700
Lot 26-$3300
Lot 29- $2100
Lot 30-$1900
Lot 31-$2000
Lot 32-$3200
Lot 33-$2700
Lot 36-$3400

Sale Catalog

The Alberta Dairy Congress Herd Builder Sale 2017 is set for June 9th at 1:30pm in Leduc, AB in conjunction with the Alberta Dairy Congress. The sale features 33 lots. The catalog is available HERE or by clicking the image below. The PDF is available to download.

Sale Information

Alberta Dairy Congress Herd Builder Sale
June 9, 2017 at 1:30pm
Leduc County Tent
Leduc Recreation Center
Leduc, AB

Sale Managed By:
Alberta Dairy Congress
PO  Box 20089
Leduc, AB T9E 7K9
Phone: 780.986.9562
Fax: 780.986.7005

Sale Staff

Orville Schmidt, Pedigrees…780.970.8186
Tom Hofstra, Ringman…780.499.7531
Dale Bienert, Ringman…780.940.6729
Tom DeGroot, Ringman…604.819.2879
John Copithorne, Auctioneer…403.650.7327
Markus Hehli, Barn Boss…403.783.0442