Shows and Sales Results

5th Mox Type and Utility Sale 2016
DATE: September 3rd, 2016
LOCATION: Markdorf, Germany
HEAD SHOWN: 66 Lots, plus 8 embryo packages

Sale Results

The 5th Mox Type and Utility Sale was held on September 3rd in Markdorf, Germany. Sixty-six lots sold in the sale averaging 4081 €. There were also eight embryo packages that sold, for an average of 690 €.

Lot 1…RS Rosanne VG87-2YR, sold for 12.500 to Switzerland. Rosanne is an Armani Senior 3 Year Old from a VG88 Ralstorm, consigned by Egon Strudthoff, Germany.

Lot 71…MOX Nikka, sold for 10.800 to Switzerland. Nikka is an October 2015 Kingpin from a VG88 Gold Chip out of an EX92 Damion from an EX92 Integrity. She was consigned by Mock GbR, Germany.

Lot 46…MOX Angel-ET, sold for 9.00 to Italy. Angel in is a March 2016 Doorman from an EX91 Fortune daughter of EO-Siemers Ashlyns Angel EX96-GMD, followed by Tri-Day Ashlyn EX96-2E-GMD-3*. Angel was consigned by Mock GbR, Germany.

Lot 36…Arolene Goldwyn Emily-ET, sold for 8.600 to Italy. Emily is a November 2015 Goldwyn from an EX92-3E Dundee daughter of Budjon-JK Linjet Eileen EX96-4E-GMD, followed by Krull Broker Elegance EX96-3E-DOM-GMD, with four more generations of EX dams.

Lot 86…Wilt Desire-ET, sold for 8.500 to France. Desire is a May 2016 Doorman from an EX93 Baxter out of a VG88 Shottle, and was consigned by Bjorn Franke, Germany

Lo5 59…Mox Chippie-ET, sold for 7.000 to Switzerland. Chippie is a December 2014 Golden Dreams from an EX93 Dundee out of an EX90 Jolt followed by an EX92 Astre, and was consigned by Mock GbR, Germany.

Lot 62…Wilcor Soloman Francine-ET, sold for 7.000 to Switzerland & Germany. Francine is a January 2016 Soloman from an EX91 Shottle out of an EX90 Morty and then an EX90 Heldostar, consigned by Wilcor Holsteins, Germany.

Lot 57…La Waebera Goldwyn Sunny-ET, sold for 6.000 to France. Sunny is a January 2016 Goldwyn from an EX94 Acme out of an EX90 Malibu-Red. She was consigned by Georg Wasserman, Germany.

Lot 34…La Portea McCutchen Teresa-ET, sold for 5.800 to Switzerland. Teresa is a December 2015 McCutchen from a VG88 Jordan from an EX93-2E Shottle, then an EX94-2E Champion. She was consigned by TJR Portea Soc Agr & LaMagnolia De Balma, Italy.

Lot 51…MOX Memory-Red-P-ET, sold for 5.700 to Switzerland. Memory is an October 2015 Ladd-P, from an EX90 Kite, then an EX93 Rubens, and was consigned by Mock GbR, Germany.